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Saturday, May 19, 2007

part 3....on the Unnecessary Statement

It is damning to read the so called APOLOGY statements. This is definitely not an unqualified, unequivocal or even honest apology to all women gender. Their statements are statements tainted with threat by the minister, tainted with coercion and lies of the highest honour. I find the whole episode as two baduts wanting to have very cheap publicity by uttering unnecessary statements so as to show themselves known to the whole wide world of their stupidity and foolishness.

After seeing youtube again on the remarks against Batu Gajah MP, after and before the statements were made, I don't see how those clowns can give valid reasons by saying that they were provoked by the DAP charges led by Ipoh Timur MP. I don't see any provocation in youtube. As Parliamentarians, they should know how to first conquer their emotions and patients or else quit being a parliamentarian and give way to a more suitable people who would understand real politics and functions of parliament. Utterance without thinking of the repercussion and a reason such as this (being provoke by the Opposition) are just lame excuses.

After the whole episode, my conclusion is simply two words "NOT SINCERE" at all. Full of Bullshit.

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