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Friday, May 25, 2018

A Marathon

I first ran in a general election way back in 2008. I fought the mighty Gan Tian Lu who was the incumbent and a hardworking YB then. He was also the MCA Chairman. A slim majority 806 votes. Then I was tasked to take the Alor Gajah Parliament challenge. That was an uphill task though I was working on the grounds for more than 2 years.

Come 2018, 10 years, I was tasked to retain the seat left by Goh Leong San who left the party due to internal issues of the Party. On a side note, I did not leave the Party as I am a believer of the Party's struggle and principles. I joined the Party since 15.4.2004 and since then climbed the political ladder. It was a long and flimsy ladder.

Cut the story short, I won in 2018 and hope to do my level best to serve the Duyong people and the Rocket

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