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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Way to Go Saudara Teng

I must tabik saudara Teng. This I must see. Hopefully he has the support in the Assembly which of course I doubt whether he can actually get the necessary support. But nevertheless he will surely have the support of the people in Selangor. A law like that will definitely improve our corruption index and at the same time getting rid of corruption. People like king Zakaria should be removed entirely from the administration. Hopefully there can be a clean up in the administration. No wonder Mr Khir Toyo is giving away brooms....


Get all S’gor officials to declare assets

KLANG: Sungai Pinang state assemblyman Teng Chang Khim wants to push a bill that would require all selected representatives and appointed politicians in Selangor to declare their family assets.

He has submitted a notice to the State Secretary for a motion to table the proposed Declaration of Family Income and Asset Bill 2007 to make this compulsory.

Teng said the proposed Bill would cover the mentri besar, state executive councillors, state assemblymen, state senators and local government councillors as well as their spouses.

The declaration, he said, would then have to be gazetted and made public, adding that anyone with information on assets or income that had not been declared could report to the authorities.

He said the notice was submitted on Nov 5, giving the state government ample time to discuss it at the state executive council meeting and to decide if it would be tabled at the next state assembly sitting, which begins on Nov 19.

“The need to make it compulsory for all politicians to declare their income and assets has been discussed for a long time and it is time to finally implement it," he told a press conference here on Wednesday.

Under the proposal, anyone making a fraudulent declaration would face a minimum jail term of one year and one day or a minimum fine of RM3,000 which is enough to make an assemblyman lose his seat.

1 comment:

carboncopy said...

Way to go YB Teng.

Please don't get suspended again if possible.

I have been waiting to hear an opposition sponsored bill in Malaysia for a long long time.

Hopefully this is can be done in Parliament.