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Monday, July 28, 2008

Can I be Malaysian?

I simply don't get it. Either I am an idiot or simply living a world of my own. I am a Malaysian. I don't subscribed to racial and/or religious politics. So does that mean I'm a secularist i.e. the believe that religion and matters relating to the state is separated. To a certain extent YES. YES because Malaysia is a multi religious and multi racial as such matters relating to religion is personal to that person and that person only.

NO we are not secular because as described that the religion of the federation is Islam. Well depending on who we are and what stand we make, it's either YES or NO. But then again, in 1988 the then Supreme Court in Che Omar Che Soh held that Islam or Islamic Religion in Article 3 of the Constitution in the context means only such acts as relates to rituals and ceremonies and that Islamic laws was rendered isolated in a narrow confinement of the law of marriage, divorce and inheritance only (1988, 2 MLJ 55) until of course the law in it's essence is changed by a 2/3 majority in Parliament to amend the Constitution.

Having said that, I am a little sceptical as to why the need to form a political party just to unite all Malay and guarding the well being of Islam as I always thought that the rights of Malay and Muslim are already protected by the constitution. More so the oath of offices of almost every administrative position in this country requires the declarant to uphold and to protect the constitution.

So why the need to have such discussion and secret talks. However what is urgently needed is a collaboration of all parties namely Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat for a unity talk on racial harmony instead of racial polarisation. The agenda for all parties is to establish a Malaysian identity free that we can be proud of. Are there not Malay, Chinese or Indian that hard poor? When Datuk Nicol David became the first Malaysian to be World No. 1, are we not happy? Or when our Indian friends climbed and conquered Mount Everest, are we not overjoyed? Or when the Sidek brothers triumphed in Badminton or Datuk Jimmy Choo as top shoemaker designer who now resides in England or Fish Leong who found success in Taiwan and other top entrepreneur who made Malaysia an aroma of success. Are we not all Malaysians?

As such, I am totally disgusted with man made politics with all the so-called talks, rumour mongers or mergers such as UMNO-PAS, MCA-DAP, MIC-Hindraf etc etc all for racial politics that are unbecoming and unhealthy for Malaysia. Don't they know that the recent general election spoke for itself - res ipsa loquitor and that the majority prefers a Malaysian identity rather than the 'straight jackets' racial division.

I am a Malaysian, and am proud to say that I am the seventh generation living in Tanah Melayu.
Can I live in peace? Can our politicians be a little more matang... and responsible to all Malaysians?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Baba Damian,
Their narrow minds only allow them to think 'Divide and Rule'.
Ironically this and that unity that they talk about can only bring in more disharmony.