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Friday, December 26, 2008

Blessed Christmas

I just want to wish my relatives, friends, readers and all a Blessed Christmas.

I like many of you would have received Christmas sms greetings. I received so much till it jammed by inbox. But nevertheless I want to thank all who had sms me and send those wonderful greetings. And of course I wish to thank those that have send me cards using snail mail, THANK YOU.

Honestly, I was not celebrating (or rather not in my usual scale) as my wife will be delivering anytime this week. So it was just a lot of anxiety in me, bringing her whatever I go just so afraid that she will bomb at anytime. There are many usual scare but Baby Pris seems not wanting to come out.

So what is Christmas to us? Me personally, it is not just what we usually see commercially in the shopping complexes. It is not Santa Clause. It is not Rudolph the Red Nose Raindeer. It is not Jingle Bells, Jinggle Bells. It is never about shopping or resting at home but it is about JESUS. It is about God's greatest gift for mankind. It is about gladtidings and good will towards men. Yes, salvation belongs to my Lord. And that is what Christmas is for me.

Therefore it is my desire to see peace and joy and goodwill towards men in this Christmas not only for myself but Malaysia and to the world at large.

How nice to see people respecting one another colour and creed and religion. How nice would it be for all of us to enjoy each other company and take care each other wellbeing. How nice if we can live with such genuine unity and harmony and not suspicious of one another.

I, for certain will be looking forward for a great year. And I am praying that there will be goodwill towards men regardless of creed, race and religion. I believe that one day all of us will disregard our race and the colour of our skin and simply call ourselves MALAYSIAN and be proud of it.

That is Christmas, that I so long for it for my country, Malaysia.

Blessed Christmas to You


Dan'Lion said...

Blessed Christmas brother Matt and ALL at home and to the "coming" new arrival :-)

With Love,
Daniel, Marilyn, Ashley and Andrea.

joshua said...



Pray for baby to come out on 1 Jan 2009! The whole world will celebrate for her, MJ says. hehe