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Friday, February 27, 2009

Rule By Mobs

Of course, they are all thugs anyway. Believer of Rule by Mobs. I am not surprised.

---- from Bernama

Selangor, Penang Umno defend Youth’s action

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 27 — The Selangor and Penang Umno are backing Umno Youth which has demanded that DAP chairman Karpal Singh apologise, and had caused a commotion in the Parliament compound yesterday.

Selangor Umno Liaison Committee chairman Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib said Umno Youth had the right to protest against Karpal Singh’s action which was seen as offensive to the Malays.

“Karpal did not set a good example with the younger generation by calling the Malay youths ‘celaka’ (damn), although it is known that the word is insulting to the Malays,” said the Umno information chief in a statement today.

Muhammad said Umno Youth’s anger was understandable, following Karpal’s previous statement that the Sultan of Perak could be taken to court for his role in the Perak crisis.

He said for someone who is DAP adviser, Karpal should be more sensitive to the customs and traditions of the multi-racial country.

In Penang, Umno Liaison Committee deputy chairman Datuk Seri Abdul Rashid Abdullah said Karpal should apologise or prove that Umno Youth was responsible for sending two bullets to his house.

He said Karpal’s action could upset public peace and national security for insulting the Malay rulers and the Malays.

“Karpal has crossed the line by using a derogatory term towards Umno Youth, which clearly shows that he is not sane, not clever and does not respect others,” added Abdul Rashid.

In Alor Star, Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin characterised Karpal Singh as a coward and irresponsible when the DAP leader failed to furnish proof within 24 hours, that the movement was responsible for sending the bullets.

Khairy said this shows that Karpal’s allegations in the Dewan Rakyat was all made up. — Bernama

Thursday, February 26, 2009

MACC sudah jadi Tikus

After all the hu-ha and the stupid and irresponsible out burst of its Commission Chief, suddenly MACC became bohsia (Hokkien means literally, no sound). Nothing in the news report whether on line or hard copy reported the stupid chap counter statement.

Hmmmm maybe his boss up there asking him to just shhhhhhhhh....

Better not to talk or else get wacked.

UMNO Youth - A shame to UMNO

A pen is mightier than the sword - great words.

Unfortunately, UMNO Youth just don't understand those great words. Blinded only by emotions.

Sometimes I wonder why cyberspace brand UMNO Youth as 'Mat Rempit'. Today at 2.45pm, all is clear. Once branded as an echelon of leadership for Malaysia's young but today the very ugly side of UMNO Youth surfaced showing all Malaysians their true colour, gangsterism and mob rule.

So is this the rebranding of UMNO Youth which the Deputy UMNO Youth leader calls for? Shame on UMNO, shame on UMNO Youth. And I sincerely advise UMNO to change or it will be death to the party (Tengku Razaleigh's advise). Maybe we will watch the three by-election in Perak, Kedah and Sarawak.

But what really bother me is security in Parliament. I remembers years back when I was driving my vehicle into parliament house accidently. And damned I realised that I was unable to make a U-turn, and a security officer came to me, stop me and asked me what am I doing here. Now that was when I was at Parliament gate. Now what bother me was, these 20 odd UMNO Youth members could enter without being stopped by security officers

Another stupid thing I saw in Malaysian Insider was when this chap Megat Zulkarnian told reporters, “They must stop insulting the Rulers and the Malays”. Now what is this got to do with Karpal's accusation on UMNO Youth. There is no insult on the Rulers or even the Malays. Why don't Megat read history back in 1993 when UMNO themselves challenge the rights of the Malay Rulers. SO who is insulting who NOW.

For me Megat is just another henchman of UMNO Youth.

By the way UMNO Youth, this is not my way in settling issues.....

Is that a Threat?

The "Pay the Price" statement reading between the lines, can be really really scary.

The only legal method that would be less scary is instituting civil suits against rumour mongers or other individual for defamation. Besides that I can't think of any other process that is less scary.

I wonder, is that a threat.

So I hope without using the police or other agencies, square it like a man, and sue these individual for defamation. AND LET THE COURT DECIDE.

---- from the Malaysian Insider


By Adib Zalkapli

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 26 — Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today warned Pakatan Rakyat lawmakers against what he said were false reports about him and the Barisan Nasional.

