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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Only Letter Mahatir speaks sense....

I read this letter by Tun Mahatir in the Star, very interesting insights by the old man. Words like this can never be accepted by people in UMNO or BN. What all can agree is that Gerakan 'hilang' satu member yang berwibawa. He was tipped to be a CM in Penang should he and his party win in the general election. But of course that dream never materialised. Unfortunately to Kah Choon when he was appointed as Director to the two state government agencies, he was called 'inexperience' by the leadership in his party. At one point you are tipped to be a VVIP and on the other hand 'inexperience'.

But reading between the lines of the letter, I must say that BN in order to survive in the political arena of this country MUST change it's ways. UMNO and BN are too narrow minded. If PAS is able to adapt changes by inviting non Muslim to contest in the general election, UMNO and especially UMNO must change to be relevant.

So to UMNO and BN, please take heed to the call of the person whom you love before...

------- Mahatir's letter below

THE recent decision of a senior Gerakan leader to take a job under the DAP Government of Penang should not be taken lightly by the Barisan Nasional if it wishes to survive and regain support of its members and supporters.

The Gerakan leader may be motivated by a genuine desire to work for the good of Penang and Malaysia. But it may also be because loyalty to the Barisan is now based on personal gains or fear of punishment of some kind.

This is especially so among the leaders. There is no genuine love for the objectives said to be the raison d’etre for the party’s existence. They are all fighting to get a piece of the cake that the party would be able to distribute when it wins elections. They could become Ministers or Mentris Besar or Deputy Ministers or Speakers. They could get contracts or licences, APs etc.

When the party loses, these will not be forthcoming. The reason for supporting the party would disappear.

The rank and file on the other hand stands to gain nothing, win or lose. The party is not any longer for the general good of the country but only for lining the pockets of the leaders. So why should the ordinary members help the leaders to line their pockets?

The party can keep on making promises but the members know that these promises are empty.

Supposing the Opposition are smart enough to provide good Government, to look after the interests of the ordinary people, to lead a Spartan life like not flying in chartered planes when going to Kuala Lumpur or taking excos and divisional heads on jaunts to foreign countries, then those people who voted for the Opposition out of anger against the Barisan in 2008 would transfer their loyalty permanently to the Opposition.

When that happens, the Barisan, Umno and other component parties can forget about recapturing the states lost to the Opposition. Their turncoat members (saboteurs as they are classified by Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) will remain turncoats and will actively work against the Barisan t the next election. To lose once is bad but to lose a second time in Malaysian election is an unmitigated disaster.

The window of opportunity will close pretty soon. Unless drastic actions are taken now, there would be no time to rehabilitate the Barisan and Umno and indeed all the other Barisan component parties for the next election. When this happens and Barisan is totally defeated, the leaders who mismanaged the Barisan will go down in history as betrayers of the parties that had so successfully defeated the Malayan Union, gained independence for the country and developed it to what it is today.

The leaders still have a choice. Continue supporting a person under whom the Barisan and its component parties were defeated or stop being self-serving and return to the true national struggle. You may gain something for yourself personally today but your children and grandchildren will pay a terrible price. The choice is yours.


Monday, April 28, 2008

Blogs ADUN & MP Melaka...Barisan Bolehkah?

I went into Ali Rustam's blog (before he deleted all the comments) to check out his rattling and found another blog linked to his and that blog consists of the many blogs of BN ADUNs and MPs called Guess what? I check out my MCA challenger, YB Gan Tian Loo and as being me, I masuk a sarcastic comment. That was in April 17.

Now 12 days passed. The blog was never updated. I call it hangat-hangat tahi ayam. And percaya cakap saya, at least half of the other blogs are never updated. The rest adalah sikit.

Inilah kita punya wakil rakyat.

Daddy, how was I born?

A little boy goes to his father and asks "Daddy, how was I born?"

The father answers, "Well, son, I guess one day you will need to find out anyway! Your Mom and I first got together in a chat room on Yahoo.

Then I set up a date via e-mail with your Mom and we met at a cyber-cafe. We sneaked into a secluded room, where your mother agreed to a download from my hard drive. As soon as I was ready to upload, we discovered that neither one of us had used a firewall, and since it was too late to hit the delete button, nine months later a little Pop-Up appeared that said:

"You got Male!"

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kerismuddin's it?

"IF IT AFFECTED ANYONE..." OR "I APOLOGISE IF THIS HAS AFFECTED ANYBODY"... how you put it whether the 'IF' is in the beginning or the 'IF' word in the middle, that apology has a qualification and that qualification is 'ANYBODY AFFECTED'. I am now wondering, is Kerismuddin sincere. As a Minister that is in charge with Education, he must make an unqualified and unequivocal apology to all MALAYSIANS and resign as a minister.

Allow me to quote from the newspapers. One from the Star and the other is from NST. I put it in so that everyone of us can read it and understand better what was said by Kerismuddin. I quote...

"Today, we saw many things being talked about in earnest among the delegates," he said after chairing the first Barisan Nasional youth meeting since the general election last month.
"This included the issue of the Panca Warisan kris. I told them, I am responsible for what happened if it had in any way affected our performance.

"I apologise if this has affected anybody. I apologise to the non-Malays if they felt afraid of the symbol.

"To the Malays, I also apologise because I cannot defend the symbol of our heritage." (NST)


Apologising to all Malaysians for his action, he said: “If it affected anyone, I cannot run away from the reality of it. I apologise to the non-Malays and the Malays.
“To the non-Malays because of the fear to a symbol which was not my intention. And to the Malays for not being able to uphold their symbol of heritage.”

Describing it as a “sad lesson”, he said as a leader, he must be gracious and accept the consequences because the party came first. (the Star)

As a Minister he probably has forgotten that he MUST defend the Constitution and the Constitution through Article 153 read together with Article 8 states that all are equal before the law. Race based politics in this country is out dated.

In defending the Constitution, playing the racial cards must be stopped and be prohibited. What the Minister and his gang uttered during the UMNO general assembly is nothing more but seditious and warrant an investigation under the Sedition Act. What he has uttered or done whether intentionally or not is unMalaysian, unParliamentarian and unMinisterial for somebody who is tipped to be the future Prime Minister of a multiracial, multi-religious and multicultural.

So my advise to the Minister is SINCERELY apologise to all Malaysians and be more gentleman in admitting one's mistake without QUALIFICATION.

Friday, April 25, 2008

"something new and groundbreaking"

Gua caya sama lu Guan Eng.... this is how baba like me speaks, in very broken Malay. Nicely put. Taken from the Star yesterday. His statement alone speaks of a real leader. Appointing clean and hard working people without considering political affiliation, race, religion and all. This is what the Chief Minister says below:

"Are we going to grow up and grow out of the outdated mindset? The time has come to look at the content of character rather than colour of skin or the gods you pray to or the respective political beliefs that you hold..."

He further commented that there should not be discrimination against someone based on political party he or she was from.

That is so true. BN leaders must grow up (jadi matanglah) and grow out (tepikan) outdated mindset and see a bigger picture. Again, I must say, it is for the people. For me I rather appoint people that can work rather than dead woods that would just warmth the seat for another five years or until they are toppled.

Policies by BN under the so called "Spirit of BN" is nothing but a policy of arrogance, full of stupidity and out dated. No wonder we are all still living as we just got our independence.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Malaysia got money meh?

