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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

...And So The AG Is Charging Him

Just went the election fever is up and kicking. And that Malaysians want to see the mother of all battles and the start of a new destiny, DSAI will have to answer to the charge framed by the AG under s. 377 Penal Code tomorrow at Jalan Duta Session Court. The charge will be read to him, and DSAI will answer...

"Not Guilty". Bail will then be imposed.

Bail is paid. Off to a campaign that Malaysians are waiting.

What do I feel about this sequel, Sodomy 2?
Well the medical report speaks volume.

So why charge DSAI?
Waste time and public funds. That is what our government is good at anyway.

1 comment:

joshua said...

We say yes to 'Justice'!