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Monday, February 4, 2008

Caretaker Government? People's Power versus Regime ala Abdullah

I will be watching closely the interesting action undertaken by Kit to commence legal proceedings against the government and the election commission in filing an Originating Summons for a declaration that when Parliament is dissolved, the concept of a caretaker government between dissolution of Parliament and the election of a new legislature and the formation of a new government must be honoured and upheld in Malaysia. Unheard of in Malaysian 50th years history but nevertheless DAP is seen to be history makers for the good of this country.

This would be an interesting court battle between the people's power (Makkal Sakti) versus the regime of ala Abdullah. Unnecessary and abuse spending during general elections is a norm by the powers that be. It has been seen that millions of Ringgit has poured in every election and by-election. By-Elections such as Macap in Malacca and Ijok in Selangor are all examples of unfair practices by the BN government using public funds in funding their election machineries. I call it rape of public fund. Meaning MY money. As such there MUST be check and balance for a fair and clean election. The people must arise and say enough is enough. And as such Kit's Originating Summons is timely.

Under the caretaker government definition provided for by Wikipedia in the case for Malaysia would be when "Parliament (The august House) to which the government is responsible is dissolved, to rule the country for an interim period until an election is held and a new government is formed". That would mean upon Parliament's dissolution, there must be an interim caretaker government responsible in the administration of the country affairs until a new elected government is formed.

So it is common for such caretaker government to be in place so that the former government will not abuse government positions, machinery, resources and funds for any electioneering purpose for a political party or candidate as stated by Kit is his blog. Abdullah Badawi is NOT the Prime Minister (in the strict sense) the moment Parliament is dissolved. He is a mere President of UMNO and the Chairman of Barisan Nasional, a political party participating in the election. As such is not allowed to use public funds that is for the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The election laws further declares that all monies spend in the election must be within limits for example RM200,000.00 for each Parliament constituency and RM100,000.00 for each state seats contest. Any amount above that would be contradicting the election laws.

Kit further says that a candidate who benefits unfairly from any “unhealthy” and dishonest practices, as campaigning assistance by the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister or Cabinet Minister through the abuse of their government positions or misuse of public funds and resources, should be subject to disqualification. Cabinet Ministers who abused their “caretaker” roles should also be penalized as that would lead to abuse and corrupt pratices under our laws.

Kit further stated that at the least the Prime Minister, should have done is to issue a clear directive to all the Ministers that they should set an example of ethics and integrity once Parliament is dissolved, and should not abuse their “caretaker” responsibilities to misuse government positions, resources, manpower and funds for Barisan Nasional electioneering purposes.

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