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Friday, February 29, 2008

Damian's Ceramah

Blogees, Please note that I will be having two ceramah for DUN Duyong.

1st March 2008 - Sri Duyong
2nd March 2008 - Desa Duyong

Just follow where the loud speakers... ain't not sure the address...

Nevertheless I will be in either Pay Fong, Heng Ann or DAP office....

See you guys.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Damian, from your speach I see the hope for Melaka!
Friends in Duyong, he is the man that YOU MUST VOTE!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like your turbo charge. Hope you will win The Duyong seat. It's a hard battle especially BN has the $$$. I heard that UMNO contestants carries lots of $$$(OURS) ready to give to voters and to those disater victims. Please remind voters to vote with their conscience.

Anonymous said...

I saw today's China Press have photo of Sdr. Lim Guan Eng meeting christians in Subang Jaya. You might want to check out about necf had closed-door meeting in Nov voicing Malaysian Christian concerns. I have many christian friends around Ujong Pasir areas.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday's Star, Datuk Hon Choon Kim mentioned that opposition parties sleep in the same bed but have different dreams. I know why MCA,MIC,GERAKAN.... share a common dream with UMNO. It's because before they sleep in BN bed, they were given concortion(ubat tidur) and still in the daze cannot have any dream while UMNO is the only one has dream. So the leaders still in their goggy mood(daze), that why they say they and UMNO has a common dream. UMNO's dream is crazy, you what I mean. It's dangerous, please remind the voters. Datuk Hon has also taken the concortion so he hantam Opposition. I am glad that at least he acknowledges that opposition parties has clear dream of their own and working towards it. Synergy works in Opposition not in BN.