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Thursday, March 19, 2009

MBBS University Malaya - Tak Laku

How lah?

No recognition for UM’s MBBS by EU since 1990

KUALA LUMPUR, (March 18, 2009) : The medical degree (MBBS) from Universiti Malaya (UM) has not been recognised by the European Union since its medical student intake of 1990.

Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Idris Haron said that according to the General Medical Council’s stipulation, MBBS programmes outside the EU did not qualify for its recognition.

“This ruling does not only apply to the medical degrees from Malaysia, but also from the universities in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore which offer the same programme and have produced top medical specialists,” he said in reply to a question from M. Manogaran (DAP-Teluk Intan) in the Dewan Rakyat today.

To a supplementary question from Manogaran on the government’s efforts to regain the recognition, he said it was undertaking student exchange programmes with universities in the United Kingdom.

“For instance, we have such a programme with Queen’s University of Belfast for the purpose of transfer of credit, which can contribute to regaining the recognition.

“The effort has been recognised by a number of universities in the group of universities which cooperate with the GMC in EU and the Malaysian Medical Council.”

He said this would also provide an opportunity for universities in Malaysia which offered medical degree programmes to gain the recognition in future. — BERNAMA/ The Sun


fadzly extenders said...

tak laku britain je.. tapi local, singapore, berebut2 nak UM. Apa lagi hospital pakar, mereka lagi mahukan UM.. Ntah2 anda sendiri dirawat oleh Dr dari UM

Damian 'Baba' Yeo (楊 勝 利) said...

haha. u r so wrong encik fadzly extenders. kesemua doktor saya kenal dari Edinburgh (Scotland), Imperial College School of Medicine (UK), University of Aberdeen School of Medicine (Scotland), Georgetown University School of Medicine dean (US), NUS (Singapore) dan one or two lagi. Fortunately semua mereka balik Malaysia jadi doktor pakar sini.

Macam saya lulusan LLB dari UK, boleh amal dan bekerja sebagai peguam di merata-rata tempat. Tetapi sayangnya LLB dari University Malaya hanya boleh amal di Malaysia sahaja.

Ini lah standard kita....