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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I am BACK.....

Back again after a long long break from blogging. It was indeed a stressful and tiring couple of weeks for me due to WORK. I have decided to quit becoming a general practitioner and concentrate on being an IP specialist.

So what's new (or rather old news)? The Bersih March. Nah, won't spend time on it as blogees here might have read it in almost every political blog. As such I don't intend to bore you with another opinion except that I have to congratulate the organisers for a well done job. At least we are able to tell garmen, WE ARE NOT SUCKERS and WE DON'T INTEND TO BE ONE.

So what happen after the march? Again you have two monkeys namely Zam Zam and Naz Naz shouting in front of Aljazeera and Parliament respectively. One giving literally a false news saying that Aljazeera is not reporting correctly and bring Malaysia in a very bad light (denial syndrome by the usual Malaysian BN Minister) AND our Naz Naz calling the organisers of the rally as 'PONDAN' also saying that this is not the view of the majoity (again a denial syndrome).

Sometimes I don't understand what are these people actually thinking.... nothing short of a nut head imagination. AND they called themselves MINISTER.

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