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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Malacca Bar Idol Charity Nite

What do the Bee Gees, Willie Nelson, Everly Brothers and a Mandarin rendition of a Chinese nursery rhyme, “Father Is Not Home”, have in common? Why, nothing of course! Except that they were all sung by our very own Bar Idols and members of the Malacca Bar on the first ever Malacca Bar Idol competition in conjunction with the West Coast Charity Night jointly organized by 4 state Young Lawyers Committees.

The fund-raiser which was organized in Malacca together with the Liason, Charity and Welfare Sub- Committee of the Malacca Bar in aid of the Pusat Kanak-kanak Terencat Akal Bahagia witnessed a Malaccan version of the Popular TV Show American Idol, featuring our very own panel of the famous threesome, Simon Ng Kong Peng, Randy Desmond Ho and Paula Fiona Tan.

It was an evening to remember as our Bar Idol hopefuls belted out tune after tune of tone-challenged popular hits much to the delight of the diners. And that’s not all folks. We had a “slave auction” in which a rather sporting member of the Malacca Bar volunteered his “Man-Friday” services for the night to the highest bidder, all in the name of good fun and charity. Our Man-Friday did not only raise funds from the auction but when his Master for the night instructed him to sing, he was paid to stop singing candidly by another Bar member.

Not only did we indulge in the trade of ‘human trafficking’ albeit a legal one, we also auctioned off lots of stuff to raise money for the children. The items that went under the hammer included paintings, much sought after cross stitched pieces by a fellow Bar member, books, a computer game, branded cosmetics bags, a baba nyonya dress in almost mint condition, ladies’ handbag, romantic novels, law books, a radio, and much more. “Auctioneer” Wong Fook Meng saw to it that the stuff sold got top dollar for what they were worth and his banter with the crowd raised a bidding war for some items.

When it came to the turn of the Malacca Bar Idol aspirants to once again test the cerebral fitness of the diners, there was much applause and laughs followed by boxes labeled with the names of Idol hopefuls making the rounds for donations. After one contestant sang Willie Nelson’s “You are always on my mind”, Simon Ng Kong Peng remarked “After that performance, you are always on my mind” bringing about much light hearted laughter. The boxes receiving the most donations won the Bar Idol contest and prize eyed was a trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand for 3 days and 2 nights for two persons. After a spirited rendition of ‘Sejati’ his schoolboy days anthem backed by the band PG165, and ‘Draw Me Close’, Damian Yeo was crowned Malacca Bar’s first Idol. Shukor clinched the second spot and Yoong How Vei came in third.

Damian, Shukor, How Vei

The Special Children’s Home is a private charity home which is not aided by the Government. It provides shelter for abandoned and retarded children, many of whom are mentally/physically handicapped from birth. From the Charity Night, a total of about RM4,500 was collected in aid of the Special Children’s Home and the organizing committee shall utilize the monies received to purchase necessities for the inmates of the Home.

Tangaraj, Damian, Desmond, Valerie, Charlotte, Celine and Zairin (The Committee)

Uncle Kit - 1969 May 13 crisis - a true Malaysian

Taken this from Ronnie Liu's blog, very interesting comments on the day Uncle Kit was arrested under the ISA at May 18, 1969. Something which Malaysians will never know. Love him or hate him. Called a communist by some not so clever BN people, bodoh by Nazri, etc, but one thing for sure, he is a true Malaysian that MUST be emulate by all Malaysian. A no nonsense man, that always believe in the principle of JUSTICE, FAIRNESS, AND DEMOCRACY ....

Dear Sir

Re: Hello Lim Kit Siang. (28 years old). On 13th May 1969, where art thou?

The 1969 May 13th racial riots started from the house of the then Menteri Besar, Dato Harun Idris. The house was in Princes Road ( Jalan Raja Muda). Half a kilometre away, at Fook Chuen Mansions, Batu Road ( Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman ) was the office of the then Secretary General of the Democratic Action Party, Mr Goh Hock Guan.*. He was and still is a Chartered Architect and Town Planner practising under the name of M/s Goh Hock Guan and Associates.

Prior to 13th May 1969, LKS was a political Liliputian. He was the DAP National Organising Secretary and the Editor of The Rocket** then. His first political debut projected to the Malaysian public was his participation in the “ Great Cultural Debate” between the DAP and the Gerakan which took place before the General Elections of 1969. At that point in time Gerakan was in the Opposition. After the 13th May riots, Gerakan joined the Alliance to form the Barisan, until today. The debate was held at the MARA Auditorium which was at Batu Road, Kuala Lumpur.

When the ethnic riots started on 13th May 1969, LKS was in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. A political novice, untried with no credentials to back him up. He was campaigning for the independent candidates there. Fellow members of the DAP in Petaling Jaya called LKS on the phone asking him not to come back to Kuala Lumpur for his own safety until such a time when things cooled down. (Official fiqures:190 plus, Malaysians killed.)

LKS in his maiden political quest for justice, freedom, upholding of democracy and an equal right to happiness, dignity and fulfillment in life, was already under the “protective” custody of the KK police. He replied that he “is going back to Kuala Lumpur immediately and is not afraid to DIE for his political convictions” — all for a better life for all Malaysians. There was no choice. He had to martyr himself. There was no alternative. However, in case his life was spared, LKS was prepared to face any charges that the Alliance Government will bring up and charge against him.

Flights between East and West Malaysia was suspended. Also at that point in time there was no direct flight between Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu. LKS took the first flight out of KK to Singapore en route to KL on 15th May 1969. He had to stopover in Singapore.

When he was in Singapore, he had many friends and supporters to discuss the racial riots and its consequences on opposition members. Anything can happen. There was no guarantee on his safety. LKS was adamant that it was his sacred duty to go back to KL.

He took the first available flight to Subang International Airport (now Sultan Abdul Aziz Airport) on 18th May 1969. He boarded the plane at the Paya Lebar International Airport, Singapore The plane took off for KL.

While airborne, all of a sudden, LKS found that he was now alone. Alone to face the music. He cannot turn back then, unless of course the pilot turned the plane around. Samuel Taylor Coleridge can describe him as:-
“Alone alone, all all alone
Alone on a wide wide sea
And never a saint took pity on his soul in agony” – in the Rime of the Ancient Mariner." Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The airborne mariner cannot change his mind then. Can he call for help? Call who? Call the CIA?. Call the FBI? Call the KGB?. Call MI 5?. Call OSS?. Call Chin Peng?. Call Chen Tian?. (there were no mobile phones then)

Lim Kit Siang believed that he was going to be eliminated. On this last home coming flight, he decided to write a last letter to his wife – a homemaker. He asked his wife to be strong, to expect the EXPECTED and to bring up the four children. To LKS, the demise of LKS is NOT important. The Political Future of Malaysians and the Future of Malaysia ARE of Paramount Importance. Malaysia MUST GO ON! The letter was physically handed to the flight stewardess for posting. But it was without a stamp. Until today the letter was not delivered.

The curfew was on. There were lots of soldiers around the Subang Airport then. They were there guarding the airport and to PROBABLY “welcome” home in a formal reception “ceremony” for Mr Lim Kit Siang. All the soldiers’ SLR rifles were on a horizontal level. Their forefingers were just glazing the side of the trigger, in preparation to shoot at any time.

The moment of truth had arrived. The stage was set. The grand finale was about to begin. LKS came into the arrival hall. The atmosphere was unexceptionally quiet. Nobody was talking. The silence was deafening. It was tense and solemn because everybody were expecting the arrival of the Yang Berhormat, the DAP MP for Bandar Malacca (now Kota Melaka). LKS was no fugitive. LKS, a young, non violent, non belligerent man, stepped out of the arrival hall. A group of Special Branch Officers and soldiers with their horizontal SLRs “greeted” him. LKS need not hail a taxi for his transport to KL. There were no taxis anyway. There was also NO shooting.

On his journey to the High Street Police Station, LKS saw for himself the senseless carnage, atrocities, plunder and destruction. Smoke can still be seen from houses which were torched. After a few days of detention in the High Street Police Station, LKS was sent to a Police Station in Kuala Selangor, Selangor.

