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Monday, March 31, 2008

Our Angkasawan's Test Result

Got this from Kit's blog. I am also curious on our Angkasawan's results of space test. We were told he did some experiments, so I am curious to know what are those experiments the government and the angkasawan is harping on since the bulk of our money is spend on him.


[Dr. Lee Wei Lim, a a Marie Curie Fellow and Malaysian brain scientist in Maastricht University, the Netherlands, has several queries on today’s Star report "Results of space tests out soon" re: Angkasawan Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor.
[Dr. Lee’s comments (in bold) accompanies the Star report viz:]

PENANG: The results of experiments carried out in space by Angkasawan Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor will be released next month.

The experiment was carried out at the International Space Station or in the “Space” ?

The results of various experiments with proteins and the effects of micro-gravity and space radiation on cells and microbes would be shared with international researchers soon, the country’s first cosmonaut said during the closing of Brain Awareness Week 2008 at Universiti Sains Malaysia yesterday.

How can an Orthopaedic surgeon carry out protein research in the field of molecular biology? Why do we have to focus on space radiation on cells and microbes since we are living on the earth? How does this contribute to the science?

“I have spoken to the scientists and researchers involved in the project and they said the results will be published soon – in about a month’s time,” he said, when responding to questions by students attending his talk on Brain in Space: Our New Frontier.

The results will be published in which international peer reviewed journal? What is the significant scientific background of it?
His talk on the “Brain in Space”, is he qualified to speak about that? Has he been trainned as a neuroscientist? Does he have strong background on the brain? Please see and type in “Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor”, no scientific publication related with the brain!

Asked why the experiments had to be carried out in space, the 35-year-old orthopaedic surgeon said it was because zero gravity allowed the specimens to be studied in their 3D form.

Just because to study the specimens in 3D dimension?? Would it be too costly? First of all, how can an orthopardic surgeon involves in scientific neuroscience research? What is the link between the brain and bone (orthopaedic)? Similarly, would you send a dermatologist to study the brain?
“Zero gravity allows specimens to be studied in 3D form”, why did this study have to be carried out in the “space” or the space station just for the cell 3D form investigation? In fact, on the earth, we have such “vacuum chamber model” to carry out research on the morphology of cells with “confocal microscopy”, “two-photon microscopy” or “electron microscopy” approach, this will give us even a better control view of the cells in terms the cell morphological changes and technical manipulation aspect. And again, how can an orthopaedic surgeon carry out such complicated and high technique on cells manipulation in the “space”? Is he a cellular biologist? Please look at the Harvard University website on Neurobiology.

“If studied on earth under a microscope, the cells would have been flattened slightly because of the effects of gravity. In space, we can view the specimens as if they were in the human body,” he explained, adding that he was keen on returning to medical practice.

And again, the research was carried at the “International Space Station” or in the “Space”, there is a clear distinction between these two!
Cell flattened??? Please see my previous opinion on vacuum chamber model.
What type of cell did he want to study? What is the hypothesis and scientific support for such a huge cost of investment? “In space, we can view the specimens as if they were in the human body,” based on which scientific publication to support this notion of sentence?? If so, how about carry out such experiment in the vacuum chamber (low cost) of zero gravity with better manipulation on the cells and more scientifically grounded?

“I miss seeing my patients and being in the operating theatre. I also hope to one day find the cure for cancer,” he said.

Miss seeing patients? When a person left his medical career for more than 5 years, is he still eligible to perform his clinical works efficiently? May be, he is exemption.
To find cure for cancer? What is the link between his work in space and cancer as well as the brain?

The experiments were conducted while he was on the International Space Station. On Oct 10, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar made history by becoming the first Malaysian to fly to space.

The experiment was conducted at the International Space Station and not in the “Space”? What sort of experiment? Why can’t it be carried out in the scientific laboratory, with lower cost, more reliable internationally-accepted methods for scientific publication? He is an orthopaedic surgeon with no scientific publication in brain and cellular research, how on earth he knew the works of a professional histologist or cell biologist or brain scientist?

Later, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak launched the book Reaching for the Stars, which was written by Sheikh Mustapha, also known as Ajil, the late brother of Dr Sheikh Muszaphar.

No comments.

The book is Ajil’s personal account of Dr Sheikh Muszaphar’s journey from the time he was short-listed, trained, and selected as Malaysia’s first astronaut to his journey into space late last year.

No comments.

But Ajil had a fall and slipped into a coma while his brother was still in space and died days after Dr Sheikh Muszaphar’s safe return to earth.

No comments.

What's Next of Hindraf...

Now Sami Value have asked for an unconditional release of Hindraf 5. He now sings the tune of ordinary Malaysian. Unfortunately for him, his political days are numbered and I guess it is still not too late for him to apologise to the Indian Community for failing to safeguard the interest of the Community as a whole. AND I believe the Community would want Mr. Vellu to apologise and made amends to the Community. It's never too LATE.

------- from the Star

: MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu has urged the government to release the five Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leaders who are being detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

He said two of the leaders -- R. Kenghadaran, 40, who is very sick and M. Manoharan, 46, who had won the Kota Alam Shah state seat in Selangor on a DAP ticket on March 8 -- should be freed sooner.

He said another two, V. Ganabatirau, 34, and K. Vasantha Kumar, 34, had not been very much involved in the rally organised by Hindraf in Kuala Lumpur on Nov 25 last year.

The fifth leader being detained under the ISA is P. Uthayakumar.

Speaking to reporters after opening a workshop on "Rebranding the MIC" here Sunday, Samy Vellu said the wives of Kenghadaran and Manoharan had approached him for his assistance.

"I have decided to raise it with the government. I will raise it (the issue of their release) with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi after he returns from Sabah.

"I will also meet Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar and Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan. I have already made some moves on this earlier but I did not tell anyone. I will now make a firm move to see what can be done by the government with regard to their plight," Samy Vellu claimed.

He said Ganabatirau, and Vasantha Kumar were "not very much involved (in the rally), so the government has to make a decision."

Samy Vellu claimed that this was not a publicity stunt or a move to win back Indian support for the party.

"This is done in fairness, sympathy and, also, we feel that we as Indians have to do something about it. It is not a publicity stunt," he said.

