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Sunday, April 29, 2007

KeAdilan loss in Ijok

As expected KeAdilan loss in Ijok state seat for the second time worst still even though the turn out is high (81.88%) making it the highest turn out in a by election, Tan Sri Khalid even though a 'orang kampung in Ijok' and with the help of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, not only loss with a majority but in fact gave the BN a resounding victory. The majority was not at all reduce. I thought at least to have the majority reduced. Issues :

(1) Is KeAdilan still relevant?
(2) Is DSAI relevant?
(3) Can we blame the 5884 voters who vote for cheap sale and money politics?

Hmmm but anyway a good show. I was very much hoping for KeAdilan to win or at least give a good fight to show that they are still relevant in Malaysian politics at least for DSAI to lead the opposition in the coming general election, and not being just a talking shop. Many talks in many ceramah... now is to see whether Cikgu Partiban is able to deliver what he promise in his 9 days campaigne and for KeAdilan to continue to be present in Ijok to check them out.

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