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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Zambry is NOT MB .... Period

Taken from one of my learned associates, Richard Wee from Richard Wee Lopez, on the MB vs MB's Court of Appeal decision in allowing a staay of execution. This is what he concluded.

After looking through the law on Stay of Execution, this is my opinion:-

1. Nizar sought declaratory relief that he was wrongly removed as MB Perak and that he is still the MB for that state. He succeeded to persuade the High Court Judge accordingly.

2. The One-man-panel Court of Appeal granted a Stay for that. What does that mean? It means that the declaration that Nizar is MB is currently on hold until such time Zambry's appeal is heard in Court of Appeal (& possibly Federal Court).

3. So the current position is = Nizar IS the MB for Perak. The High Court decision is still valid, and until such time it is overturned, that decision, stands!

4. As for Zambry, as per the same High Court decision; his election as MB is an invalid and unlawfully.

5. With the stay, it only means that the Declaration by High Court cannot be carried out yet; but it surely does not mean Zambry is the MB.

6. So, Perak at this moment has no MB and the Court should have appointed a temporary caretaker to oversee the State until such time Zambry's appeal is exhausted.

7. Can someone ask Zambry to leave the State Secretariat, cause he is a trespasser.

1 comment:

joshua said...

Zambry is MB. Impostor MB.