Samy Vellu said that he was harshly criticised by certain people when he spoke to Abdullah and the Attorney General about reducing the attempted murder charges against the 31 people detained during the Hindraf rally, but he had continued to assist them.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Opening Of Sri Duyong Branch

(from L to R) Jeffery Lim and Goh Chuan Chean (hidden) (my assistants for Duyong), Ee Chong Peng (Chairman for Duyong Branch) Myself (Former candidate for Dun Duyong) YB Sim Tong Him (MP Kota Melaka), YB N Guna (ADUN Senawang), YB Tay Kok Kiew (ADUN Banda Hilir) and Gandhi (Branch Chairman for Taman Merdeka)

(from L to R) Guna (protem Branch Chairman for Sri Duyong), YB Tay Kok Kiew, Myself, Ee Chong Peng, YB N Guna, Mr. Chong (supporter) and YB Sim Tong Him receiving Garland.

YB Goh Leong San (ADUN Kesidang and Chairman for DAP Melaka) together with members of Sri Duyong branch members and YB N Guna

Me delivering my speeches

The ever important people of the DAP lion dance led by Saudara Marvin (on the gongs) and his good young members

God was on our side. That is definite. It as a new beginning. There were no rain even though it has being raining almost every two days after the great political tsunami general election where for the first time since 1969 BN lost their 2/3 in Parliament. In Malacca State, we did fairly well in not only maintaining Kota Laksamana and Banda Hilir but also recapturing Kesidang and Bachang and a new seat which was traditionally held by MCA, Ayer Keroh.

We had, almost 70 people came including leaders, members of the branch and supporters. It was a dinner of appreciation and thanks and at the same time the opening of our branch in Sri Duyong. Though I lost, the people in Duyong managed to reduce Gan Tian Loo's majority of 3,282 (in 2004) to 806 with the total of 5,636 voted for me. I must say thank you to the people of DUN Duyong for voting for me, meaning they have entrusted me in doing what is good for Malacca as a whole.

In my campaign I stress the importance of safeguarding our Constitution and the Rukunegara. I also campaign heavily for the need to have a government that is free from corrupt practices and cronyism. Unfortunately for our state, Corruption has being rooted in our lives and I felt this time the 2/3 majority must be denied at all possibilities, meaning the Opposition MUST have at least 10 seats. Unfortunately, the majority of the Malacca people still believes the government of Ali Gostan. That is very unfortunate. As such is our future bleak then?

To not fail our voters, I am determine to continue to pressure the government and to expose corruption to the Malacca people. As such there is a need to enlarge and extent the membership of DAP and at the same time to establish new branches state-wide to show strength and determination. I am also a strong believer to recruit more Malay and Indian so as to reflect the true identity of DAP. It is also my hope that more Malay and Indian members be candidates in the 13th General Election nationwide. We need to have people who are professionally qualified and calibre AND having the desire to serve the Rakyat amongst us to withstand the next general election which I believed will be more exciting and even.

But at the same time I must cautioned that there must be healthy competition amongst ourselves for the demand of greater challenge ahead of us.

Though I lost in this election, that doesn't mean that I will run away but to continue to serve the people whether or not as an ADUN or a local councillor as I owe a duty and an obligation to the 5,636 voters that voted me during election day. Most people closed their service centre after
losing in the election but not me as I am serious in dedicating my life for this great work in service to the people.

The establishment of Sri Duyong branch is likewise going to be competitive and healthy. The Sri Duyong branch is not only operating as a branch but will act as a service centre for the people in Duyong and the surrounding area nearby. Not only that the centre be a membership drive, but also to register new voters and an establishment of a complaint and legal secretariat manned by me and my team of dedicated people namely Jeffery Lim, Goh Chuan Chean (lawyer), Ee Chong Peng and Guna.

Once again, many thanks to all my supporters and members of DAP Melaka.

Lawan tetap Lawan

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stupidiest from the MOST stupid

Saw this in my e-mail today (the below article). I am not surprise. I don't know whether should I just laugh or feel stupid for these little Napoleon. Yes feeling very stupid for the little Napoleon under the Education Ministry. Sometimes I got to take a step back instead of running forward to see a better Malaysia. Such directives whether real or not is a step backwards towards a full democracy.

The Penang State Government is entrusted by the people who voted them in. So for giving such directives shows lack of concern and immature conduct by those in the Federal Government.I must say a fikiran tak matang attitude.

I must say a stupid directives only directed by idiots.


School heads in
Penang have been instructed or “advised” not to invite State Government leaders and elected representatives from the DAP-PKR as VIPs and guests-of-honour. The message was conveyed during a briefing last Wednesday by a senior official from the Penang Education Department, which comes under the federal-level Education Ministry. The directive/”advice” to play on the safe-side was made verbally (and not in writing), according to a principal of a school in Penang and confirmed by another senior staff member from the same school. They were understandably indignant at the ruling.

This just shows the kind of small-mindedness among certain Education Dept/Ministry officials. I believe even DAP-PKR state assembly members who are not holding exco posts may now not be invited as VIPs/guests-of-honour to schools.

Maka Kami, Rakyat Malaysia berikrar....

The title remind me the year 1988 when I was in Standard 6, of my head prefect and friend, Azmi in SRK Banda Hilir,Melaka reciting the Ikrar and Rukunegara of our dear country every Monday morning after we sang the national and state anthem the Negaraku and Melaka Maju Jaya respectively. So much so I am so proud to recite the Rukunegara almost every day if not at least three-four times a week until today subconsciously. It sticks in my mind and I gladly keep it in my heart.

Come the 12th General Elections, during the 13 days campaigning, I was gladly and more happy to recite the Rukenegara as I'm so proud of it. I keep on declaring it because I believe in the sanctity of a Malaysian race. As all Malaysians mempercayai kepada Tuhan. The draughtsman crafted the Rukenegara with such carefulness by omitting the word Allah but embracing the word Tuhan to encompasses the many religion of our country.

However what I intend to express is the second phrase of Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara. Loyalty to King and Country. It is the Country that we fight with our blood and to our King we love and exalt. Our loyalty is not to a political party or to the government of the day BUT to the King and Sultans that all Malaysians acknowledge as a symbol of truth and harmony reflecting a true identity of being Malaysian. I remember Raja Nazrin, the Regent of Perak, in one of his lecture stated the importance of the Monarch in uniting Malaysians of all race, religion and creed.

This pic was taken from KLPOS.COM. Look at
the word 'Natang'. What does that suggest?

Of course in seeing UMNO demonstrating showing their disgust against the authority of the Sultan of Terengganu who happen to be the present Yang DiPertuan Agong, Malaysians all over cannot accept the mannerism of UMNO Terengganu. I am so sad for the utterance of UMNO Terengganu against the Terengganu Royals and I must say Malaysian denounce such acts of treachery by UMNO Terengganu. What UMNO Terengganu did was a mockery to their own Sultan whom we all declare in our Rukunegara 'Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara" and more so against the peoples' praise for their Sultan as evidenced in the Terengganu State Anthem which they sing and uphold in their hearts.

