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Thursday, February 26, 2009

UMNO Youth - A shame to UMNO

A pen is mightier than the sword - great words.

Unfortunately, UMNO Youth just don't understand those great words. Blinded only by emotions.

Sometimes I wonder why cyberspace brand UMNO Youth as 'Mat Rempit'. Today at 2.45pm, all is clear. Once branded as an echelon of leadership for Malaysia's young but today the very ugly side of UMNO Youth surfaced showing all Malaysians their true colour, gangsterism and mob rule.

So is this the rebranding of UMNO Youth which the Deputy UMNO Youth leader calls for? Shame on UMNO, shame on UMNO Youth. And I sincerely advise UMNO to change or it will be death to the party (Tengku Razaleigh's advise). Maybe we will watch the three by-election in Perak, Kedah and Sarawak.

But what really bother me is security in Parliament. I remembers years back when I was driving my vehicle into parliament house accidently. And damned I realised that I was unable to make a U-turn, and a security officer came to me, stop me and asked me what am I doing here. Now that was when I was at Parliament gate. Now what bother me was, these 20 odd UMNO Youth members could enter without being stopped by security officers

Another stupid thing I saw in Malaysian Insider was when this chap Megat Zulkarnian told reporters, “They must stop insulting the Rulers and the Malays”. Now what is this got to do with Karpal's accusation on UMNO Youth. There is no insult on the Rulers or even the Malays. Why don't Megat read history back in 1993 when UMNO themselves challenge the rights of the Malay Rulers. SO who is insulting who NOW.

For me Megat is just another henchman of UMNO Youth.

By the way UMNO Youth, this is not my way in settling issues.....

1 comment:

mohd ali ismail said...

Damon S.L.Low,
Whoever enters Parliament compound will have to turn around unless your forehead is stamped with UMNOPUTRA.Who are you to question their rights to be in the vicinity of Parliament House.You have to remember that those guys own Malaysia and you and I are illegals in our own country.