I saw an excellent thought by my friend Maverick SM's piece and do allow me to do some cut and paste here. I am actually more interested in Maverick's part on our super corridors. Issue : Do we really have the money OR it is just a political ploy to fish for votes before the election.

Now the election is over and gone, will the federal government able to fulfilled it's promises with so many corridors declared at almost the same time. Not only that we have the Iskandar Corridor but we have the North, East and West corridors all over Malaysia.

Now hearing that there are no funds available for the second apace mission and the recent announcement by the Prime Minister that 9 Malaysia Plan may have to be delayed due to escalating costs. I wonder, why didn't the Prime Minister and the federal government foresee that cost will rise. As all prudent managers and administrators, the interest of the organisation is paramount.

As such the federal government should not be over ambitious in wanting to do this and that. AND since now cost is a concerned, the federal government will be shelving many projects and on the casualty list is the construction of a vital second bridge linking Penang to peninsular Malaysia.

According to the Prime Minister there were a number of reasons for the Penang 2nd Bridge project delay and they are the need to acquire the land needed to develop the project and the cost as the prices for materials have gone up.

I find this rather amusing. And I agree with SM Maverick's view of which I quote, "When this 2nd bridge project was mooted way back in 1996 the budgeted cost was around RM2 billion and should Mahathir had carried out this project at the same time as the KLIA project we could have saved RM5.5 billion. But then Mahathir rather have Twin Tower, Star and Putra LRT and another RM10 billion for Putrajaya, Wetland project, Cyber Entertainment Village, etc."

This shows short-sightedness of the federal government. They rather spend for the unnecessary projects rather than the seeing the plights of the people. This is where the federal government fails to work for the fifty years since Merdeka.

Can I now trust the Prime Minister?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ex Minister investigated?

It was reported in the Sun newspaper that a police report was lodge by a hotel restaurant waitress accusing the Ex Minister of molesting her at her workplace. It was also reported that he is a Datuk Seri in his 50s'.

Now what is more interesting in the report is that, the news reported that he was the one at about two years ago, whilst still a Cabinet Minister, made disparaging remarks on the ethnicity of a Malaysian female student during his visit to a university in the United States. He later apologised to the student after word of the incident was spread through emails (power of the internet)

Now who can that be? There are currently eight ex Cabinet Minister that has a Datuk Seri, oops of course there is still an ex ex Cabinet Minister, Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek. But nevertheless I believe it is not him as on the time of reporting he is not in OVERSEAS. So who?

1) Ong Kah Ting
2) Azmi Khalid
3) Tengku Adnan
4) Radzi Sheikh Ahmad
5) Jamaluddin Jarjis
6) Samy Velu
7) Lim Keng Yaik
and not forgetting Rafidah Aziz

I am not guessing.

Flood in Melaka

Tok Sidang & YB Sim was seen talking about some matters relating to accommodation for the night in a school nearby but was told that the keys were not with him. I was seen carrying the umbrella.

The Chief Minister's wife of Penang came to see the flood situation

YB Sim demonstrating how deep

This is how bad in Durian Daun Dalam

I just came back from Durian Daun Dalam at about 2.30am. I got to apologised for my early exit as I got to prepare three cases tomorrow. Anyway three YBs (YB Sim Tong Him, YB Goh Leong San and YB Betty Chew) were around to make sure that the Kebajikan guys really do their job and not just sandiwara it.

I am certainly not happy with what happen late Tuesday and at the wee hours of Wednesday morning. I, together with our YBs stayed with the people after a down pour in almost every part of Malacca. I must say many places within the constituencies of Kota Melaka flooded. Yes it was really bad. The place I was at, the flood was slightly above my knee. Among other the places are Pengkalan Rama Dalam, Durian Daun Dalam, Semabok Dalam, Kota Laksamana, Kampung 7, Lorong Bukit Cina, Banda Hilir and as far as Masjid Tanah.

DAP Melaka Legal will be looking at the matter closely and to possibly identify a course of action against any individual, corporation or even the state government for fault lies solely on the negligence of the state. As such I'm serving this NOTICE to everybody that may be involved in the matter.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Open Letter to the Deputy Prime Minister

To the Deputy Prime Minister,

As a Malaysian, I am proud of what YAB Tuan Lim Guan Eng did in appointing a Gerakan member as a director of a Penang agency. That actually reflects a lot of maturity for the betterment of the people in Penang. I think that is what I call a statesmanship. And it is in my opinion an attitude for all CMs or MBs to follow. This goes beyond party affiliation, race, gender or religion. Nothing but a united Malaysian for the purposes of serving the people in Penang.

I am also proud of Datuk Datuk Lee Kah Choon though a loyal Gerakan man in accepting the position not for himself BUT for the people of Penang.

So Datuk Seri, shame of you for demanding Gerakan to state their stand. I think you should not force even the Gerakan leadership to explain. This shows that either BN or the leadership of BN is immature, still arrogant and all the more stupid and foolish. Simply - 'IDIOT'. No wonder this country is in the state of hopelessness and despair.

You are so wrong to state that members of Barisan Nasional component parties should not work for the opposition. Can't members of the BN coalition works for the sake of the people. Is it so wrong for the BN to work with the Penang State Government? Isn't it good for the people?

As such I think it is about time for you, Mr. Deputy Prime Minister to consider resigning from your position as you are the Deputy Prime Minister to all Malaysians regardless of political affiliation. I am totally disgusted with your attitude though you graduated from the United Kingdom. You, being a Nottingham University graduate should be more like minded as you are very much aware in the UK, there's nothing wrong in working with the Opposition for the sake of the people. As such Malaysians don't accept this threatening statements by leaders of the arrogant BN and UMNO.

A fed up Malaysian

Monday, April 21, 2008

A good Appointment part 2

I beg to differ with the former President of the once mighty Gerakan. Arrogant still. No wonder component parties of the BN never understood what realities are. I truly understand why YAB Tuan Lim Guan Eng appoints and invites members from the Opposition Barisan Nasional. Not that we don't have people sitting in these post BUT I believed it is for greater check and balance. Politics in Penang is getting more mature with YAB Tuan Lim on the helmed. He understand the need for greater transparency and integrity in the administration of the state.

Shabas YAB Tuan Lim

------ taken from Bernama

Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik ©Bernama (Used by permission)

KUALA LUMPUR, April 21 (Bernama) -- The decision by the DAP-led Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state government in Penang to appoint former Health Ministry parliamentary secretary and Gerakan deputy secretary-general Datuk Lee Kah Choon to run a state government agency shows that the party lacks local talents to run the state, said Gerakan Advisor Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik Monday.

"DAP has no people who can do the job. They have no local talents as they 'helicoptered' too many leaders from outside the state who did not know Penang and that is why they now have to pick a Gerakan member.

"They have obviously recognised Gerakan's preparation for good leaders. That's why they have appointed Lee Kah Choon, one of our potential (leaders)," he told reporters at the party headquarters at Menara PGRM, here Monday.

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng on Sunday appointed Lee as director of the Penang Development Corporation(PDC) apart from appointing Lee as chairman of the executive committee of InvestPenang, a subsidiary of PDC.

Lim, who is also DAP Secretary-General, said the decision to appoint Lee was made during the state executive council meeting last Wednesday.

Lee had late last month announced his resignation from all Gerakan posts, including as the deputy secretary-general and a member of the party's two decision-making bodies, the Central Committee (CC) and the Central Working Committee (CWC), after its poor performance in the March 8 General Election.