"Whoever makes false reports will be prosecuted, and this includes statutory declarations. They will pay the price," said Najib when asked to comment on the latest reports by two PR state assemblymen in Perak who implicated him in a defection offer.

His warning today was the harshest statement yet from Najib in response to allegations of bribing lawmakers to defect to BN.

Yesterday DAP's Keshvinder Singh and PKR legislator Abdul Yunus Jamsari lodged a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission alleging that they were offered up to RM20 million to defect to BN.

"It is up to MACC. Let the MACC handle it. We didn't do that. They just made up the story," said Najib.

The Umno deputy president, who is also the party's Perak chairman, has been repeatedly accused of engineering the defections of PR lawmakers that led to the downfall of the state government.

At the height of the Perak crisis a local PKR leader made a statutory declaration, saying that Najib made an offer of RM50 million just after the March 8 general election to buy over at least two PR assemblymen to pave the way for the formation of a BN government.

The prime minister-designate was also accused by PKR leaders of physically threatening PR reps to defect.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Daddy's 8th Anniversary

Today (24th February 2009) is Daddy's 8th Anniversary.

He 'graduated' 8 years ago when I was doing my chambering. We work in the same place until the day he left us. Many good words for my Daddy. People remembered him as the 'gentle' one. Truly, a gentleman. His ways, character, approach, manner of speaking is nothing but gentleness.

Oh how I so miss him.

Now, time really flies. Eight years have passed. And me, a daddy myself with two little cuties, Paul (4 years) and Priscilla (53 days old). Yes, I am so blessed.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Perak Deepening Crisis - My curiosity

It has been more than two weeks after BN's coup de tat of the Perak state government, suddenly all hopes and cries for democracy fell on deaf ear. Many pleaded for the Pakatan State Government to remain, others would just want the matter rest and carry on with their lives. Be that as it may, I believe all would agree that democracy was raped in Perak.

Out of curiosity, I had to 'just have a look' at the Perak Constitution and the Perak Standing Orders to justify myself two very crucial issues that sparked a deepening Perak constitutional crisis. The questions are whether:-
(i) HRH the Sultan of Perak is right in law to sack the Menteri Besar of Perak; and
(ii) The Speaker's action in suspending the appointed MB be reviewed by the Courts

(i) Whether HRH the Sultan of Perak is right in law to sack the Menteri Besar of Perak
I strongly believed that HRH has no power under the state constitution to dismiss the Menteri Besar and I believe also that HRH must have read Article 16 of the Perak Constitution for deriving in that conclusion. Article 16 says that the Sultan must first appoint the Menteri Besar from the members of the Legislative Assembly who "in his judgment is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the Assembly."

At the same time it is worth to note Article 16(6) which states, "If the MB ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the Legislative Assembly, then, unless at his request His Royal Highness dissolves the Legislative Assembly, he shall tender the resignation of the Executive Council."

And it is worth noting that NOTHING in the Perak constitution says that HRH can asked for the resignation of the MB or in another word, SACK. So it is quite clear that Datuk Seri Nizar is still the legitimate MB of Perak whether or not he has the confidence of the assembly. Article 16(7) explicitly state that the EXCO can be, literally SACK and not the MB. Article 16(7) states, "Subject to Clause (6) a member of the Executive Council other than the MB shall hold office at His Royal Highness' pleasure, but any member of the Council may at any time resign his office."

So there you are, HRH has erred in His discretion.

For the remaining argument relating to whether HRH should dissolve the State Assembly to give way to a snap election, do read excellent legal articles here and here and also the reading of Stephen Kalong Ningkan v. Tun Abang Haji Openg and Tawi Sli [1966] 2 MLJ 187

(ii) Whether the Speaker's action can be reviewed by the Courts

Before I embarked into an unknown discovery, I must first state that the Speaker's conduct to suspend "Menteri Besar" Zambry Kadir and six excos could not be challenged in court. This is regardless of whether the procedure is correct or not as under Artcle 72 of the Federal Constitution state their conduct and the validity of their proceedings are outside the jurisdiction of the Courts. Reason being is simply the doctrine of Parliamentary sovereignty and separation of powers between the Legislature and the Judiciary.

