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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Aye for Royal Commission

A satisfying wait after more than a month since the Haidar panel was instituted to investigate the authenticity of the Lingamgate tape. What I am happy about is the recommendation by all members of the panel agreeing separately that a Royal Commission of Inquiry should be established. All three decided, that, there the tape is in itself authentic.

So, I must say AGAIN that the Malaysian Bar and the Bar Council is right to call for the immediate setting up of the Royal Commission to inquire not only the Lingamgate but at the same time to see that the good name of the judiciary is restored. The administration of justice or specifically the JUDICIARY is indeed the bulwark of civil liberties and the protector of all who relies on it. As such there must be a restoration of public perception and confidence in the judiciary. I simply don't understand why can't the government put some thoughts and call for the establishment of the Royal Commission.

I also agree with Uncle Kit that the report by the panel should at least be made public for all Malaysian to judge. The report should not be only be given to the half past six cabinet who I believed don't even understand what was written in the report. I doubt their 'kepandaian' especially when you have monkeys jumping in the cabinet itself and that you have a minister who stammered in front of foreign reporters. That is the standard of the MALAYSIAN CABINET.

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