So what happen to Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara? What happen to the oath of loyalty and the upholding of the Malay traits of Hang Tuah? Meaning is UMNO departing themselves from loyalty to King and Country. Are UMNO no more loyal? Or is UMNO showing their supremacy over the Royals and Constitution? These are questions bothering Malaysians because Malaysians can't afford for another constitutional crisis. AND I believe, that all Malaysian irrespective of race, religion and creed will defend the sanctity of the Monarchy and the Constitution. UMNO MUST APOLOGISE.

As such I feel that UMNO should just forget about Idris Jusoh as Menteri Besar and carry on with life. Forget about UMNO supremacy but identify with a Malaysian race that will be benefiting everyone. With the threat of globalisation and the uncertainty of our economy, we have to embrace ourselves in the coming economic tsunami.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Can We Not Jump The Queue part 2

I find this amusing and again I cut and paste one of Malay Women In Malaysia's piece. By her writings I think she just went off. Off not mean gila but rather laced with emotional and racial tone. I believe her piece is not something all Malay Perakians will agree and that I think she should give due respect to Kit's apology rather than harped on history and the past. Yes I agree that Kit's outburst his premature but then again he say SORRY, so what the tooot is with this woman. Please I beg, don't bark at the wrong tree. Let us move ahead with times and let us all Malaysians see ourselves as Malaysians and not Malay, Chinese, Indian or Lain-lain.

I believe the Eurasian and Chitty or the Kadazans will not want to be associated with Lain-lain. So lets bygone be bygone and focus ourselves on a much challenging times of globalisation. We all love this country so much and are striving for the best of all Malaysians. I believe the Perak or Penang governments are never racist. The government formed by them are only two weeks old. And as all babies they would have to time to walk the talk.

So let us all pray to our Almighty that peace and harmony will continue to prevail and that wisdom and knowledge will be fall upon the new governments. At least for the matter they don't have the experience to be corrupted.


Yes, DAP Perak is in deep trouble alright and so is their arrogant leader, Mr. Lim Kit Siang. Serves them right!

More than 20 Perak Malay NGO groups had expressed their dissatisfaction with the awesome number of Chinamen in Perak’s new Exco lineup. A memorandum will be submitted to the attention of the Sultan of Perak some time soon.Yes, the Malays are not happy with DAP. Rumors have it that more and more Perak Malay NGO groups will get together and rally behind the first 20 Malay Perak NGO groups that had initiated the move.

I’m a Perakian and a very strong supporter of PAS but I certainly could not stomach DAP Perak and their arrogance. Who cares about the number of seats that DAP has won in Perak. Take a look around and see how many Muslims and Malays we have in Perak. Perak is not like Penang that has become more like a Chinamen state. In a sense, I can understand why the Malays are not happy with DAP Perak.

This new development is going to shake Perak from top to bottom in the near future. It will be interesting to see how DAP Perak very well known for their arrogance will tackle this little problem. One wrong move and DAP Perak can kiss their sorry a$$ goodbye in the next general election. Perak Muslims and Malays will never again vote for DAP and that includes me who regretted it even now.

Can We Not Jump the Queue

I have cut and paste from Malay Women In Malaysia's article regarding the Perak MB issue which Kit lambasted (probably this is a stronger word) and order the elected representative of DAP to boycott the swearing in.

Now as we all know there is a turn of events which led Kit to apologise in his blog and formerly apologise to His Majesty the Sultan and the Regent.

Sometimes its good to be objective and rationale before we report something. It is emotions that causes anger and anger will lead to outburst. So as bloggers I am of the opinion that we should be rationale and unless we identify the truth of the matter or at least wait a couple of days then shoot whatever opinion whether its subjective or objective in nature. Like the good Bible says 'slow to anger'. I think that is a good thought for everybody so that there can be no bias reporting.

For me I will always love to read the news first and then do some research (kalau boleh). Identify the weakness and then shoot the letter or opinion. Kalau salah, MINTAK MAAF.


As a born Perakian, I’m truly angry with DAP and PKR. Both parties have singlehandedly screwed up Perak and pissed off Perakians with their sheer arrogance and stupidity! :-(

Because of your untimely greed and jealousy, the swearing-in ceremony for our new Menteri Besar originally scheduled at 1600 hours today had to be cancelled and nobody knows what would happen next.

News from Kuala Kangsar reported that many Perakians came out to the streets and express their anger and unhappiness towards DAP (especially towards the old fool, Mr. Lim Kit Siang) and PKR. How much that is true remains to be seen as of time of writing.

All I know is that we Perakians are not happy with both DAP and PKR. Thank you for pissing us off!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Another Idiot CRYING out

Another idiot talking. My guess UMNO. I must say, that under the leadership of DAP-PKR-PAS, the Malay race will never be isolated. Bangsa Melayu tidak akan dipinggirkan oleh kerajaan Baarisan Rakyat. If Penang state government led by DAP can look at the general population that everybody is treated equally, I have hope for Perak. SO I don't understand the objective of these NGOs. Buty looking at all the said NGOs, more usual than not are members of the idiot UMNO groups.

Perak Malay Teachers Association (BN led government servant groups)
Perak Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung (GPMS) (this is notable for being pro UMNO)
Perak Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (Abim) (I thought they supported PAS)
Perak Association of Muslim Students
Perak 4B Youth movement (this is a sure bet of UMNO members as the group Malacca are mostly by them led by their former boss Ali Gostan)
Perak Council of Former Barisan Elected Representatives (Mubarak) (the name suggest that they are BN representatives-chronic idiots),
Perak Malay Traders Association (am not too sure about this)
Perak Wanita NGO (too general NGO. I wonder whetherthey represent all wanita in Perak)

So these NGOs are crony base. Be OBJECTIVE lah kawan...


NGOs 'concerned over fate' of Perak Malays

IPOH: A group of some 20 Perak Malay non-governmental organisations (NGOs) has voiced its concern over the fate of Malays under the new DAP-PKR-PAS government in the state.

The group, which held a special meeting at Tambun Heights here on Sunday, will submit a memorandum to the Sultan of Perak.

Among those who attended the meeting were leaders of the Perak Malay Teachers Association, Perak Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung (GPMS), Perak Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (Abim), Perak Association of Muslim Students, Perak 4B Youth movement, Perak Council of Former Barisan Elected Representatives (Mubarak), Perak Malay Traders Association and Perak Wanita NGO.

Nonee Ashirin Mohd Radzi, who chaired the meeting, said they could not accept the six-three-one formula to be used in the make-up of the state executive council.