I would say that the Speaker has powers to suspend any state assemblyman but whether Rightly or wrongly, I think some procedures need to be followed such an approval or a vote by the House or the State Assembly such as Po Kuan's suspension in the Dewan Rakyat but nevertheless, as I state earlier, that conduct is not reviewable by the Courts.


Like Uncle Kit says, the whole constitutional crisis in Perak can be settled within 30 days, how, simply a snap election. Why not. Sometimes I wonder, what so difficult about that suggestion.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Legally Correct

Press Statement by Karpal Singh in Kuala Lumpur on Monday, 16th February 2009:

"I cannot see how I have committed treason or sedition"

I call upon Khairy Jamaluddin, Datuk Khir Toyo and Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir to cease and desist from further exploiting my legal opinion backed by judicial pronouncements that a Ruler can be taken to court in his official capacity, more so now after the amendment to the Rules of the High Court, 1980 by the introduction of Order 53 which came into effect on 21st September, 2000 which provides for judicial review of the decision-making process by public authorities affecting a citizen’s rights including rights guaranteed under the Federal Constitution or Constitutions of the States in the Federation of Malaysia. Clearly, therefore, in the case of the dismissal of the Pakatan State Government in Perak by the Sultan, it is the decision of the Sultan which requires judicial review in the interest of the people in Perak who had on March 8 last year exercised their franchise to return a Pakatan Rakyat State Government.

Article 181(2) of the Federal Constitution states, “No proceedings whatsoever shall be brought in any court against a Ruler of a state in his personal capacity except in the Special Court”. This clearly, inevitably and compulsively more than implies that a Ruler can be sued in his official capacity in a civil court, Khairy Jamaluddin, Khir Toyo and Mukhriz Mahathir should take legal advice before embarking upon their attacks against me.

I cannot see how I have committed treason, sedition or for that matter committed any criminal offence known to law or in any way disrespected the Monarchy. I have in no way been rude to the Sultan of Perak. Khairy Jamaluddin, Khir Toyo and Mukhriz Mahathir should not in their zeal to win the upcoming UMNO Youth elections find themselves within shooting range of judicial proceedings by me against them. Let this be a warning to these three personalities and others of like mind.

I regret about 100 police reports have been lodged nationwide against me by those who are obviously ignorant of the law. This euphoria triggered off by irresponsible statements of Khairy Jamaluddin, Khir Toyo and Mukhriz Mahathir should in my view be brought to an end so as to avert any unnecessary eventuality.

In fact the Sultan of Perak should himself clear the air. Being former Head of the Judiciary, what he says could well bring to an end a controversy created by irresponsible elements to enhance their own political objectives in utter disregard to the far reaching consequences which may affect public order.

Politicians should play the game according to the rules and not descend to gutter politics. Ii is irresponsible politicians who degrade politics and set a bad example to the younger generation who aspire to lead the country. No doubt, entry into politics does not require any basic qualification or caliber. But, what is necessary is political maturity to live up to leadership through example.

Monday, February 16, 2009

You Are Wrong On YB Wong, Toyo!

This is what Toyo the Opposition Leader of the Selangor State Assembly says,

“This is about morality, whether the pictures were taken with or without consent is another matter, I cannot accept a lawmaker whose morality is questionable,” Khir told the Malaysian Insider today.

My comment : Toyo seriously don't understand the meaning about questionable moral conduct. It was reported that the pictures were taken while she was asleep. There were no intention whatsoever on the part of the state assemblywoman to intentionally pose nude or perform any act that grossly injure her reputation as an assemblywoman. So Toyo should look at the bigger picture instead of damaging her reputation even more.

In my mind, she has not commit any act except being a victim herself.

In fact I think Toyo should answer some unresolved issues while he was Menteri Besar. And I believe the public cannot accept a lawmaker whose morality is questionable like corruption and abuse of power.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Football Match ala PR VERSUS BN

March 9 2008 Pakatan won State Election (1-0)
Pakatan Government Endeared by the people (2-0)
Bota State assemblyman join Pakatan (3-0)
Four Froggies jump to BN (3-1)
Najib announced BN has majority (3-2)
Dr Zambri sworn in as MB (3-3)
Nizar declares he is legitimate MB under the Perak Constitution and file declaration in High Court KL (4-3)
V. Sivakumar declares he is still the Speaker (5-3)

The score as to date (5 for Pakatan and 3 for BN)

---- below taken from the Star

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 14 — Perak's constitution makes no provisions for the removal of its legislative assembly speaker and Barisan Nasional is stuck with DAP's V. Sivakumar.

