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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Integration? My foot

Got this from Kit's blog a letter by a parent about a school in Kedah practices what we call divide and rule or rather the practices of favouritism. One gets good stuff and the other gets ciplak. Well this is what we call Malaysia's definition of integration.

by A Parent

I hope you can publish this in your blog. The publication can be an effective deterrent for future. Your blog has helped lots of cases in this way.

I am parent of Form 1 student of Sek Men Taman Hi-Tech in Kulim.

I attended the school Sports Day yesterday (Feb. 4) and I am just shocked at what I saw.

The Malaysian government started the National Service Program, with the objective of racial integration, my foot. That 3-month stint is just a show to make money when the situation in schools are totally different.

This is what I saw yesterday.

Very few Indians participated in the sports event

Indians are supposed to be good in running, but there were very few, I asked the boys. And they said the reason is because the final selection was done on Thaipusam Day. Although it was not a public holiday, Indians took leave and went to temples that day. The school purposely chose that day to select the final participants. That was purposely done.

March Past

It was racially divided. The army/police cadet was 100% Malays whereas Cadet Bomba was 100% non-Malays.The army cadet uniform was perfect, 100% given, whereas the Bomba was crazy, some wore T-Shirts, different kinds of shoes because all the cost need to be borne by the parents. Why?

I really felt very saddened at what happened. It is a rubbish to say the Education Ministry is looks into ways to integrate the races, but in fact they are purposely segregating them.

Is this what the government say ‘We care for all races, we are fair to all’????

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