Nonee Ashirin, one of the founder members of Perak Pertubuhan Profesional dan Pewaris Bangsa (Prowaris), said the formula did not reflect the composition of the state population where Malays are the majority.

The formula agreed upon by the new state government would see the DAP taking up six exco posts, PKR three and PAS one.

“There should be more Malays in the exco line-up,” Nonee Ashirin said, adding that the exco should instead have six Malays and four non-Malays, like the representation under the Barisan Nasional rule.

She said the NGOs also rejected the creation of two Deputy Mentri Besar posts because it was not provided for in the state Constitution.

“The two positions are there just to fulfil the DAP's political interest,” she claimed.

Datuk Kamilia Ibrahim, who represented Perak Wanita NGO, said the popular votes showed that more voters supported the Barisan instead of the Opposition.

She said the Barisan garnered some 333,000 votes compared to 282,000 that went to the opposition front.

Based on this, she said Barisan had a simple majority and should be allowed to form a minority government.

Siapa paling MENDERHAKA (rebel)? Siapa PEMBELOT (traitor)?

Interesting turn of events, DAP-Kit Siang or UMNO (in general) siapa penderhaka? Who is rebellious? There were a couple of demonstration against Kit Siang when he made an out burst regarding the sweaaring in of Mohamad Nizar (PAS) as Menteri Besar of Perak. He later apologised in his blog and personally met the Regent of Perak a couple of days after that to formerly apologise to His Majesty. That is an act of a gentleman, a true and respected leader Malaysians must have.

BUT I get agitated and irritated when UMNO does the same and yet portray an act of defiance and arrogances not just to Malaysians but to the palace. I call that UMNO supremacy. I think they feel that they are demi gods cannot be shaken or over run by any other. Led by UMNO leaders who are worst than idiots. Malay in general are humbled and are very nice people. The majority of my friends are Malay. Trust me, they are never UMNOrians or rather refuse to associate themselves with the arrogance of UMNO.

Evidenced are their recent conducts immediately after the general election. The first is their stupid march in Penang just because the Penang State DAP led government spoke that they will administer the state free from NEP because the NEP is laced with cronyism and corruption. Of course the whole issue was twisted by Bernama (whom later apologised) and Utusan idiots which led to some UMNO idiots (the Penang UMNO leaders) marching to Komtar. Idiots right? They march without knowing facts but was led by emotions, arrogance and daylight corrupted aka cronyism ideology. I must say incomparable to those like Hindraf or even BERSIH who inter alia fought for Indian marginalisation (which is so true) and a group that fight for free and fair election respectively.

UMNO Penang. I seriously don't know what is their agenda. Nothing short but cronyism and corruption. And that gives me greater suspicion on UMNO in general whether state or federal leadership.

Secondly, the Terengganu MB saga. The Regency Council of the Sultan of Terengganu has appointed Kijal assemblyman Datuk Ahmad Said to be Menteri Besar. In the Star today, this chap got a boot from UMNO and that the 22 state assemblyman will be boycotting the swearing in of Datuk Ahmad on Monday. So what can I say? Is this rebelling? Is this Hang Jebat? So I now wander, who is UMNO really is? Though in campaigning I did joke that UMNO means U Must Not Object. Looks like the Sultan's prerogative is now challenged by the ruling class of UMNO.

This episode goes to show the true identity of UMNO as a group that is prepared to rebel against authority and the rule of law. Our country's constitution has being raped of it's sanctity for almost 50 times compare to that of any developed country in the world such as the United States (27 times since 1787, adoption of the US Constitution) and Singapore (4 times). Where as in Malaysia, we change our Constitution like how we change our clothes. Why? Nothing but UMNO supremacy.

Look at our judiciary and its independence. Will they decide without fear and favour? Look at the appointment of some people in the Highest Court of the land. Where you have UMNO lawyer becoming a federal court judge. How do the common man, the ordinary and reasonable man sitting on KL LRT felt? There must be a changed, a real change for hope for this country.

UMNO is nothing but a bunch of irrelevant people who never concern with the Malaysian identity and the Malaysian race. Now my question. Who is rebellious? And who are traitors?

Judicial Independence - Wait and See

I found the below article from the Star. An interesting starter by the Federal Government (through their Minister-in-charge of Law) they should and must embarked into the long journey of judicial restoration to its glory day.

I remember during Constitutional classes way back during A-Levels, we opened O Hood Philips Constitutional an Administrative Law somewhere in the early pages of the text book, under the heading of Separation of Powers...walah... Malaysia judicial crisis in 1988 became an example for all law students to read and know. It was an embarrassment.

If the Federal Government intends to apologise openly to those affected, especially dear Tun Salleh Abas, and if the government is sincere about it, this act vindicates not only Tun Salleh but also the other five Supreme Court judges that was sack (three of the judges were later reinstated) and the restoration of the independence of the judiciary...

This is a step towards a right direction...


Zaid: Govt has to apologise to victims of 1988 judicial crisis

KOTA BARU: The Federal Government must make an open apology to those victimised by the judicial crisis in 1988 that led to the sacking of the then Lord President Tun Mohd Salleh Abbas, said newly-appointed de facto Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim.

“We should seek forgiveness. In the eyes of the world, the judicial crisis has weakened our judiciary system,” he said.

The Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department said that although the issue was 20 years old, an apology was needed as it was wrongly handled and Tun Salleh's sacking was inappropriate.

From 1988, the judiciary's independence was eroded and led to allegations of corruption and abuse of power, he said.

The open apology would be one of his three main goals and would give a mandate for a fresh chapter to unfold in the country’s judiciary system, Zaid said at a thanksgiving feast to mark his appointment as a federal minister.

His second goal would be to strengthen judicial independence and the delivery of justice by revamping the appointment and promotion process of the country's judges and magistrates.

Capable judges of integrity were important to help lure foreign investors, who had, in the past, expressed doubts about the country's judiciary, he said.

Zaid said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was serious about revamping the judiciary and making it transparent.

The minister said his third aim was to strengthen the judiciary with the help and cooperation from all stakeholders such as the Judges, Attorney-General, the Bar Council and law enforcers such as the police.

Zaid said the judiciary must attract the best minds and good legal officers who were only loyal to the law.

“Their loyalty should not be to politicians or businessmen.

“Their moral and good judgment practices must be guided by the legal compass,” said Zaid,.

He added that this would restore public trust in the judiciary.

“I am not a play-safe politician. I want to accomplish things and do what is right for the country,” he said.

A sequence of political events led to Tun Salleh's sacking after a judiciary-appointed Commonwealth Tribunal found him guilty of “misbehaviour.”

He was then dismissed as Lord President and this led to local and international protests, including from the Bar Council, International Commission of Jurists meeting and from the Law Asia Association.

