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Monday, November 17, 2008

Why Obama?

I came back from Court this morning and found in my blog, my little sister asked me "y every post oso about Obama?".

"Change We Believe In" is phenomenal. It affects many like a good ole' flu. Not only the Americans are excited, but across the globe including hostile nations that are not to happy with the Bush administration. African and Asian loves him. Even a press report did mentioned if the world is to vote for the US Presidency, Obama will win definitely.

My answer to my sister was simply, "he subscribed to the value of change". I think not only that he value it but at the same time he believe and act upon it until this date. And I also foresee that the Obama administration will spearhead great changes in terms of its foreign and economic policy as well as it's internal administration. I know knocking at the doors of North Korea and Iran seems to be NOT PRESIDENTIAL, but nevertheless I think that is what American wants and as such prefering Obama as President over McCain.

His book, Audacity of Hope is a heart cry and a strong desire and willingness from his heart to see change in his country not divided by race or political belief or ideology but all embracing unity for a once divided state.

Following the footsteps of Lincoln by pulling in strong people in the administration who once against him like his running mate Joe Biden who once said that Obama is inexperience. And now (intending) to appoint Hillary Clinton (unless she refuse to join the administration) as Secretary of State, the third in line of succession to the presidency. Not only that but from sources he will also be appointing from the Grand ole Party (GOP) Republicans like Chuck Hagel as a probable Secretary of Defence. He will also be meeting his one time GOP contender Senator John McCain (today-Monday), of course I don't think Obama will be asking him to join the administration but probably talking about unifying the great divide and PLEASE remember that McCain received 58 million votes (Obama 66 million).

I think Mr. Obama was not only talking about it to gain support or votes, but as a minority figurehead in the almost white Senate, I believe he value change in a white America. In fact it is a similar echo amongst Opposition members whether it is in America, or Malaysia or Australia or even Taiwan. In Malaysia, the DAP had "Kai Pian" or "Berubah" which means change.

Many people talk about CHANGE but few would take it to the next level. And Obama did just that. And I also believe YAB Lim Guan Eng did almost that and same goes to YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim also did the same. Albeit in their own ways.

Of course to stretch a further, no way would the Prime Minister of Malaysia appointing a Deputy from another party. Or to stretch a little further, appoints a member of the Opposition as a Deputy Prime Minister. Pak Lah will not have guts to do that neither Najib later on. Look at Penang, when YAB Lim Guan Eng appointed Datuk Lee Kah Choon from Gerakan as director or something over PenangInvest, the whole BN adminsitration condemned him as though Datuk Lee betrayed their trust.

I think that is admirable for YAB Lim Guan Eng to do what other in the mainstream will NEVER do. Or like in Selangor where a chinese lady was appointed as Manager of PKNS. I think it will be bravo to the Khalid administration. Unlike some chaps in UMNO protesting just because she is a non Malay. I applaud the administration of the Pakatan State for daring enough to change for a better Malaysia.

I think Malaysia can continue to look forward one day, and cry out with all of our hearts that we are just Malaysians. And I am proud of it.

So to my sister, another post on Obama. Hehe.


richrach said...

ok ok... understood! It's all about CHANGE!
So, will look forward to more Obama posts...

joshua said...

understanding is only the first step...

well, that one small step is one big leap for mankind...