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Friday, November 30, 2007

Saya Pantang Dicabar... kata PM

Yup that was the exact phrase of our PM. He made the cry during the UMNO general assembly when BERSIH marched on to the street on the 10.9. It was a desperate cry. Not a cry to listen to the people but a cry that he will not hesitate to use anti-democracy, preventive laws to curb the right to assemble by members of the public. The treat to use the ISA by the PM is very real. That for me is a coward act by people in high places. This does not help and nevertheless creates anger and unhappiness from the people.

The Bar Council, SUARAM, other NGOs and political parties including members of the BN government and even from the United States have all voice their concern on the use of the ISA against pro democracy marchers. The PM must learn to hear the truth and not be blinded by members of his half past six cabinet.

There must be a rally call for his immediate retraction of the use of the ISA against the rakyat.

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