Apalah terjadi

Pot calling the Kettle BLACK. Now who is doing an illegal assembly?

And now you have some UMNO doing their illegal assembly

Opposition and Anwar Ibrahim - Make no mistake on your sincerity and integrity

by Foong Wai Fong

(I have cut and paste from Kit's blog. I think this letter is timely and it should be read with an objective mind)

The events in the next couple of weeks, leading to whether Anwar will contest a by-election will demonstrate to the People of Malaysia whether they have indeed make the right choice, by voting in the Opposition. The People are troubled by these post-election developments.

A message to the OPPOSITION:

1. Many people voted you in not because how good you were or will be, but more they just wanted to throw out the other guy, deny the 2/3 majority given to the ruling coalition.

2. If you walk your talk, you MUST NEVER do what the other guy has been doing in the past decades.

The electorate wishes to see REAL Change, sincerity and integrity; not making deals and bargains wrapped in exchange of cabinet positions for alliance — this makes the OPP no different from the incumbent ruling class. Any mistakes on the part of the OPP in strategy will bring serious backlash, that mistake has the high risk of throwing Malaysia into a state of chaos and instability. This is SERIOUS matter.

On the other hand, if the OPP and Anwar Ibrahim can be a little patient, taking things one step at a time, act with integrity and sincerity, THIS IS A HISTORIC OPPORTUNITY. Any tactic that involves trading of bargains of power would diminish all hope that we are entering a new era. For we believe any of those MPs or state assembly members out there who cross over because they did not get the so-called “rewards” in position would do no good for the OPP. All cabinet and government positions are positions to provide service, not positions for reward of winning the election! It serves the OPP well to remember that.

Does the people of Malaysia has the assurance with PAS and DAP balancing the ambition of Anwar and PKR?

Can Anwar rise to be a true leader for all Malaysia, and that his present struggle is a fulfilment of his long time political vision to make Malaysia truly multiracial and progressive, not that he is getting even with UMNO. By and large it was not the BN or UMNO that wrong him, it was Dr Mahathir who did.

The people of Malaysia ought to pray and work to see a reformed BN — in spite of the difficulties within the ruling coalition to change. We are striving to have two strong parties; only in having credible choices could the people’s wellbeing be safeguarded. BN would need to act swiftly to reinvent and prove itself; much time and opportunity has been wasted, for example naming the new cabinet presents real opportunity; but BN misses that.

The People of Malaysia wishes to see gradual change; the OPP settles in and build its governing team. Many of the candidates in the OPP do not have the credentials to be government leaders; they were put together and got voted in by the wave for change; this these new YBs must know. They must now accelerate their learning and find out exactly what is expected of them and rise up to the occasion. Anwar must further consolidates its power and assure the people of his intentions; at the same time give BN time to change; the next election would present people with the real choice. If the current OPP does get to form the government; it would be very credible because people voted them in to form the government. For this election; by and large, the People of Malaysia only wanted to deny BN its 2/3 majority; not all the way to have the OPP running the country yet. Events have its own turn; the people however, while willing to give the OPP a chance to govern 5 states, but are still tentative in its feelings about the outcome.

All eyes are on the OPP government in the state. Waiting for one more term may be the right thing to do before going for the Federal Government.

There is real opportunity here for Anwar Ibrahim. If he succeeds to bring about democractic change to Malaysia in an honest, clean and credible way; he would go down in world history as a national leader who could go beyond racialism to embrace the larger interest. If Anwar does that, the People of Malaysia will nominate him for the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE — for setting the world on the right track and for bringing hope to all societies plagued by racial struggle; putting Anwar Ibrahim in the company of Gandhi, Martin Luther King and the like. This would rekindle the fire for truth and ideals; key values to building a sustainable world.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kabinet Dapur Malaysia Style

I remember when I was about 14, I read (on my own...chehhhh macam budak besar) the Berita Harian in the school library of the words 'Jemaah Menteri'. I seriously do not know what the hell are those words. And only some time I was informed that those words amount to the Cabinet (Kabinet- in Malay) which comprises of His Majesty's Ministers that was appointed by the Prime Minister (who usually is, I don't know about Malaysia, Primus inter pares) who confidently command the majority in the Dewan Rakyat. The Ministers can be either from both houses of Parliament. Either voted in or through the back door i.e. being appointed as a Senate in the Dewan Negara.

So let me now give my piece on our recent cabinet Ministers.

Prime Minister

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi - In order to obtain the confidence of the Rakyat, the pledges he pledged in 2004 MUST be fulfilled. Fortunately for him, he is the President of UMNO and the Chairman of BN as such becomes the Prime Minister. But he must not forget that the Rakyat has the power to topple him down and shame the BN as a whole. So many beautiful phrases declared by him such as "I am the PM for all" during his premiership but I must say all of his phrases are phrases to please the Rakyat. Walk the Talk lah....but all these were never materialise. Rakyat hari ini adalah sudah matang. The people voted not on racial or Party lines but the capability of the individual. So what can I say BUT buck up or "You're Fired"

Deputy Prime Minister
Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak - Altantuya's case must be a real nightmare for this chap. Though he has tried to explain in the Ijok by-election but unfortunately his explanation goes into deafening ears. A lot of explanation to do but how much he explained, the people will not listen. Once bitten twice shy. As a statesman, we owe a duty (a huge duty) to the Rakyat.

Ministers in the Prime Minister's Department
Tan Sri Bernard Dompok - I have nothing to say about this man

Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz - Him again? Why lah? Tak ada orangkah? This is one arrogant man who never deserve in a place such as the Cabinet. As a fellow legally trained mind, I am aghast to his understanding of the working of the constitution and the law. Put it simply a baruah to the PM and that is why he is now sitting in the cabinet jaga Parliament.

Datuk Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi - Hmmm as at today I'm still confuse whether he is aligned to Anwar or UMNO.

Datuk Mohd Zaid Ibrahim - through a back door as a Senate but I welcome his appointment. I believe the PM put him in charge of law is basically to naik PM's water face. If BN had won the 2/3, this chap will be out from mainstream politics within UMNO and BN. So Mr. Zaid, please do your job well. Kalau tidak, you pun akan OUT jugak. Sekarang PM bagi chance...

Datuk Amirsham Abdul Aziz - another back door appointment. CEO and President (Ex) of Maybank will now be in charge of EPU. Well I'll be watching over you...

Deputy Ministers in the Prime Minister's Department
Datuk Johari Baharom - What happen lah. I am wandering whether is this a demotion? Former ISA deputy Minister now becomes Deputy Minister in PM's department... I don't really know this chap

Datuk Dr Mashitah Ibrahim - back door again?