Dr Lim pointed out that Gerakan had always produced talented leaders and had track record in serving the people to the extent that they had also been picked up by the other political parties, including the opposition.

"Such as Anuar Tan Abdullah, the exco member of Kelantan, was once the Gerakan National Deputy Youth Chief (1990's). Do you know that Jeff Ooi, the blogger (and newly-elected member of parliament for Bukit Bendera) was also a Gerakan member in Damansara before joining the DAP last year?" he said, adding some of them "had forgotten" Gerakan and some still respected Gerakan.

"Never mind about that, we have done our job of preparing young and good leaders, trained them to be dedicated, to be clean, to do whatever job that was given too," he added.

Dr Lim further said he "pitied" Lee because, whether he liked it or not, he would be subjected to many suspicions either from the DAP or Gerakan members and this could prove to be difficult for him to carry out his new task.

"There would definitely be a lot of anger from the ground, either from DAP or Gerakan," he added.

Asked how he personally felt about Lee's decision to take up the appointment as he had groomed Lee as one of the Gerakan future leaders, particularly to be the Chief Minister of Penang, Dr Lim said: "Personal things should be kept personal".

"I picked him as the candidate for Jelutong, even this was opposed by the top leadership. I was proven right when he beat Karpal Singh for the seat (in 1999 General Election). He worked well and this was even recognised by the DAP," he said.

Lee had defended the Jelutong parliamentary seat for two terms before being moved to contest the Machang Bubok state seat in the recent general election where the party lost all the seats they contested and totally wiped out from its political base in Penang.

Dr Lim said three days after the General Election, he met Lee at a dinner where Lee presented to him his plan on how the party could play the role of a watchdog in Penang.

"I told him, be patient as it was totally a different ball game all together," said Dr Lim.

Dr Lim said Kah Choon had contacted his son, Lim Si Pin, who is Gerakan National Deputy Youth Chief for a meeting last week but Si Pin was not available then as he was overseas at that time.

Ali Unta Oh Ali Unta

I read from Zorro-Unmasked interesting piece which regards to our Ali Rustam @ Ali Ketam @ Ali Ketam, Ketua Menteri Melaka, senior Vice President of U-Must-Not-Object party BLOG that was slammed by readers. Our friend was commenting on the Selangor state government decision on pig farming. Unfortunately he terlupa or purposely lupa that it was Khir Toyo's government that initially approved of it. So thinking that he could score some points to capitalise the issue, he was back-fired left right and centre. The majority of the comments were really harsh and deadly. Tak boleh survive, I bet he asked his orang to delete all the comments. But with such high technology sekarang, Ketua Menteri kita tak boleh sembunyi, tak boleh lari. The most he can do is to be an Ostrich (UNTA).

Bodoh tetap bodoh. My comment senang aje, "Undurlah Pak Ali". Give the job to others who are MORE capable than yourself. Malacca need not have an Eye of Malacca. Malacca need not have the tower. Malacca need not have the Medical Hub. Malaccans want back our sea front in Klebang. Semua rakyat Melaka nak tahu macam mana hutang negeri kita setakat 2006 berjumlah RM1.05 billion. PLEASE EXPLAIN YOURSELF.


Some of the comments saya cut and paste are as follows:-

Blogger Edie said...

alahai ali ketam..aku tak tahulah samada tulisan ni datang dari ko sendiri atau anak ko yang tulis ke atau orang yes man ko yg tulis ke..apapun atau dari siapapun tulisan ko ni punya nilai mentaliti yg cukup-cukup rendah dan menjijikkan.apa yang boleh aku katakan ini adalah satu kenyataan yang bodoh dan ianya keluar dari seorang pemimpin bergelar CM!aku orang melaka kerja di melaka.yg utama aku nak sebut aku ni orang Islam!Islam tidak mendidik umatnya bersikap atau bermentaliti ekstrim terhadap sesuatu perkara.kita dalam malaysia ni majmuk.Nabi dulu juga hidup di dalam negara yang punya pelbagai bangsa di dalamnya.Nabi menghormati hak orang bukan Islam.walaupun bangsa yahudi itu terlalu membenci Islam, namun nabi terima dan tidak bertindak balas, sebaliknya secara konsisten menyerlahkan akhlak islam yang baik dan tinggi nilainya. mudah2an bangsa Yahudi mampu melihat dan menyedari tentang indah,harmoni dan murninya Islam itu. tapi ko ni ali ketam,secara konsisten pulak nak menunjukkan lagak bodoh sombong ko yang tidak bertmpat.Macammana ko uruskan ladang babi di melaka?mana ko pegi masa babi sedang kecoh dulu?ramai orang merungut cm tak turun padang..pengecut!ko hantar pulak si botak ismail salleh yang berlagak ala-ala hitler tu!ismail salleh tu lagi lama ko simpan lagi ramai yg benci dgn ko dan yang lain.suka hati mak bapak dia nak maki hamun orang,tukarkan kakitangan kerjaan yg dia x suka,bersetuju membuang ramai kakitangan PERZIM kontrak demi menurut kemahuan seorang lagi bekas cikgu rahman karim tu..ko tengok sendiri..ali ketam..ko lagi zalim..aku ulang ko dan pentadbiran ko lagi zalim..aku tabik MB Slngor TKI,demi menjaga keharmonian dan hak og yang bukan Islam, dia tetap memberikan ruang kepada perniagaan itu asal saja ianya sesuatu yang berbentuk pemeliharaan secara optimum terhadap pencemaran alam sekitar dan tetap mampu dilihat menjaga sensitiviti dan keharmonian rakyat Islam.Melaka ada macam tu?ko apikan lagi melayu dan cina!ko ingat dari perlis sampai ke sabah m'sia ni umno punya?ali ketam ali ketam..nasihat aku ko baliklah pada Al Quran.aku tahu sejak jd cm yg dungu ni,ko dah jarang mengaji quran..nasihat aku insaflah..dan kepada rakyat melaka, jgn lagi terus tertipu dgn pemikiran cetek dan kuno ali ketam election kita ubah pula melaka..biar kita 'bersama mencipta sejarah'!boleh?

13/4/08 1:00 PM

Blogger Kamaruzaman said...

kerajaan melaka kena buat ladang ternak lembu @ kerbau seluas ladang ternakan babi kat selangor tu. tak perlu komen apa yg PR selangor buat. CM melaka kena pikir di luar kotak. cara berfikir cara lama ...

13/4/08 2:01 PM

Blogger iwant said...

asalamualaikum Dato'

saya nak komen sikit.saya tak faham la dengan org kita sekarang ni.kenapa suka sgt hentam kaum sendiri?kita ni org melayu agama islam patut sokong la kaum kita sendiri.ini tak suka sgt nak menghina kaum seagama kita.dan Dato' sebagai pemimpin kena la tunjuk contoh yang baik kepada rakyat.

tentang isu babi di selangor ni.kenapa dulu semasa selangor di bawah pemerintahan kerajaan BN isu ni tak pernah selesai?malah bertambah buruk.tak ada tindakan tegas dari negeri Selangor utk selesaikan masalah ini.isu ni dah lama sgt wujud.kalau tak kerajaan BN yang lulus kan projek ni dulu saya rasa masalah ni takkan timbul.sekarang kerajaan nak hentam pulak pas sbb luluskan projek mega ni.padahal projek ni utk membela nasib org di Sepang drpd pencemaran alam dgn mengumpul najis slm satu tempat yang lebih sistematik.adakah tindakan ini dianggap sebagai satu pembaziran?

kenapa nak putar belitkan fakta yang betul dgn menyalahkan pihak Pas?padahal punca masalah daripada kerajaan BN sendiri.hentikan la daripada menipu rakyat.sedangkan di negeri melaka sendiri isu babi sampai sekarang tak pernah selesai.sepatutnya Dato' selesaikan dulu isu babi di kawasan dato' sebelum nak hentam org lain.

