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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ikut Suka Saya No. 2

I call it No. 2 because it's not No. 1. No. 1 is Tun Dr M who freely used it and arrested hundreds of people under ISA. Why? Because it's IKUT SUKA AKU. I do it MY WAY says Tun when he was PM for 22 years. During the 22 years we saw democracy and integrity tested and twisted in his way. We saw that the press got their license busted. We saw the judiciary being trampled. The Opposition got harassed and jailed. Deputy Prime Minister and Lord President sacked. Many cronies got richer just because they know where and who to scratch. Malaysians all over saw their privatisation of many governmental agencies.

Since 30th November 2003, Mr Badawi was appointed (not elected though mandated by UMNO) as PM. And in March 2004, BN won a landslide with an unprecedented 92%. I applaud when he visited the Immigration Department in KL and wanting to see the delivery system of agencies of government better. But after four years on the helm, he had followed the steps of his then master, Tun by threatening the public that he will use the ISA. Yes, the infamous draconian Internal Security Act that allows the authorities to detain anybody without trial. The law that goes against the very heart of the presumption of innocence. Instead of moving forward, we are moving backwards.

I remember the many statements and remarks he made when he first became PM that he will take time to listen and to hear the truth. He even state in his address to the Christians in an event that he is the PM to all, meaning every race and religion. AND now when Hindraf marched to the street instead of going to the ground and listen to the people, he chickened out to threaten the people in the street that he will use the ISA.

I now wonder whether is he the PM for all Malaysians OR only to a group called UMNO. I now doubt his sincerity to change Malaysia better and free from corruption. Oh God how I cry for my Malaysia

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