K. Devamany - This is some good news for the Indians but I think it is toooooo late. This guy better speaks out or he will be thrown out next time.

Datuk Hasan Malek - saya tak tau ini orang except that he used to be some Youth Chief somewhere

Minister - Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi - as stated supra

Second Finance Minister - Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop - Hmmmm I seriously doubt his capability eversince the BNF scandal which cause loss of RM30 billion (helloooo not million) ... and now he is the second man after PM, just a thought.

Deputies - Datuk Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah, Datuk Kong Cho Ha (I am not commenting on these chaps)

Minister - Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak - res ipsa loquitor

Deputy - Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop (not commenting)

Internal Security and Home Affairs
Minister - Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar - he better do his job well and not simply using the ISA to catch bloggers

Deputies - Datuk Chor Chee Heung, Senator Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh (no comments)

Housing and Local Government
Minister - Datuk Ong Ka Chuan- Big brader to MCA President. Heir apparent to MCA. Can't compare to the late Tun Tan Cheng Lock and Tun Tan Siew Sin. This fellow is nothing but ..... Just because Perak lost it's government to the Opposition, this chap suddenly goes kuku by saying DAP is now working with PAS. Statement paling bodoh sekali. Those words are nothing by flaming racial sentiment amongst the Chinese. A police report must be lodge against this idiot. Orang sudah matangLAH.

Deputies - Datuk Robert Lau, Datuk Hamzah Zainuddin (no comments)

Works Minister
Minister - Datuk Mohd Zin Mohamad - haha taken over Samy Value place. So please buck up or you will be out.

Deputy - Datuk Yong Khoon Seng - Tolong Bos kalau tidak pun sama

Energy, Water and Communications
Minister - Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor - this idiot wants bloggers to be registered. What stupid statement ever said by a Minister...ooops they are all stupid, I forgot.

Deputy - Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum (no comment)

Agriculture and Agro-based Industry
Minister - Datuk Mustapa Mohamed (no comment)
Deputy - Datin Paduka Rohani Abdul Karim (no comment)

International Trade and Industry
Minister - Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin - there are a lot to say of this chap. But then again, let us see what this guy is capable of. Pengganti Iron Lady Malaysia.
Deputies - Datuk Liew Vui Keong, Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan (no comments)

Foreign Affairs
Minister - Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim - I like him but unfortunately in recent days he became to be talking nonsense on the Perak thingy nevertheless I must remind him that I have read his book.

Deputy - Datuk Seri Tengku Azlan Sultan Abu Bakar - no comment as he has rejected the offer to be Rais' deputy.

Minister - Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein - the keris fella. Stop being racist and you'll be PM. But as far as I am concern, you don't have the respect of almost all Chinese.

Deputies - Datuk Wee Ka Siong, Datuk Razali Ismail (No comments)

Higher Education
Minister - Datuk Khaled Nordin - I have nothing to say about this chap. But please work hard for all race.

Deputies - Dr Hou Kok Chung, Datuk Idris Harun (No comments except for Datuk Harun, I'll be watching him closely. I ain't happy with his speeches)

Minister - Datuk Ong Tee Keat - Thumb up. But unfortunately he joined a wrong party.
Deputy - Datuk Anifah Aman - Hmmmm he decline too this position.

Human Resources
Minister - Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam - lucky for him that all his kawan-kawan loss or he will end up becoming Deputy Minister.

Deputy - Datuk Noraini Ahmad (no comment except that she is a hot...hehe)

Women, Family and Community Development
Minister - Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen - hmmmm is this the one who wanted to go to Australia and now she is Community Development Minister.

Deputy - Noriah Kasnon (no comment)

National Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage
Minister - Datuk Shafie Apdal (no comment)
Deputy - Datuk Teng Boon Soon (no comment)

Science, Technology and Innovation
Minister - Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili (no comment)
Deputy - Fadilah Yusof (no comment)

Entrepreneurial and Cooperative Development
Minister - Datuk Noh Omar - Hmmmm this is another bias person. You can read about him in some of the blogs. Just do a google search and you know what I mean.

Deputy - Datuk Saiffuddin Abdullah (no comment)

Natural Resources and Environment
Minister - Datuk Douglas Unggah Embas (no comment)
Deputy - Datuk Abdul Ghapur Salleh (no comment)

Rural and Regional Development
Minister - Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib - Back door appointments and everybody in Selangor and Malaysia knows who is he and what he is capable of. I don't want to comment except for RM74,500,000, the case in Brisbane and the marriage and divorce of the Princess.

Deputy - Tan Sri Joseph Kurup, Joseph Entulu Belaun (no comments)

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs
Minister - Datuk Shahrir Samad - thumb up. Though a very late appointment (he should have being appointed in 2004 cabinet), I hope he can be the one that shine in this flip flop cabinet and at least make Malaysian proud. But my opinion is that he should be put in better and important portfolio.

Deputy - Jelaing Mersat (no comment)

Plantation Industries and Commodities
Minister - Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui (no comment)
Deputy - Senator A. Kohilan (no comment)

Youth and Sports
Minister - Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaacob (no comment)
Deputy - Wee Jeck Seng (no comment)

Minister - Datuk Liow Tiong Lai - I have some good words for him and hopefully he can performed but please don't be a mouth piece to UMNO. stand firm and you get elected again.

Deputy - Datuk Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad (no comment)

Minister - Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek - sometimes I wonder this ministry should just merge with the Communication ministry. Just a waste of money. Anyway I hope he performed better than his 'erection' predecessor or he will be voted out the next time.

Deputy - Datuk Tan Lian Hoe - no comment but should he be made a full minister? So long liow

Minister - Datuk Seri Azalina Othman - Wanita UMNO felt that she is not a WANITA. I am not surprise. Looks like she got to do a lot of proving. And to Rafidah please shut up and retire.

Deputy - Datuk Seri Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib - anak Taib. You know what I mean.

Federal Territories - I just feel that this Ministry is a waste of public funds. Small country but many ministries.
Minister - Datuk Seri Zulhasnan Rafique (no comment)

Deputy - Datuk M. Saravanan (no comment)

Friday, March 21, 2008

12 Proposal for Parliamentary Reform

By Lim Kit Siang

In 2004, I had made 12 proposals for parliamentary reform and modernization for Malaysia to have a "First World Parliament" not only in infrastructure, but mindset, culture, practices and performance.