Blogger Master said...

Assalamualaikum sahabat semua,

Kepada semua yang telah menghantar komen dan yang sedang membaca dan yang akan memberi komen.

Melaka adalah sebuah negeri kecil tidak beraja . Raja yang ada pun bukan nya berasal dari Melaka kesian orang Melaka.Mengapa ya.

Rakyat Melaka masih lagi berada di dalam kempompong mereka sendiri.Piliharan raya ini adalah terakhir parti BN yang di terajui olih Umno akan memerintah Melaka.
Jika ada usia kita sama sama saksikan peralihan kuasa kerajaan Melaka 5 tahun lagi.

Kerajaan Negeri Melaka sepatut nya telah bertukar Ketua Menteri . Tapi olih kerana kerakusan Ali Ketam maka ia tidak mahu melepaskan jawatan nya kepada pemimpin lain kerana ia rasa dia lah seorang yang mampu untok membangun kan Melaka menjadi negeri maju. Rakyat Melaka mesti bangun untok menyuarakan pendirian mereka supaya Ali Ketam ini juga melepaskan jawatan nya sebagai Ketua Menteri dan memberi laluan kepada pemimpin selain dari diri nya. Melaka negeri kecil dan ia nya amat mudah untok di tadbir urus walaupun olih seorang Pegawai daerah. Tahap kematangan dalam memberi ucapan pun amat jauh sekali berbanding dengan ucapan yang di berikan murid sekolah yang di tingkatan lima.

Tidak tahu lah sama ada blog ini ia nya dari Ali Ketam atau pun tidak tapi yang nyata nya ia berkisar dengan hentaman kepada pihak lain dan memuji diri sendiri seolah Ali Ketam ini genius orang nya. Saban waktu ramai orang menemuai nya di rumah walau pun waktu nya agak lewat malam.

Orang Melaka tertipu sebenarnya kerana dengan cara ini ia mengambarkan Ali Ketam sebagai mesra rakyat.

Ali Ketam semesti nya memberi laluan kepada pemimpin lain kerana sebagai seorang Naib Presiden Umno beliau semestinya berada di persekutuan bukan nya di kerajaan Negeri. Pemimpin apa kah ini yang takut menerima cabaran yang lebeh luas, Ali Ketam suka berada di tempat yang selamat.

Kepada ahli umno sepatut nya menolak pemimpin seperti ini . Dan kepada ahli umno semesti nya menolak Ali Ketam bertanding bagi jawatan Naib Presiden Umno.Beliau tidak layak sama sekali.

Seorang pemimpin bukan nya membuat tomahan sewenang nya tanpa meneliti secara terperinci sesuatau issue itu.

Ali Ketam perlu meletakkan jawatan nya sebagai Ketua Menteri Melaka.

Akan menyusul nanto blog Letak Jawatan Ali Ketam....sama sama kita tunggu.

13/4/08 3:37 PM

Blogger anwar said...

Datuk Sri,

Mengutuk kerajaan baru negeri Selangor kerana inisiatif untuk memodenkan ladang babi adalah tidak profesional di pihak Datuk Sri. Apakah kerajaan Melaka ada solution yang lebih baik untuk isu babi ini? Sekiranya UMNO masih tidak menukar cara berfikirnya semenjak kalah di pilihanraya lepas, kita rakyat Malaysia takkan terkejut dan hairan kalau Kerajaan Persekutuan di tawan pula oleh Pakatan Rakyat tidak lama lagi. Wahai pemimpin UMNO yang kaki ampu Paklah, bangunlah dari tidur yang di buai mimpi yang seronok. Zaman dah bertukar, rakyat semakin berani dan waras , zaman pak turut dah berlalu. Jagalah negeri kamu sendiri baik baik sebelum bertukar tampuk pemerintahan seperti berlaku di Penang, Kedah, Perak dan Selangor !

13/4/08 3:39 PM

Blogger harris nasril said...

ini gaya pemimpin umno yang masih tak sedar mesej rakyat pada PRU12.
Bukak la sikit YB Ali oi. Udah2 la tuh mengampu, mentibai kerajaan PR selangor. Tengok negeri sendiri macam mana kau perintah. Itu hari sampai merusuh orang cina yang bela babi buat mata pencarian. kat negeri melaka jugak.
Kerajaan PR semakin kuat, reform yourself sebelum tersungkur.

13/4/08 3:41 PM

Blogger urbanian guyz said...

salam Dato' Seri yang x berseri muke...

saya (aku agak beradab) tertarik dengan satu point yg dato' seri utarakan..

dato' seri kata pemimpin pas dalam kerajaan s'ngor "menghalalkan" apa yg diharamkan agama. saya nk tanya..yang haram tu meluluskan penternakan babi ke atau pegang atau makan babi..???!

dato' jawab lah yea..

yang dimaklumi dan jelas dalam agama ialah sentuh dan makan babi..mughallazahnya adalah dari segi sentuh dan haramnya dari segi makan..

adapun dr segi meluluskan penternakan babi tidak dikatakan haram atau mughallazah....ianya DIHARUSKAN sebab kita boleh lihat dari segi siasah..kerana ia melibatkan orang yang bukan islam..

seperti memberi lesen dan membenarkan orang yang bukan islam minum arak...

so kalau dato' seri kata pemimpin pas dalm k'jaan selangor menghalakan apa yang diharam.., dato' seri silap dan main tulis hentam keromo je lah..

ingat dalam Islam ada 5 kategori hukum iaitu halal, haram, sunat, makruh dah harus.

13/4/08 3:43 PM

AND OTHER.....semua 350 lebih komen

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A good Appointment

I must applaud YAB Tuan Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang for having foresight in the administration and management of Penang state.By appointing former Gerakan deputy secretary-general Datuk Lee Kah Choon as director of InvestPenang and Penang Development Corporation (PDC) shows maturity and dedication of the Penang State government in appointing capable people regardless of their political affiliation in running the various agencies of the state.

I must also applaud Health, Welfare and Caring Society Committee chairman Phee Boon Poh who also sent a formal invitation to Sungai Acheh assemblyman Datuk Mahmud Zakaria (Barisan Nasional) on Friday to be part of his committee.

With the two great moves by the Penang State government, it is indeed good for check and balance on the administration of the state. This shows that the state government of Penang is serious in making Penang a better place to live. Free from corruption, cronyism and nepotism.

Shabas to the Penang State Government

------- taken from the Star

PENANG: The state government has appointed former Gerakan deputy secretary-general Datuk Lee Kah Choon as director of InvestPenang and Penang Development Corporation (PDC), two of the state’s economic development agencies.

Lee, a former Jelutong MP and parliamentary secretary of the Health Ministry, has also accepted the post of InvestPenang executive committee chairman.

Lee, a 48-year-old lawyer, said he would withdraw from active politics to dedicate his time to his new appointments.