Prior to 13-05-69, Dato Dr Ismail (later Tun), left the Government. He joined back the Government immediately after 13-05-69. The first words he said was “Democracy is Dead”. As the Minister of Internal Security, Dato Ismail signed the Detention Order on LKS. LKS was then sent to the Muar Detention Camp. He was entitled to free food and lodging for the next 18 months at taxpayers’ expense. Ironically, Muar was 32 miles away from LKS home. His house is in Batu Pahat, Johore

The Internal Security Act is an Act of Parliament formulated to suppress the communist insurgency and to arrest the communists at that period of time. Ironically, the PAP’s (later DAP) Member of Parliament for Bungsar (now Bangsar), Mr Devan Nair supported the ISA Bill earlier then. It is detention without trial.

While under detention LKS was appointed the 3rd National Sec Gen of the DAP (in absentia). There was a vacancy. The appointment was necessary because somebody had disappeared but can be found in another country. He stayed put in that country then. “I am NO LIM KIT SIANG. If I go back then, all of you will be deprived of a Great Leader”. The vacancy was filled. LKS held the post of National Sec-Gen till 1999.

LKS could have absconded while in Singapore. (Singapore was given independence by Malaysia in 1965). He could have asked for political asylum in another country. He could have been an MP in exile. He was and is a true loyal Malaysian Citizen. With guts, he went back to the hornet’s nest – “a river of no return”, says Marilyn Monroe. Sorry. My apologies. He was and is still in one piece. He was never charged in open court then. He will still be around for many years to come.

“ Cowards die many times before their deaths, the valiant never taste of death but once”—Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare

Again sorry lah Kit, (as he is fondly known as). We do realise that, the particular effective organ that is part of your anatomy is your gift of the gap – a non lethal instrument. Now we know you are battle hardened. In spite of your tireless, relentless political pursuit, vocal, articulate or otherwise, until today, matters have become from bad to worst. True, “That All Men Are Born Equal” but then some selectives are more equal than others—Abraham Lincoln’s version for 2nd class citizens.

LKS was again detained, the 2nd time in 1987, (after the 1986 General Election) under the Mahathir Administration. He got free curry lunch, lodging, bed and breakfast again for another 18 months, on the auspicious pleasure of the host — the Barisan Government ala taxpayers. Again no charges were brought against him. Can somebody name me a similar Malaysian likewise?

Somebody say LKS only NATO (No action, talk only). If that is the case, let him talk! We like to hear him talk. Why detain him to stop him from talking? You are hitting below the belt. Do you want him to talk on what you like to hear and then stop him from talking on what you don’t like to hear? But at the same time you go on talking and talking on what we don’t like to hear!

Finally, a belated sincere tribute must be made to the powers that be, at that critical, predatory point of time. LKS’s life was spared. The expected was not performed. The expected was unexpected – so to speak! Had LKS, the political apprentice left us to join the happy hunting ground, he will be forgotten. Nobody will raise an eyelid after all:-

“When beggars die, no comets are seen.
The heavens blaze forth the marriage of princes” Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare’s

modern version
The powers that be was still rational then. Maybe its was mercy.
“The quality of mercy is not strained
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven”
The Merchant of Venice. William Shakespeare

So to the players of May the 13th, I am wishing a belated words of thanks. To Whom It May Concern. Thank You Very Much for the fact that we still have LKS around. Say what we like. We argue. We are all still Malaysian Citizens. We are born here. Do you want to deprive LKS of his citizenship like Mr Lim Lean Geok ? By the way LKS is local born and can be classified as a Baba and his wife a Nonya. He is more Malaysian than a bigger number of Malaysians put together!

Finally, we reiterate that we are all peace loving citizens. Some say we are citizens “by default”. This is subjective and debatable. Supposing we ARE citizens by default, we are still citizens, maybe 2nd class citizens or otherwise.

To all Malaysian mankind:-
“He loveth best, who loveth best, both man and bird and beast.
He loveth well, who loveth well, for all things both great and small
For the dear God who loveth us, he made and loveth all.”
Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s moral message to humanity especially to Malaysian humans.

The writer notes that after the riots of 13th May 1969, the Deputy Prime Minister, Dato Abdul Razak (later Tun) set up The National Operations Council. Parliament was suspended after all “Democracy is Dead”. Looking after this NOC, was Dato Ghazali Shafie (later Tun).

Incidentally, the 3rd man in ranking, in the NOC then, was a slim, serious, handsome, no nonsense looking man – a politically unknown then. He was probably the “executive secretary” of the NOC. He literally commanded the day to day operations of the NOC — hands on. He was already a “Chief Executive Officer” and “Prime Minister” then, way back during 1969. He looked familiar and was identical towards a former school mate of mine from my Alma Mater : Methodist Boys School, Penang. My school mate’s name was and is Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Lastly, to all the participants of May the 13th that are not indicted including Lim Kit Siang. All are still executives of liberty, happy, free from all encumbrances and despotic control. All will live happily ever after including LKS.

Yours truly,

Unreasonable and Unwarranted

I just read Uncle Kit's blog titled "JAWI raid on Indian restaurant for public display of Hindu deities - PM should stop the “Little Napoleons”" and I felt so disgusted and angry of such high handedness of these "Little Napoleons" What is happening to Malaysia? Are we moving into the likes of the Talibans? Aren't we living in a multi religious and multi cultural Malaysia that suppose to not only tolerate with one another but actually living in harmony? I don't understand what is the problem with this fanatical religious authorities trying to push their own agenda on us, the non Muslim.

The government must do something about it. Acts by these religious authorities must stop and should not be tolerate at all. There must be further investigation on their acts. Who give them the right to go to a non Muslim restaurant and tell them what ought to put. If that Indian restaurant put a deity that is his right. They are Hindus and what is so wrong for them to put their Gods. Acts such as this are unwarranted and unreasonable. It should not be accepted in countries like Malaysia.

Friday, June 29, 2007

hmmmmmmm...... serious ar?

Found this in Malaysiakini on the murder of Altantuya. Latest news, DPM Najib did mentioned that he did not know Altantuya during the Ijok By-election, but now the prosecution witness revealed that the murdered Mongolian National had been photographed having a meal with a Malaysian government official named Najib Razak. That was the latest news today by the sixth prosecution witness Burmaa Oyunchimeg, also known as Amy.

This is definitely a contradiction by the DPM and I believe and hope, as a public figure and the second in line of power after the PM, the DPM should come forward to restore the confidence of the DPM office. Statements made in the course of justice are admissible evidence even though may not be directly relevant to the fact in issue.

The contradictions in statements would cause a strong doubt that may to a certain extent create unnecessary tension that may surround the integrity of the DPM's office. As such the DPM must take initiative to let the Malaysian public know the truth OR else there will be a lot of unnecessary speculation and misunderstanding by members of the public regarding the DPM's office.

The Public should also remain calm not to over react and do allow the DPM a chance to clear any doubts in the minds of the public.

©Malaysiakini (Used by permission)

A Mongolian witness caused a stir in court today when she revealed that murdered Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu had been photographed having a meal with a Malaysian government official named Najib Razak.

Burmaa Oyunchimeg, also known as Amy, told the Shah Alam High Court that Altantuya had shown her the photo when she returned from a trip to France.

It is believed that the government official in the photograph is Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who has close ties with political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda.

The latter has been charged with abetting the murder of Altantuya, 28.

Najib has previously denied that he had personally met the murdered woman and that he heard of her only from newspaper reports after Altantuya was murdered.

This morning, Burmaa, 26, had mentioned the photograph when cross examined by deputy public prosecutor Manoj Kurup.

However, she was cut short by the prosecution when she said the photograph showed Altantuya having a meal with Razak and a “government official.” She was then quizzed on other matters.

About 20 minutes later, lawyer Karpal Singh, who is holding a watching brief for the deceased’s family, sought permission from the court to pose a question on the photograph.

'They had the same name'

This drew protests from the prosecution and a verbal exchange ensued on the relevance of the question. However, judge Mohd Zaki Mohd Yusni granted Karpal permission.

The veteran lawyer then proceeded to ask Burmaa on what was depicted in the photograph.

“She (Altantuya) was having a meal with Razak (Baginda), a Malaysian government official and other people,” she replied.

Karpal then asked her on the identity of the government official, and she replied: “I remember the name Najib Razak, they had the same name. I thought they were brothers. I asked her (Altantuya) if they were brothers.”

This sparked off another exchange between the prosecution and Karpal.

Two police officers - chief inspector Azilah Hadri, 30, and corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, 35 - are charged with the murder of Altantuya.

Prosecutors allege that Abdul Razak and Altantuya met in 2004 and began a whirlwind affair, during which he gave her money.