In a statement released in Ipoh yesterday, Sivakumar confirmed he remained the speaker of the Perak state assembly.

According to Selangor Speaker Teng Chang Khim today, the Tronoh assemblyman cannot even be removed (as Perak speaker) by a vote of no confidence.

He said that both the federal and Selangor constitution provide that the speaker shall vacate his office — if the assembly at any time so resolves.

However there is no such provision in the Perak constitution.

The Sungai Pinang assemblyman, who is a lawyer, said Sivakumar can only vacate his office when he ceases to be a member of the Perak Legislative Assembly or if he is disqualified from holding other office, or resigns on his own accord.

Effectively the constitutional deadlock griping the silver state is set to continue.

Sivakumar can, if he chooses, bar former Pakatan Rakyat defectors, who have "resigned" from the assembly, which will effectively reduce BN's majority in the House.

The Perak speaker had previously declared that assemblymen Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi, Osman Jailu and Hee Yit Foong had vacated their seats after he received their resignation letters.

Teng said the trio may have to go to court to break the deadlock but even a ruling in their favour will not change the fact that Sivakumar will continue as speaker.

Excluding the trio, BN will have 28 members in the House to PR's 27, with Sivakumar as speaker.

Should Sivakumar vacate his office for any reason, the House will be considered a hung legislature because the Perak constitution provides the assembly shall transact no business while the office of speaker is vacant other than the election of a speaker.

With no clear majority, BN's Menteri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir will have no choice but to seek the dissolution of the House and obtain consent from the Perak Ruler for fresh elections.

However the sentiment of the people is clearly against BN and it would want to avoid statewide elections at all cost.

"I believe they will opt to retain Sivakumar," said Teng.

However the Speaker has wide-ranging discretion in the assembly and Sivakumar has the potential to be a very painful thorn in the side of BN and Zambry.

"The speaker's decision on the Standing Orders cannot be challenged except by way of motion (a lengthy process which includes holding a debate in the House)."

Ironically few people know this better than Teng.

On April 25, 2005 , he was suspended from the Selangor Legislative Assembly following an argument with then Speaker Datuk Seri Onn Ismail.

In an act of defiance Teng threw a copy of the Standing Orders into a bin when Onn rejected his motion of no confidence against then Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo.

Teng was suspended with no pay for 30 months.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Siapakah Yang Menggadai Orang Melayu?

A note from Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim which I took from DSAI's blog. Yes DSAI was pretty quiet during this Perak crisis and Karpal's intention to sue the Sultan of Perak. AT least the below note breaks his silence especially when time like this, the grass roots would want to hear from the top leadership for affirmation, encouragement and the will to move on.

Thanks DS for your little words of affirmation.


Ramai pengunjung, sms, emel yang diterima musykil dengan kebisuan saya berdepan dengan kecaman keras YB Karpal. Sdr Karpal adalah sahabat dan peguam handal yang begitu prihatin dengan kesengsaraan kami akibat kezaliman penguasa Umno-Bn.

Maka saya memilih berdiam dulu kerana sebarang keputusan isu dasar yang diumumkan adalah muafakat bersama dalam rangka Pakatan, setelah ada pertemuan di antara pimpinan Keadilan, Pas dan Dap. Saya juga sedar bahawa kenyataan Sdr Karpal sengaja dibesarkan oleh media Umno-Bn khususnya Utusan dan TV3.

Sekonyong-konyong beliau menjadi tokoh besar semata-mata kerana menegur saya. Keesokannya pula, lantaran pemuda umno muncul menjerit slogan Raja Melayu dan pengkhianat, maka sosok Sdr Karpal kembali sebagai anti Raja dan pengkhianat!Memang benar saya tidak bersetuju dengan cadangan menyaman Sultan walaupun cenderung menyokong tindakan menyaman kerajaan baru Perak yang tidak sah; tetapi ugutan pemuda umno termasuk menggunakan ISA dan tekanan polis adalah keterlaluan. Hak dan kebebasan beliau menyuarakan pandangan harus dihormati. Mengapa Umno pura-pura jahil dengan telatah melampau puak mereka menghina Sultan Terengganu, dan sebelum itu meminda Perlembagaan menghakis kusasa Raja dan akhirnya meluputkan kekebalan Raja?

