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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lu Percaya....

I find it hard to swallow, almost tercekik air when I read the below passage that our PM is open to criticism. Believe it? As I say I almost tercekik air.

Hmmmm and I also remember what he said in the UMNO general assembly baru-baru ini that he "PANTANG DICABAR". So what do we call that? Is that hypocrisy? If he is talking about the marches, whether the Bar or Bersih or Hindraf challenging him emotionally and without justification, then what is the real meaning of justification. Things are so clear in his face that needs much attention.

PM did mention many times that he is willing to listen, so I sincerely hope that he will listen to all parties including members of the Opposition grouses and the people angers. People take it to the street because enough is enough. As such it is my hope that the garmen will actually listen to the people.

The Star

CAIRO: The Prime Minister is open to criticism but it must be reasonable and not made emotionally or without justification.

“I do accept reasonable criticism. It is not a problem for me. But one cannot criticise based on assumptions and wrong information. That is not fair,” he said when asked to comment on a survey done by a local research centre and a daily newspaper recently.

According to the survey, Abdullah’s leadership has boosted public confidence and trust in Barisan Nasional.

“I am humbled by this. I will continue to do the best that I can for the country and the people.

“For those who support me and want to join my struggle, I say thank you. For those who criticise me, I also say thank you,” he said.

Abdullah, speaking to the Malaysian media at the end of his two-day visit here yesterday, also dispelled speculation that he would not be going abroad in the coming months, so as to prepare for the general election.

He said he had been informed that there were three or four trips coming up but did not elaborate on them nor whether he would be going.

When pressed further if the trips would be made before the Chinese New Year, which falls on Feb 7 next year, the Prime Minister said:

“Obviously, I will have to be around for Chinese New Year to celebrate the festivities with the Chinese community.”

The Prime Minister, who celebrated his 68th birthday on Monday, said he had no birthday wish but for good health for him, his family and all Malaysians.

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