After they broke up a year later, he allegedly continued to give her money whenever she demanded it. But the payments stopped last year, prompting her to become dissatisfied and travel to Malaysia in October, the prosecution said.

Altantuya was killed by "probable blast-related" injuries in a clearing in Shah Alam after she was driven away from outside Abdul Razak's house in mid-October.

All three accused faced the death penalty.

The richer gets richer, the poorer gets poorer

"Pe-cho-nas" that is how my son pronounce Petronas. Hmmmm my son of two years plus knows about good branding just like his father. Talking about Petronas, congratulation to the company for getting richer with profits of RM76.3 billion for the year ending 31st March 2007. Of which Petronas paid RM48.3 billion worth of taxes, royalty, dividend etc to the government. Meaning they still have lots of money.

Unfortunately this huge profits are not shared with the rakyat. Prices are getting higher due to the last oil price hike last year. Prices of goods are not getting lower any more. Now I wonder, since Petronas is getting huge profits, why can't this oil giant help Malaysians by easing the financial burden now experience by Malaysians in oil/petrol prices?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Biotechnology, the future and hope for Malaysia's agriculture

I've just returned from the Capital City after witnessing the long awaiting execution of the various agreements between the directors of Microwell Sdn Bhd (a biotech base company) and Commerce-KNB Agro Teroka Sdn Bhd (the fund managers for Microwell)

It is a remarkable effort of my friend, the local independent scientist En. Nasaruddin Abdullah. The man who would definitely change the course of history of the agriculture industry in this country. A hard working research-base young man who shows no nonsense attitude in striving what is best for the country that in the very near future be a major player that will shape Malaysia agricultural policy.

I'm happy to be part of the company as their legal advisor whereby I have helped registered two wonderful patents involving biotechnology and genetic engineering for agriculture produce and aquaculture. Never have I seen the rate of growth in paddy farming which we are able to harvest more than 6 tonnes per hectare per season compare to the usual 3 tonnes per hectare per season. Not only that we are able to harvest more paddy but we are able to have more than two seasons a year. Thus able to cause such growth that will be good for agriculture produce in this country.

I'm also happy to note that our paddy farming in Seberang Perak (a joint venture with Felcra) took off with such great result ready to yield in early July. The paddy plant grew to over three feet compare to the other Felcra neighbouring paddy plots whereby the growth stunted to a merely two feet and having said that suffered pest and mice invasion. Whereas due to the biotechnology making of ours, our plots are literally free from any of these 'perosak'.

I'm so impressed of such good works that some days, this will make us, MICROWELL a major player of agriculture produce that WILL be free from political manoeuvre and hands. We do not have any political agenda except to say 'please stay out and let us do our work' as we want Malaysia to be a better place to live.

CITOS.....are they relevant?

I am "blacklisted". That is what the Credit Tip-Off Service Sdn Bhd (CTOS) say. Recently, I wanted to apply a loan to refinance my house and there you go I am blacklisted due to a 2003 summon case in Kuala Lumpur. That debt was settled moons ago and even though settled, the black mark of a really bad history was recorded. As such I'm blacklisted forever.

Agreeing with Datuk M. Kayveas (looks like this is my first time agreeing to a deputy minister from the BN government) who took initiative to bring this CITOS out in the open. He said the government had never issued a licence to the company to conduct searches and store personal information of the public. He further says that the government is concerned by banks and financial institutions using the services of this company to obtain information on their clients and the public.

The function of CTOS is basically collecting financial information of individuals and keyed in a database feed by lawyers, banks, financial institution etc. Though it helps in getting information on loan applicant status, unfortunately the database is never updated to show the actual status of the applicant. And as such led to abuse of the system and causing hardship to bona fide applicants. Thus making CTOS very irrelevant as information are not updated and without doubt invite many complaints by the general public as well having divulged excessive personal information.

Some employers apparently do a CTOS search to check on the background of potential employees. If the company does not update the information, this can jeopardise the opportunity of the person who is applying for a job.

CTOS does helped in achieving it's objective BUT CTOS MUST be regulated in order for it to be relevant. Either it be scraped (as there is CECRIS) or put under the purview of Bank Negara. Acts such as a Data Protection Act should be introduced. In reading the UK legislation, where there should be an inclusion of a right of individual to insist that a database operator amend information to correct any mistakes, failing which a report could be lodged with the Data Protection Registrar. Or maybe a private Act of Parliament to further enhance the duty and scope of CTOS, such as probable CTOS Act. At least, CTOS with such a regulation, it would be seen relevant to the the country's financial strength

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Melaka Oh Melaka...Ali Gostan how much your trip cost?

Holidaying in Latin America and France? For work or for pleasure? I think it is the latter. This is indeed preposterous. Unbelievable and irresponsible that the Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam can describe his two-week visit to Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Venezuela and France as successful in meeting the objectives in biotechnology, information and communication technology, tourism, education and agriculture. As stated by Guan Eng in his press statement recently, Ali Gostan should not delude himself and others by declaring his million ringgit holiday in Latin America and France a success when the same objectives can be achieved so much more cheaply by visiting Singapore, our neighbour

I don’t see the necessity for a 28-member delegation to go all the way to these countries spending million of Ringgit unnecessarily without accountability and responsibility to the rakyat. Beside this trip earlier there were another trip organized by the State government going to China to see preparations for the Olympic Games in Beijing. I simply don’t understand the nature of the visit. Is Malacca hosting the Olympic? Or is Kuala Lumpur hosting one? Regardless of Malacca or KL, the answer stares at our face with a big NO. This is simply wasting of public funds. So with this very recent trip for communication and biotechnology, I wonder what Ali Gostan and his 28 vacation mates literally do or actually learnt in two weeks. No wonder our biotechnology centre set up a couple of years ago in MITC, Air Keroh remains a white elephant? Maybe members of the public should just drop in there to have a look and see what research our locals really do. I wonder even if they are scientist or just PLAYING to be scientist and waste public funds.

Is there any necessity to go all the way to Argentina to witness a memorandum of understanding to get teachers from Argentina? There are indeed sufficient Spanish teachers in Singapore and here too and that is if Ali is serious about learning the language. What about advertising them in the internet or through the embassies? That definitely saves a lot of money.

Instead of going to far-way places to learn from models of bio-technology and becoming a developed state, Singapore would be a better model. Singapore’s reputation as a developed state is unsurpassed in the world and its bio-technological part has attracted prominent scientists and Nobel laureates throughout the world. In fact our local scientist can be found anywhere in the world. Why don’t just bring them down to Malaysia and work for the state government. Why can’t the state or federal government allocate millions of Ringgit for the purposes of employing local scientists who are abroad? Entice them to come back. Our government should spend money on them and at the same time an allocation of funds for research and development that will be good for the state and nation and not spending unnecessary public funds such as a holiday.

If the trip is so successful, Ali should reveal the full itinerary, the places visited and the foreign VIPs met. Ali as head of the executive in the state of Melaka should be more transparent and open so as to tell all that is the truth. Don’t treat Malaccan as stupid and foolish for we are not gullible and easily been fooled by the powers that be.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Reading from the Star about the sudden death of the late Izi Yahya an actor who usually acted the roles of villain died at the age of 42. It was a sudden loss to the entertainment industry in Malaysia. It was reported that he had a fall during a shooting of a documentary called 'Darurat' (Emergency). The report states that he was send initially to a clinic in Mantin and then send to the Seremban Hospital and subsequently rush to the Sultan Aminah Hospital in Johor Bahru as there were no specialist. This is unwarranted. My deepest condolences to the family of the late Izi Yahya.

What angered me most was the inadequacy of medical attention in these government/public hospitals. The death of Izi would not had happen if there is a specialist at the Seremban Hospital, as he requires immediate surgery for brain haemorrhage. To make things worst, there are none at the KL, Selayang and Sungai Buloh hospitals nor at the University Malaya Medical Centre as reported. I am so shock of such a revelation. The medical industry in Malaysia is such a pathetic state. Something has to be done to improve the quality of medical condition of our country.

Now my second comment would be what about the private hospitals. The private hospital must also be responsible to the society at large and not give in to the demands of money as life are always more precious than silver or gold. Why didn't the local private hospital respond to the call of emergency. What is happening here?

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Truth Shall Set Malaysia FREE

A good book once said "the Truth shall set us free." Once a lie persists, doom will be on the road and one can never come back to the truth. It is a long road unless there is a true repentance, no one will ever tell the truth. Simply, ego. Human by nature tend to always stand by his ego. It is his ego that will either destroy him or make him a man that he hope he will be proud of. Yes, I'm talking about the NEP. Good or bad, it was introduced by the government purportedly to strengthen the stakeholdership of the bumiputra.