Lagi-lagi slogan Melayu, Melayu. Alahai, bukit, pulau, empangan, balak, tanah, kontrak, saham kesemuannya bernilai ratusan bilion ringgit dirompak dan digadai oleh siapa?


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pakatan 10 Months VERSUS BN (50 odd years)

I read this article by the President of the Malaysian Bar. No wonder BN is so afraid of a snap election. Why? The Pakatan legitimate Government have done wonders during the 10 months in power compare to the BN illegitimate government where their predecessors took years and years and still not complete.

Below is the article by Dato' Ambiga, President of the Malaysian Bar.

The shocking display of vitriol against Datuk Seri Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin of Perak by certain groups claiming to advance patriotism in Perak, is a disconcerting trend.

In a modern and robust democracy such as we claim to be, threats against those who hold different views, seek to enforce their legal rights or seek to challenge authority in a court of law are seriously misplaced. We cannot, on the one hand, claim to be a modern democracy that respects dissenting views and, on the other, ask for archaic modes of “punishment” (like chasing someone out of the State) for holding those views.

It is also necessary to remember that under Datuk Seri Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin’s Administration in Perak, many significant steps forward were taken on issues that affect the Orang Asli and other underprivileged and marginalised groups.

I write this piece to put on record what I believe to be the most significant events from a human rights perspective: events that members of the Malaysian Bar and other NGOs were pleased to be part of. These issues that had remained outstanding for many years saw quick resolution in the last 10 months in Perak.

They include the following:

• As Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin cancelled all logging and plantation activities in Orang Asli settlements around Gopeng that were affecting more than 2000 Orang Asli.

• YB Sivanesan announced the return of approximately 400 acres of Orang Asli ancestral land to the Orang Asli that had been earmarked for logging activities by the previous government in Mukim Teja near Gopeng.

• The State Government announced the return of approximately 500 acres of Orang Asli ancestral land to the Orang Asli of Kampung Chang Sungai Gepai in Bidor, which had been earmarked for a Botanical Garden by the previous government.

• A special task force on Orang Asli land rights was set up to formally recognise all Orang Asli customary land in Perak. The task force committee comprises two tiers. The second tier is exclusively managed by the Orang Asli communities themselves, and meeting halls in the State Secretariat building are provided to the Orang Asli for their use.

• The Administration commissioned a special Orang Asli Officer for the state of Perak whose function is to resolve all problems of the Orang Asli within the state.

• A series of consultations with the public and NGOs on development activities in Ipoh has been held. For example, public opinion was sought in relation to the proposed development of Yau Tet Shin Market.

• Both Malay and Chinese residents of new villages and Kampung Tersusun are now being granted permanent land titles in stages.

The Malaysian Bar must put these events on record as we have worked for years on some of these issues and were happy to see positive results achieved in a short span of time.

We hope that the same importance will be given to these matters and that they will continue to progress without delay. In fact, we call on all State Governments to be pro-active in relation to issues that concern the Orang Asli, the marginalised and the underprivileged.

Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan
Malaysian Bar

11 February 2009

Guan Eng's Press Statement

(Press Statement By DAP Secretary-General And MP for Bagan, Lim Guan Eng, In Petaling Jaya On 9.2.2009)

DAP’s commitment towards a multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural Malaysia is not only an article of faith but a deep conviction in Bangsa Malaysia. DAP is inclusive of all races and religions. We represent the interests and fight for the rights every Malaysian.

In the effort of being representative of all Malaysians, including both Malays and non-Malays, the party is willing to undertake a transformational process that may be painful but necessary. We have no alternative but to grow without compromising our basic principles.

DAP reaffirms support for Pakatan Rakyat(PR) to establish an alternative government that is democratic, people-centric and with an ethical leadership based on the 5 principles of freedom, justice, truth, social welfare and universal moral values. In this regard the DAP supports PKR de facto leader DSAI Anwar Ibrahim as the Parliamentary Opposition Leader and will remain so as no single leader has ever questioned this during internal meetings whether at the highest levels or otherwise.