These 12 proposals for First-World Parliament should be adopted as the parliamentary agenda of both the Barisan Nasional and the Opposition in the 12th Parliament when it convenes for its first meeting in May, viz:

1. live telecast of parliamentary proceedings;
2. daily two-hour question time;
3. Prime Minister's Question Time twice a week;
4. Opposition MP heading the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).
5. some 30 specialist Parliamentary Select Committees with a Select Committee for every Ministry;
6. about ten general Parliamentary Select Committees to produce annual reports on progress, trends and recommendations on national integrity, IT, women's agenda, environment, mass media, corruption, etc;
7. allocation of certain days a week specifically to deal with Opposition business;
8. research and constituency staffing for MPs.
9. an Opposition Deputy Speaker
10. modernization and democratization of Standing Orders
11. code of ethics for all MPs.
12. Ministers' Parliamentary code of conduct

The political tsunami of March 8, 2008 general election is an unmistakable mandate and demand for far-reaching changes in Malaysia after 50 years of nation-building, including the creation of a vibrant, vigorous and truly representative First-World Parliament.

At the meeting of PKR, PAS and DAP leaders in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday night, I had proposed that PKR President Datin Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail be the Parliamentary Opposition Leader of the new Parliament until Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim regains his full civil liberties and is re-elected to Parliament, and the proposal was agreed by the leaders of the three parties.

DAP MPs and I will give full support to Azizah and the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz who is now fully responsible for parliamentary affairs, to turn the Malaysian Parliament into a First-World Parliament ¡V as it is better to be late than never.

Hmmmm.... Is This True?

Is this true? Or just a myth. I received this from a friend of mine. There are some banners found around KL demanding for the Prime Minister to resign. The words printed on some of the banners are strong indication demanding 'Pak Lah BERUNDUR'. If this is true, then UMNO members should request for an EGM to discuss the disastrous result of the 12th General Election since Merdeka and at the same time to look back at all policies that are damaging to the general feeling and perspective of all Malaysians. UMNO must NOT be arrogant. Losing five states and the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur is one thing but losing four economic giants (Selangor, Perak, Penang and KL) is another thing. Serious thoughts needed for UMNO.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Accept the Challenge Mr "Pantang DiCabar"

Tengku Razaleigh© Malaysiakini (Used by permission)

Umno veteran former vice president Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah today said that he wanted to challenge Umno president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for the presidency in the coming party polls.

The MP for Gua Musang offered himself to lead Umno to “heal the party” which was in “a bad way”.

“I still have ideas, I am still brave because I am independent and I don’t depend on anyone. If my service is still needed and my strength can still be used, I am offering myself to work for the rakyat,” he told a press conference in Kota Baru today.

“Even though I am old but I am still strong. If there are enough nominations for me to contest in the Umno election, I will give my service if I am needed,” he added.

Tengku Razaleigh had previously challenged and lost to then Umno president Dr Mahathir Mohamad in the 1987 party elections, causing a massive split in the party and the subsequent formation of Semangat 46 by Tengku Razaleigh.

He was later invited back into the Umno fold by Mahathir in 1996 when he dissolved Semangat 46 and brought back all its members into Umno.

In 2004, he tried to challenge Abdullah for the presidency but failed to obtain the necessary nominations. He obtained only one from his Gua Musang division.

Calling for Umno EGM

He is now planning to call for a special meeting in his division tomorrow to discuss his proposal for the party to hold a special meeting to discuss the defeat.

He described Umno’s defeat in the recent general election as the most painful and horrible moment in his political career.

The Kelantan prince also recently distributed letters to all Umno divisions and branch heads, urging them to call for a special Umno EGM on May 11, the party’s anniversary, to discuss the dismal polls performance.

He felt the meeting should be held before the annual general meeting in August to “avoid confusion.”

“I felt the general assembly has to deal with lots of issues, so let us have this special meeting to discuss the election results. I hope the other Umno divisions will consider this. This can be done according to the party’s constitution and it is an abnormal thing. We need to discuss this defeat. Haven’t the Umno members realise we’ve lost five states? Are they still sleeping?” he said.

Difference between Ghani Othman and Sore Loser

Ghani Othman

Sore Loser

There is definitely a vast difference between the two Ketua Kerajaan of the South of Malaysia besides the different name in their position. Ali Rustam aka Ali Gostan (Chinese) or Ali Ketam (Malay) is the Ketua Menteri or Chief Minister of Malacca and Ghani Othman is the Menteri Besar of the state of Johore.

The former in my opinion is a sore loser who has been quite vocal in his speeches during the 12th General Election, crying for ZERO Opposition. Fortunately, the mature people of Malacca have voted the DAP not 2 but 5 state seats including a stronghold of MCA, Ayer Keroh and buried the political rise of the former state exco and Kesidang state assemblyman, Koh Nai Kwang and at the same time sekat the rise of Wong Nai Chee in Kota Melaka.

Being a very sore loser, Ali Rustam aka Ali Gostan (Chinese) or Ali Ketam (Malay) declared arrogantly to not to develop DAP Opposition constituencies. And guess what? He said it many times ARROGANTLY during and after the election. I also believed that he himself directed Majilis Bandaraya to KIV all complaints, projects or whatever in all DAP Opposition constituencies. So what do you call that.....a damn SORE LOSER.

The Malacca people pays tax and all sort of cukai-cukai. Maybe I should advised oops DEMAND our Sore Loser to apologise to all the Malacca People. What he said is definitely a threat and a breach of Article 8 of the Federal Constitution.

Compare that to Ghani Othman the Menteri Besar of Johore in TV3 just now that he will not stop or cancel any projects in the constituencies held by Opposition. Now that is a true leader compare that of the Sore Loser of Malacca. I can't imagine if he is the PM or DPM of Malaysia.

My two cents worth....

Monday, March 17, 2008

Anak Tun M...... in milky water

I must first bagi tabik to Mahatir Jr. for his heartfelt letter. I think it's a brave act, and we all know that in UMNO (U Must Not Object), sesiapa yang bantah sure kena sound punya. Almost similar to Nazism albeit without the Hitler's moustache. Well I must say there is no democratic voice in UMNO. We'll see, and I pray that common sense in UMNO must prevail. If Tunku is still around, I'm sure he must be weeping....

Saturday, March 15, 2008

UMNO ...please shut up....u idiot...

Good one. So UMNO please shut up and get the hell out of the administration of the DAP-PKR led government in Penang. Nothing short but sore losers. Dah kalah, kalahlah. Jangan nak jadi samseng dan kononnya Penyelamat Melayu. It is the cronyism and nepotism of UMNO that the Malay race is left behind. I believe the present state government led by YAB Lim Guan Eng will do it's best for all the Rakyat tanpa mengira bangsa, agama dan fahaman politik.

