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Monday, February 9, 2009

Forum Perdana Pakatan Rakyat

YB Goh Leong San (ADUN Kesidang and DAP Chairman) and I attended the Forum Perdana Pakatan Rakyat organised by PAS. Held in Telok Mas at the Cawangan Telok Mas HQ. The moderator was a friend of mine and fellow blogger Saudara Sofi Wahab who is the Information Chief PAS Melaka. Representing PAS is Ustaz Kamaruddin Sidek who replaced Ustaz Abdul Ghani Abdul Rahman who was in Perak, Saudara Khalid Jaafar (PKR Melaka Chairman) and YB Goh Leong San representing DAP.

It was a no holds barred forum with quite interesting question posed to YB Goh especially on DAP stand on Islamic State and protecting the rights of the Malays. YB Goh with its usual wittiness and eloquence spoke that DAP in it's principle have always fought for all Malaysian regardless of their religious and racial background and that DAP's stand has always been clear and transparent without any hidden agendas in wooing the electorates. As such the people have known DAP for years. As such Pakatan members should not doubt us or even fear us. YB Goh also stressed that with the current working relationship with Pakatan especially PAS, Malacca BN will be defeated in the next election. As DAP will in one voice make sure that even the Chinese community in the rural areas in Malacca will vote for our Pakatan partners.

On the issue of Islamic state, YB Goh state that whilst the issue is not within the Pakatan Agenda and should the issue is raised again, it has to be discussed openly by the leadership of Pakatan. YB Goh stressed that DAP is not against nor support the setting up of an Islamic state but instead there must be constant discussion and deliberation by the Pakatan partners. Should PAS intends to, PAS must convinced the other partners. However with the current mandate by the people, I believe, the people desire a cleaner government and a better check of federal government. What is more important, is the fight against the corrupted Barisan Nasional government.

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