A couple of days ago the issue surrounding the NEP raised it's ugly head again. This time by the European Commission delegation to Malaysia, Mr. Thierry Rommel an outsider. In 2006, a major dispute arose when the Asian Strategic and Leadership Institute (ASLI) issued a report calculating Bumiputra-held equity at 45% — a stark difference from the official figure of 18.9%. The report's publication triggered a relatively vocal public debate about the status of the NEP and its related policies, with many from UMNO questioning the methodology used by ASLI. Although ASLI later withdrew the report, citing unspecified errors in its methodology, the debate did not die down. One political analyst suggested that "If Bumiputra equity is 45 per cent, then surely the next question is, why the need for Bumiputera rights? It has implications for government policy and it (removing indigenous rights) is one thing UMNO will never accept. The turn of event causes former Researcher of ASLI , Dr Lim Teck Ghee to resign immediately for the differing stand he takes.

Now, it comes from an outsider, and this is what was reported,

“Rommel attributed Malaysia’s slowdown in drawing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to a lack of a level playing field for foreign companies “even when they are in a partnership with bumis”.

Together with an inefficient public service, corruption and the questionable and unchecked practices of Malay preferential treatment, it had also dampened the business environment and economy of the country, he added.

While the public service delivery system lacks efficiency, responsiveness, transparency and accountability, corruption as well as the questionable and unchecked practices of Malay preferential treatment also plague the business environment and economy of the country, he added.

In urging Malaysia to re-look its pro-Bumiputera policies to attract European investors, Rommel warned that opening up a public debate on the NEP would incur short-term political risks. However, Rommel said such risks can be managed through transparency, dialogue and education.”

After going through Rommel's thought, I find it difficult to understand DPM's statement about the above report. Nothing in the above report at any point of time asking for an immediate 'termination' or the abolishment of the NEP. It basically suggest that in order to see a strong economic growth for Malaysia's future, the NEP has to be reviewed so as to enable a new change of policy to meet the demands of competitiveness and globalisation.

What Mr. Rommel uttered is nothing new and in fact an opinion that is generally common knowledge to the views expressed by the general public including the Malay. The NEP does not benefit the very hard core poor Malay but in fact only benefitting the classes of Malay that is dominated and connected to UMNO.

Malaysia cannot deny that the NEP is hurting the economy of this country and as such it has to be done away with. Or to at least help the general poorer bumiputra that seriously need to be aided. It is dishartening to see after 50 years of merdeka and yet we still hear of the hard core Malay, Chinese or Indian do not have simple amenities to live in. This is indeed very embarrassing. How are we achieve vision 2020 or the Malaysia dream of 2057 and yet problems like this remain unsolved.

As such there must be a re-look to consider and to review the totality of the current policy that will in some way or another damage the economic growth of the country. Definitely the truth always hurt. As the Malay saying goes, "Siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas"

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Is it LOVE?

I find it hard to chew when our PM says that our national unity is like love. It has to be cultivated. I feel that his definition is a little way out when he described it on National Building. However I beg to differ with his opinion. Not love BUT, we the non-bumiputra was just being tolerating with what happening around us. From the NEP to Malay rights to freedom of religion, we have been tolerating much.

During the recent dialogue on Lina Joy organised by the DAP, Leonard Teoh, legal advisor for the MCCBHCST went further to say that we, all Malaysian regardless of race and religion co-existed together as Malaysian not because we tolerate one another but because we desire harmony and that is what Malaysians in general wants.

What is the point if the PM declares his love about national building and promising the people with goodies and yet the basic notion of bias, inequality and injustice are found everywhere in every area of our civic society. What happen to sincerity and balance ideas as promised and promoted by the PM before the 2004 election and his pronouncement on Islamic Civilisation?

In recent days, Malaysia saw the grave injustice on the attack of the Constitution which regards to Article 11 and the social contract that binds the heart of all Malaysian. We exists together because of the promises by our fore fathers. The case of Che Omar Che Soh in 1988, confirmed and declared that Malaysia is a secular state and not an Islamic State. The Lord President then, Tun Salleh Abas, states very explicitly ruled that the Syaria Laws are not basic laws of the land but the Constitution. Unless there is an amendment to the constitution declaring so, Malaysia is and never an Islamic State. Following that Our first PM and Bapa Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman appealed to Malaysian not to turn Malaysia as an Islamic State. This my view is the first important ingredient of national building that has to be adhere strictly.

The other element of national building is to do away with discriminating policies and laws, that will hinder the economic growth of Malaysia. Recently, Malaysia saw bright and intelligent students who were unable to have a place in the University. I find it hard to understand, the system and policy employ by the Administration. Malaysia is already dying in the field of science and technology. There is a dire strait of professionals in the country. We are in the period of brain dead and yet we have educational policy that is making Malaysia very very sick.

Malaysia also saw policies that goes against the basic notion of equality. The non Malays, like me feel even though born and breed in this country, feeling lack of security as though as I am a second class citizen with the implementation of the NEP. Nobody is talking about MERITS and everybody is talking about "I know Datuk so and so". This is an existing racial discrimination and social injustice that is so prevalent amongst us.

With new challenges, globalisation and competitiveness coming our way, there must be a paradigm shift by people in authorities. Malaysians will have to be prepared that in the years to come, if we are not changed, then we will be wiped out and never to survive as we will all see a colonisation of Malaysia's economy not by Malaysian but by people that are against us. AND if that happened, it will definitely be a survival of the fittest.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

So will they be charged?

I must first thank Malaysiakini for reporting REAL STORY which no mainstream newspapers dare and will report. Thank you for opening the eyes and informed Malaysian on current news.

This happened 11 years ago where mobsters rule the day. As always it is led by UMNO Youth to stop an international conference on East Timor. UMNO Youth in wherever they go will always create a mockery to civic-mindedness system of government and harmony to this nartion. They are seen to be the mafias of the day, rule with emotions. No wonder letters are end with "Saya Menurut Perintah." Gosh, time really flies and it seems like just yesterday that it happened.

The High Court hears the case of a suit by 36 local activist and journalist (including Steven Gan editor of Malaysiakini and former Sun editor) against the Malaysian government and several police officers for wrongful detention and police negligence. If they win, it definitely burn the pockets of the Defendants.

Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, who was the then Umno Youth secretary led the mob. The 43 years old - who had tendered a public apology over his role in the mob in 2001 - has since joined the Opposition after he was sacked by Umno in 1998 for supporting and 'reformasing' Anwar Ibrahim. He was also the ex-Lunas state assemblyman where he contested on the PKR ticket.

Called as a witness he named ex Deputy Minister of the Home Affair as the one who instructed Saifuddin to disrupt the conference. He said, “Megat Junid started the meeting by telling us that a group of NGO activists will organise a seminar on East Timor in Kuala Lumpur. He said Malaysia’s stand is that the seminar is not permitted, fearing that we will be seen as interfering into problems in Indonesia”. He further testified, “Megat Junid asked BN Youth to undertake the responsibility to stop the seminar as he said the government’s stand must be respected. I was asked to lead this task in my capacity as the Umno Youth secretary since the Umno Youth chief and vice-chief were abroad then”.

Now this is most shocking, “Megat Junid said Azman will head another group who will also be there. He said matters related to the police have been arranged and the police will arrive at the seminar hall in 30 minutes, where everything will be settled then...."

People in high places were involved and that includes the police. I find it so sad to actually live as a Malaysian in this country that I love. I feel embarrassed being called a Malaysian that the mob RULES and that the police will aid the mobsters. What the organisers don't know that everything was plan according to the master designer say. This is very unfortunate. Acts such as these, Malaysians cannot tolerate.

More frightening, Malaysia is one country that sees the present government rules in its whims and fancy where the ruling body controls almost everything and that includes the Rule of Law. In Malaysia there is no rule of law but a rule by the iron fist. Talking about that, Malaysian are seeing themselves as being run by the Barisan Dictator's Government like the Communist. There is no difference between the present government and the days of the emergency in the 50s and 60s.

