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Saturday, October 11, 2008

No Comment...yet

I will not comment anything in this blog about Tan Sri Zaki Azmi at the moment.

Whatever it is HE SHOULD NOT BE APPOINTED as the next Chief Justice due to his close association with the ruling UMNO. By convention, he should be appointed due to his very senior position in the judiciary i.e. as the President of the Court of Appeal (though his Lordship's appointment

Uncle Kit perceived that should he be appointed, it could cause another era of judicial crisis and scandal (because of his relationship with UMNO), as such a VERY not proper appointment as the Head Judge. This could haltthe process of judicial reform and misjudge PM Badawi's agenda for change (that is if he has one). He pointed out that prior to his appointment as PCA, Zaki was the Umno legal adviser, chairman of the Umno election committee and deputy chairman of the Umno disciplinary board of appeal.

Well I just hope (and pray) that the Prime Minister will be wise in doing the best for Malaysia and not UMNO.

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