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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Making the Police STUPID

I read the Star this evening and found this latest entry on JERIT handling a memo to Senator T. Murugiah, the Minister in the PM's department and was amused with the logic given by the police during their cycling campaign. I must salute JERIT for their determination though 111 arrest, sexual harassment, police harassment, got their bicycle torched and flamed, persistently abused by pro establishments (u know what I mean, especially members of U Must Not Object members) and the many other old fashioned mathod of intimidation.

But nevertheless, I think I must applaud the Senator for receiving the memorandum and at the same time....

I feel 'bangga' that there are rakyat Malaysia who would just went all out not fearing intimidation of wanting to see CHANGE. Change to among other things discriminating policies and laws, requesting for the minimum wages acts, stop the privatisation of public facilities, control the prices of goods and restore local government elections. These are all warranted request that are good for the country and her people. So why not? deliberate it in Parliament and let our law makers debate it and fight it out.

But what is more embarassing, is our men in blue and the pro establishments chaps. Yes, included the police. Why the harassment? Why the insult and the abuse? Why the use of arbitrary force? Why the threat? It shows the acts and conducts of the police are inter alia:-

i) shallow and unintelligent. In short STUPID
ii) a poo poo undemocratic organisation
iii) insult to Malaysia and her people
iv) discriminating, what about the Rempits??
v) very unnecessary and uncalled for
vi) a waste of public funds
vii) abusive and ruckus
viii) questionable
and many more.....

Like Kit says, "“commended” the police for highlighting the campaign -- without the alleged police harrassment, the event would not have received so much attention locally and internationally"

A big thank you to them for making JERIT famous.

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