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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


We finished our pre ceramah at about 11.30pm at the DAP's Dewan Rakyat. Goh Leong San (DAP Chairman), Koh Sze Choon (former candidate of Klebang and YBB - Yang Bakal Berhormat) and I were at the lounge of DAP office relaxing and joking away.


Suddenly, we were interrupted by Gandhi (Taman Merdeka Branch member) together with about 4 Indian friends who complained to us that their tents were burned down by some jokers at about that time. The place was located in Cheng, Melaka some 15km away from DAP office in Taman Pandan. The tents were erected on the side of the road for preparation of the annual Hindu festival. It will be used to shade devotees and at the same time for food preparation.

DAP leaders with our Indian friends

Personally I was utterly shock by such irresponsible act of uncivilised group of people. Such act should not be condoned as heroic. I must say that the police must act fast before it turn to be unruly as Malaysia cannot afford to have a racial clash.

I NOW call upon the police to act swiftly and investigate this notorious act of contempt. It must be done without any fear and favour by the police and also to make the necessary arrest of those that are involved with such despicable act of terror.

Such act is nothing short of a work of terror intending to incite hatred amongst Malaysian.

Enough is enough, let us cry for CHANGE.

Dare to Change

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