So since Saifuddin has make certain statements under oath and as a ring leader of the mafias he was caught and charged, will the Police DiRaja Malaysia investigate further? Will these culprits in high places then be charged under the law? These are questions that need immediate answers. Should there be a Royal Commission of enquiry as this unfortunate event make a black mark in Malaysia history as foreigners were there at the conference? AND that answers MUST come from the government to fully explained the actions by the mobsters. Properties were damaged, and bodies were harm YET few from the 400 strong gangsters were charged in court. I wonder..... what WAYANG KULIT is this? Is UMNO Youth so POWERFUL, prince of the mafias, triad gang of sort. What an embarrassment....

Friday, June 22, 2007

Failure and more Failures, from Parliament

First, LEAK, then SEXIST remarks, then OTAK UDANG and BODOH and now Malaysia hears Parliamentarian rejecting an urgent motion by Opposition Leader, Mr. Lim Kit Siang for Parliament to debate a serious and urgent issue that doesn't concern political affiliation or touching racial or religious boundaries but mainly to discuss an issue that is in our hearts SAFETY AND SECURITY. It is a heart cry from the people not only in Johor but Malaysia as a whole that issues such as this are rejected. The issues of crime is serious and has to be tackled before it gets out of hand.

So reading it from Uncle Kit's blog on Parliament's failure to discuss rationally is simply outrageous. There is nothing politically about it. As such everybody, should vote for it and debate issues of national importance. Where are the parliamentarians representing Johor? Where are their voices, when the Rakyat need them. Are they suppose to be that Datuk Seri, who would just simply sweep under the carpet by saying PLEASE GO TO THE PROPER CHANNEL? I wonder what does he mean to the "proper channel"? Isn't it not that Parliament is the proper channel and forum to discuss and debate issues that touches the heart of the people and are of national importance.

It is disheartening to see my wakil rakyat not wanting to have anything to do with it. Why is it voting a proposal by the Opposition seems to be an alien thing to do? Everybody must cry out in disgust to reject CRIMES as acts such as these are not to be tolerated by all of us. Something serious has to be done. If Parliamentarian refuse to act for the rakyat, then who will? Should then the Rakyat takes to the street to demonstrate peacefully?

Is beefing up police presence by having 400 police personnel or more and temporary police stations in shop lots will eradicate and reduce crime and because of that Parliament should not debate it? NONSENSE. I'm sad that our representatives are not willing to do good and what is just to see that Malaysia be a better place to live in. What the people of JB and Malaysia want are no more just verbal assurances from the Cabinet or from the MCA but immediate steps and actions so that our loved ones could, I quote from Uncle Kit's blog, "immediately feel safe in the streets, public places and the privacy of their homes – today and tomorrow and not in the future..."

Dear God open the eyes of the people in high places, in our Parliament, so that they will see the truth. Set them free O God, from being blinded by their political masters so that conscience will prevail in their hearts. AMEN

Thursday, June 21, 2007

What is Malaysia becoming to?

Something is seriously wrong with Malaysia. Why is this happening? Rape and other serious crimes are on the rise. Within 6 hours two incident of rape took place in JB where the victims are teenagers. My heart cries with the victims and their family. One was gang raped by form 'animals' and the other by a bogus policeman. This is making Malaysian fuming mad. Looking at it, Malaysia is no more a safe place for people to live. Something has to be done. Things like this cannot be swept under the carpet and telling the whole world that we are ok. The government, police and the public must work together to fight crime. Parents must check on the whereabout of their children and be more responsible to see to the safety of their children.

I lived in a Taman where all races live in harmony. But there is a difference between the Chinese and the Malay families. The Chinese for example will make sure that everybody is in the house by 7.30pm whereas the Malay children in my Taman would be playing sometimes right to 11.00pm. If they are not in the field playing football, they would be in the drain playing hide and sick or seeing these young vulnerable running from house to house as though as they are living in their kampongs regardless of their safety. I was wondering where are their parents. Why aren't the parents be more responsible over the children. Whilst the Chinese parents will be screaming to their children "finish your homework or not".

The newspaper reported about the girl that quarreled with her boyfriend and went to the lake to calm her feelings were there probably at very late evening or at wee hours at night, as the news reported also that another rape took place at about 6.30am. A 6 hours apart that means why and how on earth a teenager girl crying there. Whereas she should be at home STUDYING. Where is her parents? What happen to responsibility? The parents of the girl are to be blamed for such attitude. Something is seriously wrong.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Part 2 of National Education Plan... the real story

All roads lead to Akademi Fantasia, true or not, you decide. Anyway come the never ending stories of the real thing. This have gone year in and year out about University applications. We have almost 10-15 Universities, public, semi and private and yet we have young and the up coming even though results are good yet there is no place for them in the Universities. With CGPA scores above 2.8 to 3. plus, hmmm maybe I should advise forget about studying and let us work and make money, since there are no places in the University. Why study hard, knowing that you will be forcefully drop-out by the Administration. And that is SO VERY sad.

After reading articles in the Star online articles "Not All Joy For University Applicant" here and "Accept the Course you get, says MIC Man" here. I get more sad and disturbed with such policy especially when statements like that comes from people in the government. To achieve development status and first class mentality, education must be prioritised. It has to be seen on the merit. These are real people who sees education as a stepping stone of something greater in the future developments in their life and to make their parents proud. But sad to say these good graders will not be able to achieve what they desire in life because of failed education policy in this country. These young good graders are unfortunate people who will be deprived of their basic degree of their choice.

I think it is so true to say that all roads lead to Akademi Fantasia. Reading news like this, makes Malaysia a sad place to stay especially for her people. These are ordinary people from every walk of life, who all wanting to please their parents and to show them that THEY CAN DO IT.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Plan Pendidikan Nasional.....

This is a classic joke. Send to me by a friend through the net. Well to a certain extent jokes in Malaysia like a rumour is real. Well Akademi Fantasia has always been a hot thing ever since it started and everybody from all walks of life from PMR holders right to the PhD would some how wants a little star in their life to achieve. AND the only way to achieve that is through AF.

What is Chua Soi Lek taking about?

How could he distant himself and call the peaceful demonstration as IRRESPONSIBLE? Hello, these are civic minded people who are just afraid of the high rise in crime. We are not talking about just the Chinese community but every walk of life of all Malaysian people. I think they (the demonstrators) are a responsible lot of people who believes that they are stakeholders of this land. So what that Datuk Seri just said is more IRRESPONSIBLE than any Malaysians. Please there is nothing to do with racial BUT Malaysians wants security and demanding the Menteri Besar to act for and on the behalf of the people.

©The Star (Used by permission)

JOHOR BARU: MCA has distanced itself from the recent demonstration held outside the Mentri Besar’s official residence and said that it was organised by “irresponsible” parties.

Johor MCA chief Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, who categorically denied the party’s involvement in the demonstration, accused those responsible of “playing with fire.”

“These irresponsible people have turned crime into a racial issue and if they are not careful, it can get out of control,” he said, adding that the entire Chinese community should not be blamed for the actions of a few irresponsible ones.

He was speaking to reporters after officiating at the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Hospital Permai site in Johor Baru.

Dr Chua, who is also party vice-president, said an SMS meant to incite the public was also making the rounds and that he would appeal to the police to investigate where it originated.

On Sunday, police stopped an anti-crime demonstration outside the Mentri Besar’s official residence here and picked up two protesters who resisted a police order to disperse.

About 100 people had gathered there at 10am to stage their protest in response to two violent rapes reported over the past week, one involving a 19-year-old girl on June 12 and the other a 35-year-old woman the next day.

Johor Baru (South) OCPD Asst Comm Shafie Ismail said the protestors, aged 24 and 27, have been remanded until today.

“We will investigate their role in the protest,” he said.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Let the Malaysian VOICE be heard

"YES TO IPCMC (Independent Police Complaint and Misconduct Commission)" It was a loud cry in Johor yesterday. This time the protest is not done or organised by political parties but by a group of five Chinese clans demanding the police to do something about it. Three rape/abduction cases in Johor Bahru within a month is not an isolated case and Malaysian in all walk of life cannot accept it as a norm in our civil society. Something has to be done. Malaysian are fed up with statistics. So what if the IGP comes out and say that crime rate is reduced yet you have brutal and 'evil' acts on the large and in the open. I must say that criminals are getting so daring these days that I even tell my family especially in the evening, forget about walking in the park. "No more walk walk" that is what I say to my son. Even pumping the petrol we have to be careful for fear that we may get abducted.

I must applaud these Chinese Clans for standing up their rights under the law to make Malaysia a better place to live in. We are stakeholders of this country as such duty bound to see that this country is free from heinous crimes like what happened last month.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Is it suppose to be En bloc

Interestingly I saw this in theStar with a headline,

"Write in to request funds, Kelantan govt told

BACHOK: The Kelantan government must officially write to the Treasury for additional funds for the salary increment of its civil servants.

Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussin said the Federal Government was willing to consider the request. "

Now, I thought that when the Prime Minister announced the salary increment it is supposed to be an en bloc thing. Meaning it applies across the board, regardless of whether the state belongs to the opposition or not. I'm so curious. Anyway it's politics. And it is a political policy. Barang Naik (Things Up), wang pun Naik (Money also Up) only before the election.... after that your pasal (problem).

If my prediction is right with such goodies, the General Election is near, very near... probably I should read some Nostradamus's prophesy to check on the timing of the election.

AND Will the federal government consider. NEVER. Why? C'mon, Barisan wants Kelantan back, so it will definitely be a manifesto for Kelantan Only "that there will be a increment".

Of course in view of that, the people in Kelantan will vote for BN just for the increment. Opposition cries MONEY POLITICS and bribery and lodge official report and complaint to SPR and wahlah.... BACK TO SQUARE ONE. BN 1 Opposition 0. Nothing is ever done. Again it's Malaysia Boleh....hip hip Malaysia Boleh (3x)

The real Altantuya

I found the below in a Susan's blog about the real Altantuya. She was murdered. Bombed by C4. Worst of all, the image of Malaysian Police and the Malaysian Government are at stake because it involved the Agencies of the government. The Malaysian Government is also in a dilemma. Now to face an impending suit. So many questions that need real answers. Many conspiracy and mystery that need to be unveil. Only the truth shall set us free says the Bible. And all Malaysian would wants to know the truth. In the Press conference that was not covered by our local papers states that Altantuya was never a model but an interpreter and had two university degrees on language.

Interestingly, he revealed that Abdul Razak Baginda and his daughter not had anything sexual but a business relationship backed by documents revealed only for the first time in a packed press conference. This must be a start of something very-very interesting.

AND Tomorrow hopefully, the trial will and must go on.


Taken from

Dad reveals who the real Altantuya is

At a press conference today (Saturday 15.6.2007) held by SUARAM and Women’s Development Collective in Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall in Kuala Lumpur, Altantuya’s father, Mr Stev Shariibuu, chided newspapers for “mis-informing” the public about his daughter. He went on to reveal facts about his daughter, confirming various stories by this blogger since the case exploded on Malaysian soil, in November last year.

“The victim’s side had always been reported negatively, misunderstood and had wrong facts”.

First of all he revealed that Altantuya was never a model. She was a professional interpreter. She studied languages for 6 years and had 2 university degrees. (There was another Altantuya who was a model and friend, but it was not his daughter).

He said the media portrayed her as a “prostitute”, as a “bad person”. “But my daughter was a simple person, quite beautiful. Everywhere she goes, every single man will stop and look at her”.

He added that there was even a “contract” between a Malaysian and Mongolian newspapers to write negative stories about Altantuya. “I want to apologise for one word. This is called “prostitution”. When journalist write something and sell it to get rich”.

“Abdul Razak Baginda and my daughter had a business deal, not a sexual relationship,” he said, showing documents that supported his claims. These documents were revealed for the first time.

Shariibuu then asked why was Altantuya killed on 19 october (2006). What was the significance of the date? It was Ramadhan time, where everyone was at home, enjoying with their family.

In Mongolia, he said, it was Mother’s day where daughters bought under wears for their mothers.

“But until today, I could not give that under wear to my wife,” he added.

Lastly, Shariibuu reminded all Malaysians not to forget the Altantuya story. He said he had only one thing to say:

“What duty do policemen have? They are the most trusted people for us. In case something happens, we approach police. But in this case, who committed the crime? The police of Malaysia. That’s why the government must be responsible”.

Haappy Father's Day

Today is Father's Day and I'm paying tribute to all FATHERS.

First on my list I would like to pay tribute is my Heavenly Father. I thank Him for loving me and choosing me. He knows me even in the womb. He called me by name with His sweet voice.The great God almighty who Himself is King of kings and Lord of lords. I thank Him for being there when I need Him most. A Teacher of all whose grace and mercy is always new every morning. Rich in love and full of compassion. I don't deserve it, but His love for me is always high above the mountains and deeper the seas. Truly I know that I'm not alone even if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for His rod and staff, they comfort me. He will bring me in the stillness of water so that I may drink from Him. I thank Him also for providing the everyday needs in my business and the things I do.

Second, my earthly Father, Simeon Yeo Kok Inn. The man that I love most. Patient and kind is he, truly a remarkable gentleman. A man I can talk to in everything and anything. Born in 1939 August the 17th, he became a teacher at the age of 21. The second child to my grandfather (I've not seen my grand dad), a championed in tennis. I was told that he was the first double champion for the Selangor Royal Golf Club. However this son here can never play the game that he is good of. Fortunate or unfortunate this son of his love hockey and cricket, anyway that is all Malacca High School boys are good at. He pass away suddenly in 2001, 24th February of a heart attack at the age of 61. Well, I thank God that I had the opportunity to work in the same legal firm before he dies. I thak God for every moment that I had with Him. Truly I so miss him dearly.

Third, my Father in Law, whom I now came to know a man of good heart and intention. Nothing behind his sleeves except that of love. A mechanic by profession, he supports the MCA with all of his heart, of which I'm against as I support the Opposition DAP. We clash in political ideas but one in heart as we love the same girl, his eldest daughter and my dear wife Peggy.

And me, a young Father. I pray that I'm able to provide the love to my son, Paul unconditionally. Truly every idiot can be a father but very few who are able to give the best to his family. So Paul and Peggy, I promise you that you have the best of me not only as a support but there will be love and life totally with the both of you. You deserve the best of me.

University Malaya..... For Sale?

Guocoland (M) Berhad offered to buy the land that housed University Malaya in KL for the purposes of development worth RM10 Billion and to relocate it to Sepang is definitely out of mind. As Ungku Aziz, the Royal Professor and former Chancellor of UM says in Utusan, that such acts are "gila dan kurang ajar" meaning a crazy act and rude. He further remarked that the University is a national heritage that ought to be preserved and protected.

The University grew out of tradition of service to society. Its predecessors, the King Edward VII College of Medicine established in 1905 and Raffles College in 1929 had been established to meet urgent demands one in medicine and the other is education. When the two come together to form University Malaya in October 1949, this was so that they might perform together an ever greater service, to help lay the foundation of a new nation by producing a generation of skilled and educated men. Hence, the University Malaya was established on 8th October 1949 as a national institution to serve the higher education needs of the Federated Malay States and Singapore.

The growth of the University was very rapid during the first decade of its establishment and resulted in the setting up of two autonomous Divisions in 1959, one located in Singapore (later became the National University of Singapore) and the other in Kuala Lumpur, retaining the name University of Malaya. In 1960, the government of the two territories indicaated their desire to change the status of the division into that of a national university wherein legislation was passed in 1961 founding the University of Malaya on 1st January 1962 via the University Malaya Act.

In all these years the University has established itself as a pioneer to many local graduates all over the country and beyond. As such taking away that right would seem to be an act of defiance and should not be tolerate at all. I may go further to say that acts such as this, is unnecessary coupled with greed.

Education must be prioritised and protected. The government must be seen serious in protecting not only national heritage but to be seen serious to cause a first class institution and mentality of higher learning that Malaysian of all walks of life can be proud of. Seeing statistics dropping drastically in Malaysia top university is sad but to see the Malaysian Government denying is another. The government should not just deny but indeed the reality can be a little frustrating, but that is the truth.

The government must be serious in showing to the world at large that we too can compete in the international arena. Funding in research and development has never been satisfying. Areas in medical science, biotechnology and information technology are so necessary requiring funds and aids. The future of Malaysia are depended upon this new generation of young minds. It is in this University, that intellectual minds are developed and new ideas are formed for the good of this country. As such this has to be protected at all times.

Maybe the government must remember the dream of the Prime Minister 2057 which he exclaimed, "Our students and professors will dominate Ivy League universities and our own universities will be citadels of excellence for international scholars." Will this continue to be a dream, let Malaysian speak.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

PM Vision 2057?? HAHA, Sure ar?

This is what the Prime Minister says about Vision 2057,

“A hundred years of Merdeka would see this society, this nation achieve the unimaginable. We will have Nobel laureates, truly global corporations, respected and market-leading brands, internationally acclaimed poets and artists, among the largest number of scientific patents in the world and even the best football team in Asia.