To the 21 NGOs, thanks for listening to your Ketua Menteri instead of the khabar angin, TV3 and the mainstream Press.

(Bernama) Pulau Pinang: Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Lim Guan Eng meminta rakyat Pulau Pinang tidak mendengar khabar angin yang boleh merosakkan semangat muhibah antara kaum di negeri ini.

Beliau berkata tindakan golongan tidak bertanggungjawab yang menyebarkan pelbagai khabar angin itu boleh menjejaskan usaha kerajaan baru mewujudkan keharmonian di negeri ini.

"Kerajaan baru ini adalah kerajaan untuk semua rakyat Pulau Pinang tidak kira latar belakang politik, kaum dan agama. Kami memang hendak mewakili semua rakyat negeri ini," katanya kepada pemberita selepas mengadakan pertemuan tertutup dengan 21 Badan Bukan Kerajaan (NGO) Islam di pejabatnya di sini hari ini.

Turut hadir pada perjumpaan itu ialah kedua-dua Timbalan Ketua Menteri I dan II iaitu Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin dan Prof Dr P.Ramasamy.

Pada pertemuan itu, Lim sekali lagi mengulangi jaminannya bahawa kerajaan gabungan DAP-Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) tidak akan meminggirkan orang Melayu dan penganut agama Islam.

"Kedudukan Islam tidak dipertikaikan dan semua khabar angin tentang azan tidak boleh dilaungkan adalah tidak benar, ini pertama kali saya dengar cerita seperti ini.

"Kita mahu dengar suara rakyat jadi jika suara rakyat nak didengar maka suara azan juga nak didengar," katanya.

Pada pertemuan itu, Lim juga memaklumkan bahawa beliau akan mengadakan perbincangan dengan Mohammad Fairus mengenai kedudukan orang Melayu di Tanjung Tokong.

"Tanjong Tokong adalah kawasan penempatan Melayu pertama yang saya lawati sebelum mengangkat sumpah jawatan dan saya beritahu penduduk di sana bahawa mereka ada kawan di pejabat Ketua Menteri," katanya.

Sementara itu penasihat Jemaah Islah Malaysia (JIM) Pulau Pinang Dr Danial Zainal Abidin yang mengetuai 21 NGO Islam dalam pertemuan dengan Lim berpuas hati dengan penjelasan yang diberikan berhubung kedudukan orang Melayu dan penganut agama Islam di negeri ini.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I'll Be BACK...stronger

I must first thank God for giving me the boldness and courage to stand for integrity, justice and righteousness. I must thank my dear family for their undivided support and love for me. I must also thank the people in Dun Duyong for their votes and trust in me. I also thank my supporters outside Dun Duyong for supporting and cheering me everytime I speak on issues and to all DAP leaders and members for their undying support for me. I am touched by the love and care by all the people and YES, members of the Chinese press for their fair covering on all of us.

I also thank the people for all the smses and phone calls. I apologise if I am unable to answer all the smses and phone calls, I hope my supporters will understand. I received almost 50 smses everyday until election and Sunday with a record of almost 200 smses. Thank you so much.

I am indeed GLAD to be of service to the people in Dun Duyong and Malacca. Though I am exhausted, I am happy and excited that we managed to 'tawan' Kota Melaka with a huge majority. I am also happy to note that we won 5 state seats and I believe my team members will not let their voters down as they are men and woman of principle and integrity.

My message is simple. "Lawan Tetap Lawan" and I will be back stronger for the 13th general election.

Cheers and God bless.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Jingkling Nona - Rasuah Version

barang naik, petrol naik, semua pun naik
sokong dacing, dapat cacing, dia sapu semua,
tong sampah, lapan ratus, projek kroni siapa?
Air Leleh, Bukit Beruang , satu point tujuh juta.

Merana orang kita, nak bayar hutang Melaka,
BN cakap prosper, kita papa kedana.

barang naik petrol naik, semua pun naik,
sokong dacing, dapat cacing, dia sapu semua,
Hang Tuah Mall, banyak belanja, satu orang pun takda,
projek besar, projek kecil, pakai duit sapa?

Pergi sini sana, belanja duit kita,
Projek merata rata, tambah hutang Melaka,

barang naik, petrol naik, semua pun naik,
sokong dacing, dapat cacing, dia sapu semua,
Undi roket, pangkah roket, kita hentam BN
Ali Rustam sama kroni I memang kenot stand!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My CERAMAH on 6.3.2008

My ceramah on the 6.3.2008...

- Portuguese Settlement
- Kampung Pasir Puteh
- Lorong Pandan (DAP HQ)

I seriously don't know what time I will talk. But nevertheless cakap tetap cakap

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Next Ceramah

Dear all especially Kawasan DUN Duyong....

My ceramah dates are:-

(i) 4th March 2008 - Semabok Dalam
(ii) 5th March 2008 - Sri Duyong
(iii) 6th March 2008 - Laksamana Cheng Ho, Bukit Serindit

Do come and follow the hailer and the loud speaker

Sunday, March 2, 2008

BN's kuli

The most no manners police in the whole station.
Damn bas**** chap.
Konon tunjuk lagak tetapi UMNO punya polis.

Saudara Goh almost arrested

Special Branch (the boss Tuan Lim)

The whole damn police where one of them have a machine gun

I am very ashamed of the Police DiRaja Malaysia. I believed the Yang DiPertuan Agong is also ashamed of such despicable act of the Kuli of the Barisan Nasional government. Using the Royal Malaysian Police as a tool to satisfy their own political gain.

It all started when I was delivering my speech, some supporters told Saudara Goh Leong San (Candidate for Kesidang and former ADUN for Banda Hilir) that Special Branch aka Mata, was recording our speeches and also that of the people. Recording our speeches, no problem with that, but what sore us all is the recording of the people that attended our ceramah. This is uncalled for and an act of instilling fear amongst the voters. This is so wrong and not professional at all. As such Saudara Goh's anger and frustration towards the police is justifiable.

Of course the police retaliate by wanting to show who's boss. Like a gangster after our ceramah stormed into DAP office kicked our chairs and wanting to go into the inner hall which we insists that they can't come in as we have many confidential stuff. Of course that cause uneasiness on the police starting to make arrest against Saudara Goh. Immediately we (Koh Sze Choon - candidate for Klebang and I) took shots on such high-handedness of the police in performing their duty.

I do believe that Saudara Goh's anger and frustration is shared not only by all DAP candidates or DAP Melaka but by everybody who witness the incident. As like in all games, there must be fair play and integrity by all concerned including the Police.

I on behalf of all DAP candidates and Melaka DAP, strongly condemned such unprofessional act of the police. I must say that they are subordinate to the laws of this land.