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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Malacca CM running for Deputy President

Breaking News. The Malacca Chief Minister, Muhd Ali Rustam announced that he will be running for Deputy President of UMNO making him the second UMNO leader after Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. Of course it is of common knowledge that Muhyiddin Yassin being also a senior UMNO Vice President will be contesting the going-to-be-vacant-seat, Deputy President, though he has yet to publicly announce his intention. Anyway in short I call them the Deputy Prime Minister wannabe as whosoever wins the Deputy position will be the number 2 man of the cabinet. Meaning if the Malacca CM be elected, then there is a possibility that he either resign from his Chief Ministership in Malacca and be appointed as a senator, in order to be Deputy Prime Minister.

Now turning to the Malacca CM, I can rest assure you that he is no where near Najib or even Zahid in terms of intellect and manner of speaking. Many policies he decide in Malacca are nothing but a waste of public funds. Hearing him speaks in forums and seminars shows no-intellect. I bet you he may not even understand simple economics.

I have heard him spoke in ceramahs as well as public meeting and I must say he is not a minister-like (anyway, all of ministers are never minister like) what more a Deputy Prime Minister.

I am impressed with the scrutiny of the American public over the Presidential candidates for the coming Presidential election in November. Now in scrutinising our Deputy Prime Minister candidates, I think the Malaysian public has the right to demand that these candidates are of calibre, transparent and of integrity. Maybe I want to ask Ali what happen to our state debt, that now stands at RM1.10 billion as at 2007 ( and the many nominees of his benefiting all the projects in Malacca.

So what has he now got to say

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