“Our students and professors will dominate Ivy League universities and our own universities will be citadels of excellence for international scholars.

“We will be pioneers in alternative energy, drawing on our strength in biofuels. Our cities will be the most liveable on the globe, blending cosmopolitan facilities that are rooted in a tolerant and just societal ethos.

“This is the Malaysia in my dreams for 2057. One hundred years of independence, one hundred years of advancement.”

A very beautiful painting. A nice dream. BUT it will remain a dream to PM. To achieved a developed nation in 2020 is a humongous and impossible task for Malaysian mentality what more a vision 2057. As Uncle Kit put it "when things in more and more fronts seem to be falling apart, best illustrated by the nation’s failure in the past 44 months to make the transition from “First-World Infrastructure, Third-World Mentality” to “First-World Infrastructure, First-World Mentality” or to prevent backsliding to “Third-World Infrastructure, Fourth-rate Mentality, nine-rate Maintenance”.

This is indeed true. Thing are falling apart, the Malaysian Parliament is already a laughing stock with most MPs simply refuse to behave as lawmakers. Worst still after the RM90 million refurbishment and renovation, yet leakage puts it ugly head again. Then Malaysian witness the Courts in Jalan Duta literally falling apart until ceilings collapsed and cafeteria flooded. Hospital in Kedah also fall apart and worst still the ever always KL centre flood. What is happening to vision 2020? Until and unless Vision 2020 is up and ready there will NOT be a vision 2057.

Best football team in Asia? I wonder. As the term 'Juara Kampung' still persists. We will always be village champion. No question about it. Malaysian will never support the Malaysian Team except for the ever charging English Premier League and the Italia Serie. So what can Malaysian football offer to Malaysian? Nothing as we can't even beat Indonesia and we will always struggling to beat Singapore and Philippines.

As to our students in Ivy League University.... I think I can agree with that, as they will NEVER come back to their country to serve in the local university. Probably the number will just say goodbye Malaysia and helo abroad. There again, we are in a losing battle. How to achieve development status when all the smart ones are no longer a citizen of Malaysia.

With our current mentality, NO WHERE Malaysia is going and moving. So to my PM, forget about it for it shall remain ONLY a dream

Crime Going Down? The IGP must have been dreaming.

Recently the Inspector General of Police, Tan Sri Musa Hassan announced that crime rate in Johor has dropped to 8% in the first quarter of the year compare with the same period the last year. A total of 9,175 cases were reported from January to April this year - 788 cases fewer than the total number reported during the same period last year.

Unfortunately, we are hearing crimes of crimes more heinous than before. Three cases of raped/abduction and robbery hit Johor within this month. Modus operandi of the gang was striking similar. True or not, I received an sms from a friend that they are now in Malacca. And yes I am afraid that they will strike again. Last two days, there were a road block held not outside of my Taman BUT in the Taman in itself. I was troubled and surprised. Police with machine guns manning the road block. I asked one of the police and he told me that there were many cases of 'Pecah Rumah'. This is sicko. Worst still it is done in the morning, no more at night. "Malang memang tidak berbau"

I was even shocked to know that the police refuse to accept reports even though they are duty bound to do so. This happened when the 19 years old 19-year-old girl and her 22-year-old boyfriend in Johor Bahru on Monday, attempts to make report on the oncoming crime was shunted from Larkin Police Station to Tampoi Police Station and again to Johor Baru Tengah Police Station. This is so unnecessary and is definitely putting the police in a very bad light. Something has to be done or nothing will be dome at all.

The crime these days are getting more daring. The last couple of month, Malaysian also saw robbery involving ATM machines, snatch thieves are getting more bold, rape is happening everyday, babies found in rubbish bin, drugs are found everywhere, prostitutions found in hotels, criminal intimidations and the Mat Rempits are still in on the loose. I now wonder what is happening to this country. Is the police doing anything about it. Why are they not accepting reports? Who can then a complaint be referred to, if the police refuse to accept it?

So is the IGP correct to just rely on statistics. I believe there are more unreported cases of such crimes. Statistics are just Mathematics, they are not facts per se. Facts means what does the news in the papers and the TV are telling. AND it gets more. More bad news. The public's confidence in the police shattered until more and more housing developers are coming out with the 'gated community' concept that hires private security company to give and provide security services.

Malaysians are worried. Malaysian are also getting very impatient. The time has come for a more RELEVANT police force. Police that are responsible and accountable for their actions. Sound too scary to note that members of triads are having 'relationships' with OCPD and/or OCS or even CPO. This is a worrying trend. And it is a FACT.

The only consideration is to have an Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) as suggested by the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Police. The government must be reminded to establish a police force that is free from tainted activities. Through the IPCMC public confidence on the police will soar high as it allowed public scrutiny of the police force. IPCMC is not a place where the police gets bombarded but the purposes of it is to enhance the image of the now battered police force. Corruption in the police has become an eye sore even though they wear a batch saying "Saya Anti Rasuah".

So is CRIME going down? I doubt it.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Psalm 33 : 12

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD,
The people He has chosen as His own inheritance.

Lord Jesus, I declared that Malaysia is Yours. King of king and Lord of lords where every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord over Malaysia. I pray that Your sovereign hand will hover across this country. I declare that there will be a total reversal for what is corrupt in to integrity and righteousness. I pray that this country will not only know You but love You. And in that, this country will be blessed because of your great mercy and love.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Not SMART After All

Hmmmm, Malaysia Boleh! Hip hip... Malaysia Boleh (3x). The truth has prevailed. What the tooooooooooot. This is damn too much thing that is happening again. Every week something in some place MUST collapse, and MUST leak. I knew it, one day something will happen to the SMART Tunnel. And today Malaysian reading the Star will agree with me, that somebody MUST go. Malaysia can now see the truth of our development.

taken from the Star today

KUALA LUMPUR: Motorists using the SMART Tunnel to travel from Jalan Tun Razak to Sungai Besi were shocked to find a pool of water along a 20m stretch of the emergency lane yesterday.

The pool of stagnant water was located in the middle of the tunnel.

Some motorists, fearing a leak. slowed down to have a look.

SMART Tunnel officials could not be reached for comment.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Samy Vellu embarrassed? Maybe a Post as Minister without Portfolio will be GOOD

I saw this in Utusan and I am surprise to note that Samy Vellu is embarrassed. And I always thought that the mighty Samy is untouchable even to the extent blaming God for some of the problem. I remember an embarrassing moment when there is a blackout in Malaysia and he immediately comment that it was an act of God. I was told immediately after that, India came out in their headlines about Samy and it became a joke of the day in the hectic life of the Indian people.

Samy Vellu as far as I read and seen in the TV and press is never a shy person. An Architect by profession, he uses his profession blaming everything except himself. And this is a known fact. Like in the news below still blaming his officers, which he is always good at. Why can't he take responsibility and be accountable, doesn't he know that he is the Boss in his own ministry. More so he has been there for donkey years. Maybe he should take up constitutional law and study individual and collective responsibility of Ministers. Just step down.

Maybe it's time for him to come to his senses for him to just take responsibility and resign from his portfolio. Or maybe an appointment as Minister without Portfolio. The PM should appoint another who can do the job and I believe there are many more people who are willing and capable to make Malaysia a better place. A lot of money has been spent in building and millions are spend for repair work.

What about the promise by the PM to have good delivery standards in government departments? Are these just promises? All Malaysians want to see a walk the talk government. With the recent flood, the collapse of government buildings, leakage etc has not cause the Minister concern an embarrassment, but I believe it causes Malaysian in general even greater embarrassment of such substandard in our quality of construction. We have the best airport. We have the tallest twin tower. We have many super structures and yet we hear news of government building falling apart. I simply don't get it.

