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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Tribute to the two mothers I love and care dearly.

Firstly, MY WIFE and mother to Paul, none other than Peggy the pillar of my strength. Known her since 1987 in church but really know her years after that. A superb lady who loves cantonese drama. After having said that, not that true though, as she will spend time in the office even after 7pm just to finish work thus sacrificing her love for that drama.

She is what I call the woman in Proverbs 49, the complete lady. Not only that she took care of the family but at the same time the messy office in Melaka Raya. She helped me in my office in the end of 2005 as Personal Assistant to the Managing Partner and later Office Manager to the Firm. That really helps me in managing the office especially to balance the account and reconcile it. AT least now I'm able to concentrate the law and marketing for clients as compared before she came in, it was like Jack of all trade and master of none.

God has been so good to allow me to know her in a special way. I enjoy her touch, her love to me, her ever amazing patient especially during my operation and recuperation and her charm that attracts me all the time. The love and inspiration to my life.

The second Woman, is my MOM, the woman that knows me inside out literally and love me the day I was born. She is what I call the foundation of the family. She make sure that we have food on the table, the money to go to school and that she will only sleep when everybody is back from school or work. She enjoys the big TV, that is why I bought it for her so at least that add a smile in her face. She is really a mother, the woman that not think of herself but the others.

Even though she only had standard two education, my siblings suspected that she is able to read. Haha. Why? She could recognised who's letters are whose. Her patient and perserverance is LONG and her sacrifice is an example to all mothers. She enjoys very simple food and thank God for Paul in making her laugh (not all the time though), panicked and at times cry.

On her relationship with Peggy, I would say excellant. Never have I seen a wife and mother in law works so well before compare to the many stories and news I've seen and heard. There is such a mutual respect between them and the privacy and space given between themselves.

So to the both of you...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

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