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Monday, November 19, 2007

Who Should Be In The Royal Commission

Uncle Kit propose Raja Nazrin as Chairman although he also state that the ideal candidate would be of course the Sultan of Perak as HRH was a former Lord President in the golden era of the judiciary.

I hope that actually happened. But I'm afraid Nazri will cry 'interference' by the Palace/Royalty. Same old saga. So I doubt this can happen even though I would be extremely happy if any of HRH being appointed.

So who would CHAIR....

My guess.... Tun Dzaiddin as he served as Chief Justice before and he is not named in the VK Lingam saga....


Errrrrr, Tun Salleh Abas.... maybe but I doubt he will be, because this case would be evidenced of Tun Salleh's case in 1988. It would be evidenced enough to restore justice in Tun Salleh's dismissal. So for the sake of natural justice, Tun Salleh should better be left out.


Hmmmm maybe ME.... as a ordinary Rakyat. Anybody wanna help?

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