“I have accepted Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s offer after serious thought, consultation and considerations. I think everyone understands it was a very difficult decision to make, especially if we follow partisan politics,” he said in a press conference at the Chief Minister’s office on Sunday.

“However, after evaluating all options and consequences, I concluded these new roles would not compromise my original purpose of serving Penang and its people," Lee said.

Although he remains a Gerakan member, Lee said politics is “history” to him.

Lee said his resignation as Gerakan deputy secretary-general last month was not influenced by offers from the state government, adding that he was only approached last week for the posts.

Meanwhile, Lim also announced that the state would retain the services of Datuk Ho Mooi Ching and former state Barisan secretary Tan Sri Khalid Ahmad Sulaiman as chairman and vice-chairman of the Penang Planning Appeal Board.

Their tenure lasts until 2010.

Eye of Malacca part 2

Come August, Malacca will have a new tourist attraction. Yes, the Eye of Malacca. It will be located in muara Sungai Melaka at a land in Kota Laksamana. Just by the sea. Hmmmm..... what does this Eye made off? It must be steel or Iron or plastic plated on Iron or whatever. By the sea, don't you think it will RUST. I wander.

Anybody can correct me....

Datuk Seri, betul ke nak spend wang begitu banyak?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Eye of Malaysia to become Eye of Malacca

"Satu lagi projek Kerajaan Barisan Nasional Melaka"

This would be a project that will continue to hantam Rakyat's money. How much? RM22.5 Million. Hellllooooooo.... what is it for? Tourism. So the Malacca state government is purchasing it. Every state don't want it but Malacca with a visionary Chief Minister decided to have it in Malacca by the Malacca river at Kota Laksamana.

I am now wandering how much a ticket per person. RM10? RM20 or RM30? If it is RM30 per person, the Eye need 500 people daily (which is impossible) kali dengan 30 hari kali 4 tahun, then if nothing happen the state government will just break even to RM21,600,000.00. And that is after 4 years. But mind you that is if you have 500 people daily minus all form of mechanical and electrical problems and of course maintenance. Will we be able to get back within 4 years? Well that was in March new report.

Now it was reported recently, together with the project, the state will be investing RM42 Million in a joint-venture project for the construction of an integrated complex to permanently house the Eye On Malaysia by year-end. It will be a 40-60 joint-venture agreement with operators of the Eye On Malaysia, MST AD Suria Sdn Bhd.

So from RM22 million to RM42 million. Our ADUNS will definitely ask for proper accounting.

How to become CM?

I found the below newspaper report by Senior Vice President of UMNO, Ali Gostan rather stupid. I have been watching him closely and trying to understand his mind and found NOTHING GOOD comes out from his mouth. Words that come out from him is just stupidity. I wander what would happen if he becomes Prime Minister one day. Malaysia will definitely have stupid and backward policies.

Whilst reading from Malaysia-Today, I was rather perplexed to note that Ali Gostan got the guts to challenge PAS by saying PAS is not sincere. In fact it was UMNO that invites PKR and PAS and every Malay NGOs to discuss about Malay unity. So I think Ali Gostan should just go back to the news report a couple of days ago to verify facts and not hitting the Opposition without any merits.

How to become CM????


(Bernama) MELAKA, April 18 -- PAS is not sincere in its invitation to Umno to discuss Malay unity as the party had once accused Umno members to be kafir, Umno Vice-President Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said today.

He said even though PAS leaders had been talking about Malay unity, their actions did not reflect a desire for one.

"I don't believe in the proposal by PAS, because PAS had accused Umno to be kafir... PAS has not started on a good footing (in its call for the unity talk). They are not serious," he told Bernama.

Mohd Ali was commenting on the statement by PAS President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, inviting Umno to discuss Malay unity with Pas and Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

Mohd Ali said such discussions should be conducted in a sincere manner.

He also said that the Malays would be better united under Umno.

"It's therefore important to strengthen Umno as the party is the pillar of strength for the Malays. If Umno is weak, we too will be weakened," he said.

Meanwhile speaking to reporters after visiting the Taming Sari Tower in Bandar Hilir here, Mohd Ali, who is also the chief minister, said PAS was now in a dilemma to tame the DAP, which objected to PAS' Islamic state visions.

On the other hand, he said, the DAP was also trying to tame PAS over the issue.

"Let's see who will win, the tiger or the lion. So far it looks like the DAP is winning, with PKR being the intermediary," he said.

NOTE: It was Umno that initiated the meeting and invited PAS and PKR - Editor

Embarking on the Portuguese Settlement Act...a preliminary working paper

Me, presenting my piece before the Representative from
the Portuguese Parliament

Dr Carlos Pascoa receiving a gift from YB Goh

Malacca Today and why a visible project for the sustainability of the Malacca Creole Portuguese Culture is imperative

Our Guest from the Kingdom of Portugal, the Right Honourable Dr. Carlos Pascoa, member of the Portuguese Parliament in charge of Portuguese Communities abroad

The Right Honourable Mr Sim Tong Him, Member of Parliament for Kota Malacca

The Right Honourable Mr. Goh Leong San, State Assemblyman for Kesidang, Opposition Leader the State Assembly of Malacca and Chairman of the Democratic Action Party

The Right Honourable Mr. Tay Kok Kiew, State Assemblyman for Banda Hilir

Esteemed friends and colleagues

Ladies and gentlemen,

A very good afternoon to all of you. It is an honour and a pleasure for me to be here this afternoon. I would like to thank the organizer, Joan Marbeck for giving me the opportunity to address this special gathering. I was asked to present a work paper titled, “Malacca Today and why a visible project for the sustainability of the Malacca Creole Portuguese Culture is imperative”

Before I begin, I must first be very honest that I have very little knowledge in addressing this issue but I must say that with the little knowledge I have combined with a strong passion in seeing greater protection towards ethnic minority in Malaysia and the preservation and conservation of heritage and culture among this ethnic minority, I hope I am able to be of assistance to the Portuguese Community in Malacca and Malaysia.

I must say with such protection, preservation and conservation, it does not only make the people happy but at the same time the State can continue to benefit from the long standing economic viability as Malacca is still known to the world as a large historical city in Malaysia liken to the city like Kyoto in Japan and Al-Qādisiyyah in Iraq.

Today, Malacca is rich with historical richness. Malacca has a long standing historic culture and heritage for each and every community. Examples of such would be the Peranakan culture also known as Baba-Nyonya which I myself is part of. It is a term used for the descendants of the very early Chinese immigrants to the Malay peninsular region, including both the British Straits Settlements of Malaya and the Dutch-controlled island of Java among other places, who have partially adopted Malay customs in an effort to be assimilated into the local communities. The other smaller ethnic minority is known as Chitty, a distinctive group of Tamil people found only in Malacca, who are also known as the Indian Peranakans and as of today, their population stands at about an estimation of 2,000 people.

Now let us now move to the Malacca Creole Portuguese to see how we can sustain the culture and heritage of the Portuguese Community in present Malacca. However, before that let us take a step back to look at the rich history of this community.

The Portuguese Settlement is a Kristang community in Ujong Pasir. Located five kilometres from Malacca, Malaysia. The Kristangs is a Malaysian ethnic group with mixed Portuguese and Malay or Indian ancestry, which arose during the Portuguese colonial period from 1511 to 1641.