The Pakatan Rakyat leadership has clearly endorsed a position that no individual party policy can be PR policy unless it is fully approved unanimously by all three parties. DAP’s position on hudud and Islamic state is crystal clear and regardless of whatever support for both hudud and the establishment of an Islamic State, whether from PAS or PKR, this will not be PR policy as long as DAP does not agree to it.

Similarly DAP’s leadership has been consistently urging the government to enact an anti-hopping law even before the Perak crisis, and we have expressed support of our 28 MPs. As BN does not have a 2/3 parliamentary majority, the support of DAP’s 28 MPs will be required to effect any constitutional amendment for such an anti-hopping law.

As a democratic party, DAP policies can be changed in accordance with the wishes of its members. However until today there has been no request to question or disturb the basic framework of co-operation between the 3 parties of DAP, PAS and PKR that make up PR.

As the party secretary-general, I am duty-bound to execute these policies. However should any member wishes to change them, they are required to use proper party channels to do so and not use the BN-controlled media. I appeal to Sdr Karpal Singh as Chair of the DAP to use internal party channels should he wish to change these policies or even criticise my leadership.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Forum Perdana Pakatan Rakyat

YB Goh Leong San (ADUN Kesidang and DAP Chairman) and I attended the Forum Perdana Pakatan Rakyat organised by PAS. Held in Telok Mas at the Cawangan Telok Mas HQ. The moderator was a friend of mine and fellow blogger Saudara Sofi Wahab who is the Information Chief PAS Melaka. Representing PAS is Ustaz Kamaruddin Sidek who replaced Ustaz Abdul Ghani Abdul Rahman who was in Perak, Saudara Khalid Jaafar (PKR Melaka Chairman) and YB Goh Leong San representing DAP.

It was a no holds barred forum with quite interesting question posed to YB Goh especially on DAP stand on Islamic State and protecting the rights of the Malays. YB Goh with its usual wittiness and eloquence spoke that DAP in it's principle have always fought for all Malaysian regardless of their religious and racial background and that DAP's stand has always been clear and transparent without any hidden agendas in wooing the electorates. As such the people have known DAP for years. As such Pakatan members should not doubt us or even fear us. YB Goh also stressed that with the current working relationship with Pakatan especially PAS, Malacca BN will be defeated in the next election. As DAP will in one voice make sure that even the Chinese community in the rural areas in Malacca will vote for our Pakatan partners.

On the issue of Islamic state, YB Goh state that whilst the issue is not within the Pakatan Agenda and should the issue is raised again, it has to be discussed openly by the leadership of Pakatan. YB Goh stressed that DAP is not against nor support the setting up of an Islamic state but instead there must be constant discussion and deliberation by the Pakatan partners. Should PAS intends to, PAS must convinced the other partners. However with the current mandate by the people, I believe, the people desire a cleaner government and a better check of federal government. What is more important, is the fight against the corrupted Barisan Nasional government.

Up Close and Personal with Datuk Sim Mow Yu

I only got to know this grand ole man sometime last year before the 12th general election. He was introduced to me by YB Sim Tong Him (Kota Melaka MP) who was his grandnephew. And again after the said election.

During my close encounters with this towering figure, he had a couple of good words and advise which I truly cherished and one of those was I got to learn mandarin. Hmmmm that will sharpen my political speech among the Chinese speaking people. Nevertheless he likes the pantun during the election.

Now what about this man. If at all you google his name, rest assured there is nothing there. However seeing the so many people especially dignitaries attending and giving him the final respect in none other than Pay Fong Middle School Hall, this man must have shaped the Chinese community in Malaysia and I was told Chinese Education. Something which all Chinese cherished for a life time.

Reading about him in the Star as well as knowing this man personally, he is a Chinese educationist who was famous for his Chinese calligraphy. He was one of the founders of MCA Youth in 1955 and was made the deputy chief of MCA youth wing. He was then expelled in 1966 from the party “for fighting for the Chinese language to be one of the official languages of Malaya.”

The former headmaster of SJK (C) Ping Ming was also the honorary adviser to the Chinese educationist organisation Dong Jiao Zong which he headed for 28 years.

In 1987, he was arrested under the Internal Security Act in Operasi Lalang and detained for two years. I believe making him the oldest ever arrested under the infamous Act at the age of 74.

Good bye my dear Datuk Sim Mow Yu.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Yes that is my feeling.

Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi. Harap sheep dog, sheep dog jadi wolf pulak. What the toooot.

