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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nation Transformation

It's me again putting some writings in this blog, just to spice your routine . Had a wonderful time with Dr Dexter and Dr Lily for a leadership meeting in Malacca. Rev Dr Lily talks about the need for transformation in our country. There must be a reversal in each and every seven pillars of this nation and we have about 48 weeks to go to see the window of opportunity for this country we so love to continue to pour.

The singing of our NegaraKu even in Church is so wonderful and awesome. The land that our founding fathers so shed their blood. Where people live in harmony and prosperity, with God given blessings of happiness, so that our King reign in peace. This is the English translation of our national anthem. Written by a panel of Judges and Tunku Abdul Rahman himself. The song was composed by Wah Idris.

Looking at it again, I will say WOW awesome. We are asking the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to release His great blessing to everybody so that peace and harmony will be established in this country. There is a need for transformation and the time is now or never. We can't afford to see persecution in this country like what happen to Indonesia. And if so the prophesy is real, then the urgency is there for us to pray for this country as His people is not ready to see it.

We were enlighten to hear from Rev. Dr. Dexter Low's sharing about what happened in Indonesia before the Tsunami where there were so many persecution on to the Christian churches. They send the Jihadist to surround the country and they came with guns from Afghanistan and Pakistan. So many of them but yet our God delivered the Christians in that country. And when the Tsunami came the Christians in Aceh were told to celebrate Christmas on the hill whereas one million died when the Tsunami hit. Most religious leaders died. But a turn of event happen after that when these muslim leader who survived ask for forgiveness to the believers of Christians (Nasrani). God is in control some how and I'm truly encouraged by the fantastic moved of God in my generation. Through this the Christian growth is now 20% in Indonesia, what a blessing.

Be that as it may, we will have to be ready for the things to come. I sense in my spirit, after the decision of Lina Joy, whether the decision is for us or not, there will definitely be a move by some quarters and we have to be ready either for the flood of harvest or at the same time the dangers that is ahead of us. I'm not surprise to see bloodshed among their own people. We need to pray like never before and to be united to show love to our neighbours and the people in need

We have to stand in the gap to pray for those in authority, the judiciary, the legislature and the executive. There is a need for Christians in the marketplace to arise to shape this nation for the better. BECAUSE GOD LOVE THIS NATION AND SO ARE WE. We cannot sit and be quiet any more or to just play church.

Dr Dexter Low call us as leaders to be UNITED as we got to work as one. How are we to be transformed nation if we ourselves are not united. We have to look forward in seeing each other in Church. Not just a hi or bye, but a longing to meet one another, having a heart for one another. There must be a connection between each and everyone of us. Until then we can extend it to other church leaders in our territory. SO that we will be the gatekeepers of our jurisdiction and territory. We have to work together as a team so that there is a bonding between us and then we will overcome everything.with love. This is where we will appreciate each other and bear each burden. Together means a synergy.

The other aspect I learnt is that we must be a good model. Exhibit the spirit of excellence. Like Daniel and his friends where even when they were tested, it turn out that they become ten times better then the rest. Joseph too, a class above anybody else until he get himself promoted by Pharaoh.

Thank you for reading.

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