The idea for a Portuguese Settlement was first mooted in 1926 by Rev Father Alvaro Martin Coroado and Rev Father Jules Pierre Francois who were concerned for the future of the Malacca Portuguese community. They suggested to the British Government in Malacca to create a settlement in Malacca to help the poorer descendents of the Malacca Portuguese community so that the cultural heritage of the group could be preserved for future generations. The community was then living in Praya Lane and Tranquerah and other parts of Malacca.

Plans for a Portuguese Settlement received a tremendous boost when the British Resident at that time, Reginald Crichton was quoted by saying, “No doubt that this community is going downhill, something must be done to help them and put them in a place where they could be saved and guarded for future generation”. The British Resident’s remark signaled the government’s support for the establishment of the Portuguese Settlement.

In 1933, 11 hectares of land in Malacca were purchased with the purpose of creating a heaven for scattered Kristangs and their culture. Swampy lands were cleared and 10 wooden houses with earth floors and attap roofs were built. Saint John's village, as that simple fishing village was originally known, soon attracted additional Kristangs from all over Malaysia, and grew to become one of Malacca's main tourist attractions, improving the standard of living of its villagers.

Throughout the years, many and grave uncertainties arose, surrounding the community. Such uncertainties were like land lease, loss of income by fishermen, the unnecessary reclamation of land, building of structures that are incompatible to the heritage and culture of the Portuguese community and others. Over the years, many promises that were made by the state government to protect the last bastion of the community turned out to be empty promises with a lackadaisical attitude of such leaders.

The local community of leaders, through the appointed regedor and it’s panel have shown no remorse or regret in failing to protect the community welfare, heritage and culture. As an outsider, though I may not have a voice in the community, I am perplexed of such attitude. People outside the community actually wonder how such omission and failure which result to the state government unilateral action in deciding against the interest of the community.

The Malacca State government in 1988 tabled and passed in the Malacca State Legislative Assembly on the 6th September 1988 an enactment called the Preservation And Conservative of Cultural Heritage Enactment. This enactment gave powers for the establishment of a Preservative and Conservation Committee with a responsibility to advise the State Authority on matters of policy, administration and management of cultural heritage and conservation areas with the Malacca Chief Minister as its Chairman, the enactment also empowered the committee to include the State Secretary, State Legal Advisor, State Financial Officer, representative of the Director of State Public Works Department, and not more than five other persons who in the opinion of the State Authority have wide experience and expertise in the field of the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage.

Section 4 (1) of the stated enactment clearly expressed the powers given to the State Authority to declare any area which, on the advise of the Local Authority and the committee by notification in the gazette should be selected for Preservation and Conservation. All records of area or buildings that had been declared for Presevation and Conservation are kept by the Local Authority by maintaining a record book registering all cultural heritage or conservation areas.

This is just a general enactment that does not specifically preserve the Settlement. What about the rich heritage and culture of the Portuguese community? So what if the Settlement is declared as a Preservation and Conservation area by the authority? Even if it is declared, nothing would prevent the State government from changing the status quo of the Settlement. If it is preserved by so-called this enactment, why were there unnecessary reclamation of lands by the State Government? Why was the sea front being taken away from the Portuguese people.

As we know since the Portuguese time, the Kristang have been living by the sea, which is now an important part of their culture. Even today, with only 10 percent of the community earning their living by fishing, many men go fishing to supplement their income or just to relax with their neighbours.

This would mean that we are at the mercy of the state government. Whatever we do, we would have no choice but to bow down to the state government’s demands. I was told that during the election campaign, the state government might build a church in the settlement PROVIDED that the settlement voted for the Barisan Nasional government. Although there may be an enactment, it does not give total protection to the people of the settlement.

A Visible Project?

I was a candidate in the recent general election for the state seat of Duyong. I was invited by Mr. Tay Kok Kiew who was then the candidate for Banda Hilir to give a political speech in the Portuguese Settlement to the settlement people. While I was preparing the said speech, it drew upon me the need for total protection and preservation of the community land, heritage and culture.

The Portuguese Settlement is a thriving Kristang community in Malacca, with the goal of gathering the dispersed Kristang community and preserving their culture. A simple village of poor fishermen for many decades became a major tourist attraction of Malacca, thus improving the income of its population. Unfortunately, due to personal greed and ‘kow-towing’ to the present state government, the glory that was once there became dim. In addition, the threat of globalization and the non-interest among the younger community.

So should we have the Portuguese Settlement Act?

The legal advisor to the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple and the Trustees of the Temple allowed me to politicize and campaign on the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple issue during the recent general election. (I was a candidate for the state seat in Duyong, where Bukit Cina is situated) as there were some under currents that threatened the Trustees to surrender their rights to govern and manage especially Bukit Cina, to the Federal Government under the National Heritage Act. Of course if the Trustees were to surrender, it would mean that the government will be in control over this beautiful heritage. We, of course together with the Trustees objected to these under currents as we do not want history to be repeated.

The Cheng Hoon Teng temple trustees role and obligation is governed by the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple (Incorporation) Act 1949. This means that there is a private Act of Parliament guaranteeing the temple's future and its role as guardian of the community's spiritual and cultural heritage. The prime mover, Tun Sir Tan Cheng Lock, became one of the first trustees under the Act. This Act empowers the Trustees as the guardian and as such is not at the mercy of the state government. So any move against the Act will be ultra vires.

What about the Portuguese people and their settlement? I was informed that the Settlement historically covers the area of Tranquerah (Tengkera). Unfortunately the Settlement is now hovering an area of about 40 acres or so. Over the years, their land was taken over by the state government, their income through fishing activities were diminished due to the reclamation of sea front, the hotel (Lisbon Hotel) which was not run by the people of the Settlement and sooner or later, the rich heritage of the the Malacca-Creole Portuguese will one day become non existence.

So what is the future then for them and where the Malacca-Creole Portuguese is heading?

As such I felt that it is so important for the introduction of an Act of Parliament that would benefit the minorities called the Malacca-Creole Portuguese. It will not only govern the Portuguese people but at the same time preserves and uplifts the fading culture of the Kristangs, to promote, develop, strengthen and sustain the customs, traditions and Heritage of the Malacca-Creole Portuguese and the ultimate self-governing not at the mercies of the state and federal government.

There must be an Act of Parliament that will not just governing the people but to empower the people and the community to be self sufficient at least to include in a provision for funds and the development of their social and economic stature.