Yes I am talking about Perak. About the froggie state assemblymen. About ex DAP Hee.

I am so frustarated. SO sad. So angry. We all have been fooled.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Should Perak Just Have A Snap Election

I read the Malaysian Insider titled "Two Go 'Missing' Again as Perak Drama Continues" with an interesting comment below, which was commented by Franco. A good analysis. If that is the case why not have a snap election in Perak.

written by sgbertih, February 02, 2009
Franco said...
State seats to be lost by Umno in case of a snap election:

1. Rungkup in Bagan Datok: UMNO won by 454
2. Sungai Manikin P. Salak Umno won by 1,374
3. Kampong Gajah, P. Salak Umno won by 1,415 (over 5,000 in 2004)
4. Chenderiang in Tapah. Won by MCA by 50% reduced margin. PKR fielded an Indian in a pure Chinese base. Will be corrected.
5. Ayer Kuning in Tapah (Umno won by 3,252. Close to 7000 in 2004). However, research shows the Umno candidate got 74% of the 48% non-Malay electorate. Now those non-Malays will vote for PAS which fielded a candidate here.
6. Tualang Sekah in Kampar. Umno won by 1,500 (3,500 in 2004). PKR fielded an Indian in the majority Malay seat. Though he did well, fielding a Malay here will beat the pulp out of Umno. Non-Malays are 43%
7. Sungai Rapat. Umno won by 636 against Pas. Hamida Osman, the DUN here is the one who called the Indian snakes later after she won. Her majority in 2004 was over 6,000 but she survived by 600 in 2008. Pas will win outright here. Furthermore, PKR V.President is the MP here (Gopeng).
8. Belanja in Parit. Pas lost by over 1,800 (over 3,000 in 2004) due to non-Malay vote in 2008. With Umno taking a dig at the non-Malays and Pas accomdating them, and with Perak's large non-Malay vote, Umno will lose every seat it won in March 08 due to the fear of Pas and the fact that PKR was unknown.
9. Bota is in Parit. The canidate defected to PKR and will retain his seat. Yesterday he said the pple who came to welcome him couldn't be obtained even during his Ceramahas in March 08.
10. Pengkalan Baru. Umno won by 14 votes only. Yes 14 votes (over 2,200 in 2004). Pas swept the Malay vote but got less non-Malay vote. Today, Pas will retain malay vote and obtain non-Malay vote. That 14 votes for Umno will be 1,400 votes for Pas victory KT style.
11. Bukit Chandaran in Kuala Kangsar. Umno won by 1,600 votes (close to 6,000 in 2004). With Rafidah Aziz on her way out (she won by 1,000 unlike 5,600 in 2004), Umno will lose here.
12. Manong in K. Kangsar. Umno won by 749 (2,353 in 2004). Pas will sweep Malay vote and get non-Malay vote as well while PKR can ontain its one ADUN here.
13. Manjoi in Tampun. Umno won by 348 votes. Yet in 2004, it was close to 8,000 majority.
14. Lintang in Sungai Siput. Umno won by 1,376 (5,389 in 2004). PKR controls Parliament while DAP has the other DUN by big margin.
15. Chenderoh in Padang Rengas on Nazri bloody racist Aziz. Umno won by 1,749 votes (4,771 in 2004). Note that Nazri survived by a whisker yet had a big win in 2004. Umno islosing further and further.The other DUN won captured by Pas.
16. Kamuting in Taiping. Umno won by 555 votes (4,571 in 2004). DAP has the Parliament seat here and Pas will cash on that apart from ISA is haram votes. Kamuting Prison is here.
17. Trong in Bukit Gantang (Pas captured the MP). Umno won by 916 votes (3,020 in 2004). It has a decent 30% non-Malay vote. PAS will win here.
18. Alor Bongus in Bagan Serai. (PKR Malay candidate outsted UMNO MP here). Umno won the DUN by 95 votes (3,416 in 2004). PKR to easily capture the DUN
19. Selama in Larut. Umno won by 355 votes (2,053 votes in 2004).
20. Kubu Gajah in Larut. Umno won by 66 votes (1,403 in 2004).


I have left one million reason why PR will sweep the state and many other considerations, but I just wanted to point out that PR will get close to 50 out 59 seats if we go for a snap election. Say Amin!