The Utusan online taken are as follows:-

Menteri Kerja Raya, Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu yang malu dengan beberapa siri kerosakan di bangunan kerajaan sejak akhir-akhir ini mengeluarkan arahan tegas agar kejadian tersebut tidak berulang serta memulihkan maruah Jabatan Kerja Raja (JKR) (The Minister, Samy Vellu is embarassed with the many damage in government building recently as such gave strict orders so that such incident will not be repeated and at the same time to restore confidence of Public Work Department (PWD)

Beliau berkata, maruah JKR tercemar teruk di mata orang ramai dan dunia yang menyebabkan kontraktor dari negara ini sukar mendapatkan kontrak baru di luar negara.(Samy says, PWD's credibility has been shattered by the public and also in the world as contractors in this country finds difficulty in getting contracts outside of Malaysia)

‘‘Saya perlu mengeluarkan arahan-arahan tegas dan keras ini memandangkan saya malu untuk berhadapan dengan Kabinet, rakan-rakan di luar negara dan orang ramai yang kini memandang rendah terhadap keupayaan JKR,’’ katanya. (I have to give strict order as I'm embarrassed to face the Cabinet, friends in overseas and many who frowns against credibility of JKR)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another Malaysia Boleh in Bolehland

This is truly Malaysian. Only when the BOSS say so "I'll do it". And if the BOSS did not say anything, everybody will either keep mums or KIV the matter or when something bad really take place. In Malaysia, initiative is the least thing a Malaysian will take. Unless Malaysians are push to a corner by a BOSS then only will Malaysian do the work. Nothing short of mere laziness.

Smart Tunnel's floodwater diversion part to be completed ahead of schedule

PETALING JAYA: The Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) has ordered the completion of the floodwater diversion component of the Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel (Smart) project one week ahead of schedule.

DID director-general Datuk Keizrul Abdullah said he had ordered the floodwater tunnel to be completed one week ahead of the scheduled date of June 30.

"The public has to be aware that the floodwater diversion component has not been opened yet as compared to the motorway component that was opened on May 14.

"The reason is because the motorway is only 3km in length while the floodwater tunnel is 9.7km in length."

Keizrul said the department was currently installing control doors on the tunnel and that even though he had requested work to be speeded-up, the department had to ensure all safety features were in place before it could be opened.

It was reported on Monday that Sunday's flash floods in Kuala Lumpur could have been averted if the Smart tunnel was in operation.

Keizrul also responded to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's call to speed up the implementation of flood mitigation projects.

"Such projects had started a few years ago and were on schedule to be completed one by one from the end of June this year until the middle of 2009.

"However, because of the Prime Minister's request, the department will speed up the work," he said.

Classic Joke LHDN Boleh

I got this e-mail from my 'evil twin' Desmond. A classic of all jokes. If this is REAL, then Malaysia is always BOLEH albeit in a not-so-good sence. Here it is:

True story...

A taxpayer called up the LHDN (Inland Revenue Board) in Terengganu, and asked for Form B. The LHDN clerk who answered the call asked for the address to send the form to. The conversation goes:

LHDN CLERK : "Boleh bagi alamat encik?" (Can you give me your address?)
TAXPAYER : "Hantar ke Ranhill Worley." (Send to Ranhill Worley)
LHDN CLERKI : "Ranhill... eja macam mana?" (err... How to spell Ranhill?)
TAXPAYER : "R.. for Rumah... A for Ayam.. N for Nangka... H for
Holland ... I for itik... L for lai n- lai n...." (spelling)
LHDN CLERK : "Ok.. nanti kami hantar ke alamat tu" (OK, we will send to that address...)

After waiting for a week, the form arrived - have a look at the address on the envelope!!!


Monday, June 11, 2007

Amazing Fact by Ali Gostan

I read this with the amazement of my 'friend' Ali Rustam aka Ali Gostan. This is the most outrageous statement of the year. He says and I quote "It is easy to become a Malay" and he continues, "Even if that person is Chinese or Indian or Kadazan, if they are Muslim or have converted, converse in Malay and follow the Malay tradition, then they are Malays." I find it amusing because the religion and the race are always kept distinct and separated. It has always being the case. So with his exclamation, it is to mean that as a Malay wouldn't it be the same as being a Malay bumiputra and thus accord the privilege as stated in the Constitution of the Federation. I have friends who had converted and yet do not have the privilege of being a Malay even though they converse in Malay, accepts the Malay custom and culture and yet the law refused to accept them to be a Malay under the Constitution. Weird?


Datuk Seri Haji Mohd Ali Rustam

©Daily Express (Used by permission)

Kota Kinabalu:
Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Haji Mohd Ali Rustam said a person who is a Muslim, converses in Malay and follows the Malay traditions is considered a Malay.

"It is easy to become a Malay," he told a Press conference after Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman opened the Dunia Muslim Dunia Islam (DMDI) seminar, here, Saturday.

Elaborating on why Musa had said that more than 50 per cent of the State's nearly three million population are Malays, Mohd Ali, who is also DMDI president, said:

"Even if that person is Chinese or Indian or Kadazan, if they are Muslim or have converted, converse in Malay and follow the Malay tradition, then they are Malays."

"The Kadazans if they are a Muslim, we considered them as Malays, and if they have not embraced Islam, they are Bumiputeras. It is easy to become a Malay."

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Visit To The Home

The State Young Lawyers Committee Members comprises of Mr. Desmond Ho, Cik Zairin, Mr. Tangaraj and I, together with the Chair for the Charity Committee of the Malacca Bar, Encik Nizam Bashir were at the Pusat Kanak-kanak Terencat Akal Bahagia on Friday after work. We were there to meet Roy and Nancy, the caregivers as the Committee has nominated this Home to be adopted for our Charity Nite on 29th June 2007. Desmond Ho, our Chairman took the photos so as to later show in our Nite the Home that we will be adopting.

We reached the Home at about 6.15pm and was greeted by a young boy aged 11 who has down syndrome with a hole in his heart. We were told by the care giver, Miss Nancy that the doctor has given him ultimatum at that time that he has about three years to live, but thanks to the Home he now prove the doctor wrong as that ultimatum came almost 7 years ago.

The Home was founded by husband and wife, Roy and Nancy Collar with the help of 10 other care givers. Started in July 2000 in a small single storey bungalow, the Home now housed 35 inmates ranges from the age of 4 to 32. A great number of the inmates are blind and had epilepsy and cerebral palsy. Some are bed ridden and mentally retarded. There are two who would have to be tubed fed. Only four were down syndrome and only Nor Laili, 17 years old understood us even though she has low IQ and is physically deformed.

The Home accepts all children without setting any conditions nor receiving any monthly income at all. The children are brought to the Home with no obligation to pay for their up keep.

We were also told that most of the children was abandoned by their family members as some were single mothers either raped or had incestuous relationship. Sad, but it's real and is happening. We were moved in our emotions seeing the children in their physical condition. The children are seen well taken care regardless of their race and religion. There were no unwanted smells and that all the children are in diaper and are well taken care of 24 hours a day and requires special nursing care and attention.

The monthly expenses of the Home comes to about RM21,753.00 on the average. The monthly budget increased over the years as essentials such as food and household items gone up over the years and fortunately help comes not from the government sector BUT from the private individuals and temples around Malacca, Seremban and Muar. It is disheartening to know that there are no special grants from the State and Federal Government especially through the ministry of Woman and Family Affairs. I call upon the government to do more for such Homes. As they require more help.

We have seen how the government spend money unnecessary, why not monies channel in such Homes and to the under privilege? I believe they need all the money for the fresh food, clothing, diaper, physiotherapist, medical treatment, first aids and a host of other necessaries. The government must come to it's senses to not spend in unnecessary mega projects.

These children are dear to God and are close to the heart of God. As such we should be eternally grateful for the things that we experienced and have. It is good that the many of us will come together and make their life a more better and comfortable place to live in.

Wedding....congratulation Pak Lah and Dr Nazrin but Siti, hmmm

Prime Minister weds Jeanne Abdullah yesterday at 2.50pm attended only about 50 family members and relatives. A simple wedding that finishes in a couple of minutes. The PM remarks the day before that he prefer a simple wedding as this is his second marriage (His beloved wife Kak Endon pass away in October 2005 after fighting a long battle with breast cancer).

A couple of weeks ago the nation saw yet another beautiful wedding between Raja Dr Nazrin (son of Sultan of Perak) and his beautiful wife, also in a very modest yet elegant wedding. The Raja refused public funds for His Highness wedding even though he is entitled to. This is yet another excellent example of a man who is 'jiwa rakyat'. He definitely walks the talk.

Hmmm I tempted to compare the above two marriages to none other than the wedding between Datuk Siti Norhaliza and Datuk K. Not royal, nor politicians but spend as though they were royals. With TV3 live telecast the wedding reception, my goodness, maybe I hope they can just give to those that really need the money. There are so many homes that require lots of money in maintaining it. Most homes are relying on aids and donations from the government and private sector. Maybe she ought to channel her funds there instead of wasting unnecessary money. For TV3, it is just a foolish act of stupidity.