Let us look at the structure of the CHENG HOON TENG ACT (INCORPORATION) ACT 1949


1. Short Title

2. Interpretation

3. Incorporation

4. Office

5. Membership of the Corporation

6. Register of Members of the Corporation

7. Termination of membership

8. Expulsion of members

9. Rights on incorporation

10. Objects and purposes

11. Standing Committee

12. Employment of Secretaries, Treasurers, etc.

13. Meetings of Standing Committee

14. Charges of funds of the Corporation

15. Advisory Committee

16. Annual Meetings

17. Extraordinary General Meeting

18. General Meetings

19. Chairman of the Corporation

19A. Vice-Chairman of the Corporation

20. Proceedings at General Meetings

21. Notices

22. Seal of the Corporation

23. Documents of the Corporation

24. Vesting of properties

25. Investment of Corporation funds

Having seen the Act, do allow me to read the Object and Purpose of this Act at section 10:-

The objects and general purposes of the Corporation shall be:-

(a) the promotion, propagation and observance of the doctrines, ceremonies, rites and customs of the Buddhist and other religions (including Confucianism and Taoism, but not including the Christian or Islamic religions) commonly professed or maintained in Malacca by the Chinese Community;

(b) the maintenance, administration and improvement of and, if necessary, the enlargement and rebuilding of the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple and other Temples which may belong to or be acquired by or under the care or control of the Corporation;

(c) the maintenance, administration and improvement of and, if necessary, the enlargement and development of all burial grounds and other property of whatever description belonging to or acquired by the Corporation whether by way of gift, surrender, purchase, or in any other and the development for building or other purpose any land belonging to or under the control of or acquired by the Corporation as aforesaid and the rebuilding or improvement of properties belonging to or under the control of or acquired by the Corporation which is not required for use as a burial ground;

(d) the establishment of a register of Chinese marriages; the provision and maintenance of a place to be set part for the solemnization of marriages in accordance with Buddhist of Chinese practice; the establishment and maintenance of a crematorium for use in accordance with the doctrines of Buddhism, or any other religion commonly professed by the Chinese Community in Malacca;

(e) such other charitable, humanitarian and religious purposes or objects for the benefit of the Chinese Community of the Federation and the Republic of Singapore including the relief of distress among the Chinese Community of these territories and the provision of adequate facilities for burial of the dead as shall be considered desirable by the Corporation.

After 50 years of Independence, it is time for bigger and more visible Projects to show off the rich cultural tapestry of Malacca. Merging the old tradition and the new era of technology will definitely enrich Malacca as a whole. There must be some preservation of the rich heritage of the Portuguese people. Their heritage cannot be forgotten as they will contribute greatly to the tourism industry of the state and Malaysia.

As such, the state government and all concerned must rally together to cause a success of what I would call the Portuguese Settlement Act. I hope we will be able to push through this agenda and I hope by 2009, and in commensurate the 500th Anniversary of the coming of the Portuguese people to Tanah Melayu a new Act of Parliament be introduced.

As far as I am concerned, this is not a political ploy or gimmick. Sincerely, my side and the DAP would like to see a tremendous growth and revival of the community that will always enrich the vast and rich heritage of history in Malacca thus making Malacca a glorious state once again.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Summary of Judicial Crisis in 1988

A summary of events that led to Tun Salleh's dismissal by the Star.


KUALA LUMPUR: The judicial crisis was sparked off in 1988 when the then Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad tabled a Bill in Parliament to amend Articles 121 and 145 of the Federal Constitution.

The Bill sought to divest the courts of the “judicial power of the Federation”, giving them only such powers as Parliament granted them. The Attorney-General was also empowered to determine venues for cases.

Tun Salleh Abas, who was the Lord President then, made a statement defending the judiciary’s autonomy.

He also convened a meeting of 20 Supreme Court judges in Kuala Lumpur and a decision was made to address a confidential letter to the Yang di Pertuan Agong and various state rulers.

The letter read: “All of us are disappointed with the various comments and accusations made by the honourable prime minister against the judiciary, not only outside but within the Parliament.”

Two months later, Salleh was suspended and High Court of Malaya Chief Justice Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Omar was appointed acting Lord President.

Salleh was brought before a tribunal for misconduct. In response, he filed a suit in the High Court challenging the constitutionality of the tribunal.

Five judges of the Supreme Court convened and granted Salleh an interlocutory (interim) order against the tribunal. This order was later set aside and in August 1988, Salleh was officially removed from the post of Lord President.

The five Supreme Court judges who granted Salleh the interlocutory order – Tan Sri Azmi Kamaruddin, Tan Sri Eusoffe Abdoolcader, Tan Sri Wan Hamzah Mohamed Salleh, Tan Sri Wan Suleiman Pawan Teh and Datuk George Seah – were suspended.

In October, Wan Sulaiman and Seah were sacked while the other three judges were reinstated.

In August 2006, the Bar Council called for a review of the sacking of Salleh, Seah and Wan Sulaiman.

In March this year, newly-appointed de facto Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim said the Federal Government must make an open apology to those victimised by the judicial crisis in 1988 that had led to the sacking of Salleh.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Prime Minister's Speech on the Judiciary

Full text of speech by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi delivered at the Malaysian Bar Council dinner at the JW Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Prime Minister: Delivering justice, renewing trust

Esteemed friends and colleagues
Ladies and gentlemen

A very good evening to all of you. It is an honour and a pleasure for me to be here tonight. I would like to thank the Bar Council for giving me the privilege of addressing this illustrious gathering. This is my first opportunity to speak directly to the legal community and related members of civil society since the recent General Election. As such, it is an important occasion and I thank you for taking time out from your busy schedules to be here tonight.

This occasion is particularly meaningful to all of us because of the presence of a few special guests. It is heartening to see in this gathering Tun Salleh Abas, Tan Sri Azmi Kamaruddin and Dato George Seah. Tan Sri Wan Hamzah had wanted to join us tonight but was not able to.

Sadly, Tan Sri Eusoffe Abdolcadeer and Tan Sri Wan Suleiman are no longer with us. But they are represented by their respective families: representing Tan Sri Wan Suleiman are Puan Sri Siti Nurhayati and his son Wan Noor Azli; representing Tan Sri Eusoffe are his granddaughter Brenda Lim and her husband.

For me and for many other Malaysians, these towering judicial personalities represent a very different era for the nations judiciary. Many felt that the judiciary then was a venerable institution which could be trusted to deliver justice. Some even hailed Malaysia’s judiciary as a model for other countries independent and credible.

This level of trust and respect for the judiciary, we must all admit, is simply not as strong as it was before. Although efforts are being made now by the present Chief Judge, still there are concerns related to capacity and efficiency, stemming from long case backlogs, delays and the outdated manner of court administration. There are concerns which are less tangible but are nonetheless prevalent such as perceived corruption and perceived decline in quality. The business community, in particular, have voiced concerns about the fairness and capacity of Malaysia’s judiciary in settling disputes. This has directly affected perceptions of our country’s economic competitiveness.

No nation can call itself fair and just without an efficient and trusted judiciary. By trusted, I mean a judiciary that delivers justice and is seen to deliver justice. In Malaysia’s case, debates and arguments on the state of our judiciary have been heated and protracted. Some of the Malay Rulers have openly voiced their disquiet on what they see as a decline, requiring nothing short of a judicial renaissance. Some retired judges have related troubling tales of impropriety. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have called for reform of this most august institution. Even the Bar Council, true to form, has marched en masse outside my office.

To a large extent, the events of 1988 have fuelled much of the disagreement on how to move on. When I took office in 2003, I promised a credible, effective and independent judiciary. I recommended judicial appointments in consultation with the senior judges before bringing the names to DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di Pertuan Agong as required by the Federal Constitution. I pledged material and fiscal support for the judicial service in order to reduce the backlog of cases. I even took a political leap of faith by appointing an outspoken maverick as my new de facto Law Minister. I can say with a clear conscience that I abided and will continue to abide by the principle of separation of powers, leaving the matter of justice to the judiciary. And yet the legacy of 1988 haunts us until today.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Let us move on. The judiciary must be revitalised to enable it to serve the people in pursuit of justice. The judiciary must be fortified to be an institution that serves the democratic principle of separation of powers. The judiciary must be the guardian of the Constitution and the sentinel of the people’s rights.

