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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Lap Top Crashing

Anytime soon, my dearest companion 'DELL INSPIRON 600m' for 4 years will be crashing. It has been a living hell for me the past two days trying to back up my important files which I have build up for the past 4 years. I thought I have back up it but unfortunately I have not done so or that it is alittle bit out of date. It all started when my Paul accidently or intentionally push my dearest companion and cause it to literally crash. I was trying to save my documents and transfer it to my pen drive and have been doing it for the past 48 hours. And everytime my lap top shows or a slow brain damage. Fortunately internet is still ok albeit a little slow and sometimes it hang for whatever reason known only to her. Difficult but my documents has to be saved before it's too late. I have also asked Peggy to buy another pen drive just in case I need it for my 'adventure'. Hopefully it won't be hung after I finish this post.

Anyway, I was abit upset and angry but what can I say he is my Paul my one and only son (at the moment) whom I love most.

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