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Sunday, March 2, 2008

BN's kuli

The most no manners police in the whole station.
Damn bas**** chap.
Konon tunjuk lagak tetapi UMNO punya polis.

Saudara Goh almost arrested

Special Branch (the boss Tuan Lim)

The whole damn police where one of them have a machine gun

I am very ashamed of the Police DiRaja Malaysia. I believed the Yang DiPertuan Agong is also ashamed of such despicable act of the Kuli of the Barisan Nasional government. Using the Royal Malaysian Police as a tool to satisfy their own political gain.

It all started when I was delivering my speech, some supporters told Saudara Goh Leong San (Candidate for Kesidang and former ADUN for Banda Hilir) that Special Branch aka Mata, was recording our speeches and also that of the people. Recording our speeches, no problem with that, but what sore us all is the recording of the people that attended our ceramah. This is uncalled for and an act of instilling fear amongst the voters. This is so wrong and not professional at all. As such Saudara Goh's anger and frustration towards the police is justifiable.

Of course the police retaliate by wanting to show who's boss. Like a gangster after our ceramah stormed into DAP office kicked our chairs and wanting to go into the inner hall which we insists that they can't come in as we have many confidential stuff. Of course that cause uneasiness on the police starting to make arrest against Saudara Goh. Immediately we (Koh Sze Choon - candidate for Klebang and I) took shots on such high-handedness of the police in performing their duty.

I do believe that Saudara Goh's anger and frustration is shared not only by all DAP candidates or DAP Melaka but by everybody who witness the incident. As like in all games, there must be fair play and integrity by all concerned including the Police.

I on behalf of all DAP candidates and Melaka DAP, strongly condemned such unprofessional act of the police. I must say that they are subordinate to the laws of this land.


Anonymous said...

I used to have high regards to the PDRM They should be the guardians to rakyats and they behaved like the samseng for BN. All the more I will work to deny BN the chance across Malaysia. Please get Chinese press to report this issue. The BN is desparate. MCA leaders said good show in the next few days in the papers. I won't be surprise ISA, OSA....and dirty tactics. Be strong and keep moving on. Bros.

Anonymous said...

Good reporting by Sin Chew in today's Kota column. Please continue to highlight all the "BN's kulies" (police,MBBMB..)threats. We want our rights and we need representatives to listen and voice our needs. We reject all the trumpets or cymbals(MCA) who blow their achievements(nothing done). So HIDUP DAP and TETAP LAWAN BN sampai mati.

Anonymous said...

Hi Baba,

Your talk was very interesting and was talking the truth. I have a favor, I am not sure whether you could upload the Ah Kiat's talk to ur blog. Friend in KL would like to know the truth regarding the Pig's issue on Sept07.

Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

I am very impressed with Hannah Yeoh's interview about what she would and could in the assembly if she is elected. Straight and sincere and witty answers. It gives the clear choice of representative for Subang Jaya. One up for DAP and can tell Datuk Dr. Khir to fly kite and see what your DAP lady can hantam BN state govt.

Anonymous said...

BN’s GE pledge of Peace, Security & Prosperity – J Bao (3 March 2008)

Shameless lies no one must believe in
If pigs can fly & Heaven can wait, then vote BN in.

How can there be Peace
when racial discrimination is the national policy?
Tearing down temples & ignoring racial sensitivities,
is BN’s way to racial harmony?

Surely UMNO’s AGM can be called on a day other than Deepavali
Why call for GE in the midst of Chinese New Year Festivity?
Unless it is to aggravate Racial Harmony
Divide and rule, to perpetuate UMNO hegemony
Fanning racial tension with waving keris
The pledge of peace is a farce amid UMNO’s racial polices.

How can there be Security
when corrupt & dishonest cops act with impunity?
How can there be Security
with grievances & demonstrations suppressed with police brutality
Protecting BN’s ill-gotten gains is the police’s top priority
Using ISA to suppress truth instead of protecting national security

The Lingam gate scandal is yet another proof of degradation & travesty
That has crept into BN’s administration in the last century.
With scandals, rising crime and deterioration in public security
What proof do you need to convince you of BN’s impropriety.

How can there be Prosperity
With rising tolls, prices and widespread poverty
With empty stomachs and lack of economic opportunities.
With so many corridors & abandoned properties,
it is easy to get lost on the path to prosperity

I do not need the empty promises of peace, security & prosperity
Just a clean and efficient administration that runs properly
I do not need hand-outs to get myself out of poverty
Without the discriminative policies, I CAN, on my own capability

What I wish for is an end to UMNO hegemony
A return to peace and racial harmony
An end to all BN cronies and discriminative polices
Please vote wisely to deny BN its 2/3 majority.

Desmond Ho said...

Please lodge a report to the Malacca Bar Committee. We shall raise this up in our meeting with Murtadza and get an explanation and let him know our position and views..send me the photos and a story after elections is over..