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Monday, April 30, 2007

Aftermath of the Ijok 'Buy' election

What can I say but congratulation to NOT to BN but BN's machinery. The might of BN. The might of the powers that be. My conclusion :

(i) Money politics is still an ever ready tool in election warfare (Government announce RM36 million for 'pembangunan' just on Ijok before the nomination of candidates and further promise a couple of million in the next few days after that).

(ii) Politics of Fear still reign among elections. But this time the 'politics of fear' is more noted. There are beating, cat calling, ruckus etc in this election compare to Machap By election

(iii) Good and noble words such as freedom of conscience, democracy, integrity, freedom from corruption, righteousness and the likes have become mere words VERSUS MONEY which are generally acceptable.

(iv) Personal issues rather than political issues survives in this election

(v) Election campaigne between all parties does not show political maturity...same goes with voters.

(vi) Election process is non functional. If you have studied Constitutional and Administrative law, the current by election follows the law of the jungle.

(vii) Racial election still prevail even though BN chose Parthiban as their nominee.

(viii) PKR does not have the ability to lead in the next general election as they are still in the Anwar factor rather than a Malaysia factor compare to DAP Malaysian Malaysia that are well accepted menifesto by chinese Malaysian

(ix) Chinese in Ijok still vote for the Opposition (mainly due to the effective campaigne by DAP for KeAdilan). This menifested in one of the polling centre in IJok where it houses Chinese Majority.

(x) Opposition unity has shown progress and hopefully blossom in the coming general election.

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