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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just Change It

I had a wonderful time with my Saudara and Saudari from DAP campaigning for each other. We believe that there will be great things happening in this coming week. I'm looking forward for the real campaign where we hope to go into places which we never stepped into. Such as the UMNO hard land which some locals will declare that it is a place of "Kubu UMNO, kubur DAP". I got the strong feeling that it will be the other way around.

Many spoke about the MCA banner that reads "Good, can be Better" tag line. Maybe I should ask them, Is pig slaughtering, good or can it be better meaning a total wipe out. Less Chinese schools GOOD, hmmm or can it be better meaning to say, wipe it all out. Or what about the demolition of temples? Good? Or should it be BETTER?

Is our economy good? Prices of essential are going up, so is this GOOD, well MCA feels that it should be BETTER UP.

Let us say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with such bulls*it and stupid promises by MCA. I am just so fed up with all the lies created by UMNO-MCA-MIC-GERAKAN. Let us have a change for a better Malaysia.

Dare to Change * Just Change It

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