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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Daddy's 8th Anniversary

Today (24th February 2009) is Daddy's 8th Anniversary.

He 'graduated' 8 years ago when I was doing my chambering. We work in the same place until the day he left us. Many good words for my Daddy. People remembered him as the 'gentle' one. Truly, a gentleman. His ways, character, approach, manner of speaking is nothing but gentleness.

Oh how I so miss him.

Now, time really flies. Eight years have passed. And me, a daddy myself with two little cuties, Paul (4 years) and Priscilla (53 days old). Yes, I am so blessed.


richrach said...

Yes, i miss him so too.

Just a few days ago I was telling silas how good it is if he could see sarah, and of course paul & prisc too. Like how he had cared & loved all that mummy baby-sat, what more he would do for his own grandchildren!

joshua said...

Though we can't see him but he can see us. 8=)

He has joined the cloud of witnesses.