This government gives its commitment to the Malaysian public that it will begin a process of judicial reform. We recognise that this process must be undertaken with the spirit and belief that no one, not even those entrusted to govern or to make laws, must assume to be above the law. This government continues to guard against abuse of its power, and is now proposing measures to further solidify and entrench the doctrines of good governance and the rule of law.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
As a result of many events, which culminated in the inquiry undertaken by the Royal Commission into the so-called V.K. Lingam Tape, I am aware that the public considers the present way of appointing and promoting judges as inadequate. The absence of a system in nominating candidates has led some to believe that the process is characterised by abuse, even where there is none. As is often the case, perception can lead reality.

On the other hand, some may argue that the present system does not require improvement if people in the system are inherently honest and fair. The same system has produced its share of outstanding judges after all.

I do not dispute this, but the fact is, we can no longer leave such an important institution to hope and chance. The system must have built-in safeguards to prevent potential abuse and it must have a process that will convincingly identify the best legal minds in the country to join the judiciary. This is a necessary part of ensuring that our nation’s judiciary is robust and trusted by the people.

Moreover, the demands on the judiciary today are greater than ever before. An increasing number of cases are being brought before the courts. There is a growing body of law particularly in relation to specialised areas such as Corporate Law, Information Technology, Maritime Law and Islamic Finance. With these pressures comes the need for expert and speedy decision-making.

Therefore, the Government proposes a change to make the process of nominating, appointing and promoting judges more transparent and representative.

I am pleased to announce to you tonight that the Government is proposing the setting up of a Judicial Appointments Commission to identify and recommend candidates for the judiciary to the Prime Minister. While the constitutional prerogative of the Prime Minister to put forward names to DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di Pertuan Agong will remain, the Commission will help to evaluate and vet candidates in a systematic and credible manner for the Prime Minister, based on clearly defined criteria.

The process to bring about this change will begin now and I assure all of you here today, that consultation on the workings and the structure of the Commission will involve primary stakeholders. All will have a chance to provide their input to the Government.

In addition, the Government will initiate a review of the judiciary’s terms of service and remuneration. There is a pressing need to set salaries and compensation to the right levels to ensure that the bench can attract and retain the very best of the nation’s talent. This, and other measures which will be announced in due course, will form a comprehensive package of reform to strengthen the capacity and credibility of the judiciary.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For many, the events of 1988 were an upheaval of the nation’s judicial system. Rightly or wrongly, many disputed both the legality and morality of the related proceedings. For me, personally, I feel it was a time of crisis from which the nation never fully recovered.

Again, ladies and gentlemen, let us move on. I do not think it wise or helpful to revisit past decisions as it would only serve to prolong the sense of crisis, something our nation can do without. The rakyat wants movement and progress, not continuing strife.

Therefore, the Government would like to recognise the contributions of these six judges to the nation, their commitment towards upholding justice and to acknowledge the pain and loss they have endured. For Tan Sri Eusoffe and Tan Sri Wan Suleiman and their families, I know this sentiment is made too late. For Tun Salleh Abas, Tan Sri Azmi Kamaruddin, Tan Sri Wan Hamzah and Dato George Seah, although this acknowledgement is 20 years too late, it is made with much hope that a measure of the pain and loss may yet be healed.

In recognition of the contributions of the six outstanding judges, the Government has decided to make goodwill ex gratia payments to them. Gentlemen, I do not presume to equate your contributions, pain and loss with mere currency, but I hope that you could accept this as a heartfelt and sincere gesture to mend what has been.

Ladies and gentlemen,

There is still much to do to renew the publics trust in the nations judiciary and to ensure that justice is consistently delivered. What I have announced here tonight is a beginning of a longer process towards reform. I humbly seek your support for these measures because the need for reform may not be entirely clear to all.

The government has set the ball rolling. We have put forward initial, but vital, steps. Now it is for all parties concerned - the judiciary, the Bar, civil society and the public at large - to also play their respective roles in facilitating these reforms. Whatever our differences, we share the same idealism for our nations judiciary. Let us work through our differences.

With this, it is my sincere hope that we may begin a new chapter for the Malaysian judiciary. It is my hope that this becomes part of a bigger process to further strengthen our democratic institutions, step-by-step resolving intractable problems that have stood in the way of genuine nation-building. Let us write this proud and new chapter together.

Thank you.

Prime Minister: Delivering justice, renewing trust
More than 600 guests are present

Prime Minister: Delivering justice, renewing trust
De facto Law Minister, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim

Prime Minister: Delivering justice, renewing trust
Tun Salleh Abas

Prime Minister: Delivering justice, renewing trust
Parliamentary Opposition Leader, Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail

Prime Minister: Delivering justice, renewing trust
The late Tan Sri Wan Suleiman's widow, Puan Sri Siti Nurhayati and his son Wan Noor Azli

Prime Minister: Delivering justice, renewing trust
Dato George Seah's family members

Prime Minister: Delivering justice, renewing trust
The late Tan Sri Eusoffe's granddaughter Brenda Lim and her husband

Prime Minister: Delivering justice, renewing trust

Prime Minister: Delivering justice, renewing trust
Prime Minister gets a standing ovation

PM announcement on Judicial Appointment

While chatting in the court canteen with Mr. Ng Kong Peng (Malacca Bar Chairman & Partner of KP Ng & Amardas), Mr. Kee Tong Kiak and Mr. Wong Fook Meng (Partners of Chee Siah Le Kee & Partners), Mr. Surendran (Partner in JS Gill & Surendran) and Mr. Tony Choo (Kesavan & Associates) we anticipate that the night dinner meeting organised by the Malaysian Bar and the government of Malaysia would be exciting.

Of course, since it is just a chat and a lot of wishful thinking on what is going to happen during the dinner, we even go as far as tembaking that the famous lawyer Mr. Karpal Singh be appointed as Attorney General, Tun Mahatir will face a Judicial Commission of Inquiry to the Tun Salleh's episode, the PM will apologised for the attack on the judiciary in 1988, a formation of Judicial Inquiry on Independence of Judiciary, the Commission for the appointment of Judiciary etc.

Haha that is what we want. And YES we enjoy these cakap-cakap angin. We love wind and tsunami such as the recent political tsunami.

So after all the talks, reality sets in as the Prime Minister has just announced that the government plans to set up a Judicial Appointments Commission that would make the process of nominating, appointing and promoting judges more transparent and representative. The Prime Minister after losing it's 2/3 in Parliament vowed that the government is committed to the rakyat that it will begin a process of judicial reform. He even went further to state that the government recognise that the process of appointment must be undertaken with the spirit and belief that no one, not even those entrusted to govern or to make laws, must assume to be above the law.

The VK Lingam videotape saga not only put our judiciary in a very bad light but worst still Malaysia as a whole. I am so embarrassed with what had happened. I still remember when my other professional friends from the accounting and engineering streams would even laugh at me and just say, SEE THIS IS MALAYSIAN LAWYERS AND JUDGES. With this announcement at least I feel a little vindicated. Not for myself but the legal profession and the judiciary as a whole.

Well though I am happy with such proclamation, I hope that the Prime Minister this round will WALK THE TALK instead of TALK THE TALK. Seriously we are already fed up with all the empty promises made by the government. 92% in Parliament since 2004 made the BN government truly arrogant. Now after the general election, and for the first time in the 50 years history of our country, BN was shaken and made powerless for the first time.

It is our hope that Malaysians will never again see the demise of the judiciary in the years to come. All of us MUST protect this very dignity the judiciary once had.