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Monday, February 9, 2009

Up Close and Personal with Datuk Sim Mow Yu

I only got to know this grand ole man sometime last year before the 12th general election. He was introduced to me by YB Sim Tong Him (Kota Melaka MP) who was his grandnephew. And again after the said election.

During my close encounters with this towering figure, he had a couple of good words and advise which I truly cherished and one of those was I got to learn mandarin. Hmmmm that will sharpen my political speech among the Chinese speaking people. Nevertheless he likes the pantun during the election.

Now what about this man. If at all you google his name, rest assured there is nothing there. However seeing the so many people especially dignitaries attending and giving him the final respect in none other than Pay Fong Middle School Hall, this man must have shaped the Chinese community in Malaysia and I was told Chinese Education. Something which all Chinese cherished for a life time.

Reading about him in the Star as well as knowing this man personally, he is a Chinese educationist who was famous for his Chinese calligraphy. He was one of the founders of MCA Youth in 1955 and was made the deputy chief of MCA youth wing. He was then expelled in 1966 from the party “for fighting for the Chinese language to be one of the official languages of Malaya.”

The former headmaster of SJK (C) Ping Ming was also the honorary adviser to the Chinese educationist organisation Dong Jiao Zong which he headed for 28 years.

In 1987, he was arrested under the Internal Security Act in Operasi Lalang and detained for two years. I believe making him the oldest ever arrested under the infamous Act at the age of 74.

Good bye my dear Datuk Sim Mow Yu.