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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Suddenly, the Government berjiwa Rakyat

Suddenly the government became thoughtful of the Rakyat.
Suddenly the government is listening to the plights of the Rakyat.
Suddenly the Rakyat became a concern of the government.
And what do the Government say.....berjiwa rakyat.

After kena left right and center then only the government put on hold the RM1.7 billion purchase of the Cougar EC 725 helicopters. Only when the Opposition, NGO and the public voice their concern, only then the government reacted.

And there they go again to say "Kerajaan Barisan Nasional berjiwa rakyat". What can I say, "berjiwa rakyat" my foot.

According to source in wikipedia, the EC 725 was developed to meet a French Air Force requirement for a specialist helicopter for Combat Search & Rescue. It was never tested during real combat or battle except for minor operation by the French Air Force such as to evacuate people from Lebanon during Operation Baliste in 2006 and the war in Afghanistant to support the coalition force. Well that is the only battle operation stated and Malaysia literally intended to buy not three or four but 12 units of untested battlefield helicopters.

Maybe I may want to ask the government whatever for? Oh yes maybe for peacekeeping under the UN banner. Whatever it is RM1.7 billion is not in our league and means. That money can be used for many many things for the Rakyat. In fact the government should not even consider it at the first place. Not even 2011.

1 comment:

joshua said...

Yes, memang govt 'berjiwa rakyat' but motive supaya rakyat terus menyokong govt.

Sekarang govt takut hilang rakyat's support.