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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Malacca Connection to RPK's SD

I am puzzled.. a lawyer from Malacca was appointed to take up the suit on behalf of the Colonel. Hmmm is there a Malacca political connection to this especially one that is close to the Deputy Prime Minister. I wonder....

Raja Petra Bin Raja Kamarudin
No x Jalan xxx x/x
Bukit xxxxxx xxxxx
47000 Sungai Buloh
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Dear Sirs,


1. We act for Lieutenant Colonel Abdul Aziz Bin Buyong of No x, Jalan xx/x, Taman xxxxxxx xxxxx, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.

2. Our client informed us that on or about 18-6-2008 you have sworn a statutory declaration (SD) by falsely and maliciously accused our client of the following which we reproduce herein below: -

"1. I have been reliably informed that between about 10 pm on 19th October 2006 and early hours of the following day, the night Altantuya Shaaribuu was murdered, three (3) other people were also present at the scene of the crime.

(a) ... ... ... *

(b) Acting Colonel Aziz Buyong (then Lt Col) a C4 expert;

(c) Acting Colonel Aziz's wife, Norhayati is (one of Rosmah's ADC)

2. My informer states that Acting Colonel Aziz Buyong was the person who placed the C4 on various parts of Altantuya's body while being witnessed by ... ... ..... ** and Norhayati.

3. I make this Statutory Declaration because I have been reliably informed about the involvement of these three people who have thus far not been implicated in the murder ....."

3. Our client further informed us that you have4 on or about 18-6-2008 or 19-6-2008 falsely and maliciously published or caused to be published or permitted to be published on the websites/blogs ie, Malaysiakini, Suara Keadilan Online, Asia Sentinel the aforesaid SD to defame our client.

4. It is manifestly clear that the SD refers to our client and is defamatory, false, inaccurate, abusive and harassing. In fact, you have depicted our client with the most venomous remark.

5. The contents of your SD read in the context of your entire SD were affirmed and published with malice and with total disregard for the truth gave rise to the following imputations and were understood to mean;

a. That our client committed a barbarous crime and he is a criminal;

b. That our client participated in the criminal activity more preciously in the murder of Altantuya;

c. That our client is a murderer;

d. That our client was involved in a conspiracy or scandal;

e. That our client is cruel or inhuman;

f. That our client is not fit to be an army officer and/or an irresponsible army officer.

6. By the publication of the said libelous words in your SD our client has been greatly injured in his credit, character, reputation in the way of his occupation and profession and has been brought in scandal, odium, and contempt. Furtherance to the above, the said SD had tarnished our client's reputation as an officer in the Malaysian Armed Forces who was commissioned by Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong, His Majesty the King of Malaysia.

7. In the circumstances our client has instructed us to demand from you the followings: -

i. An unreserved and unqualified apology in the form and substance acceptable by our client and the same to be published in the aforesaid websites and in all national newspapers;

ii. Remove forthwith your SD from your website/blog and stop publishing further comments and/or articles defamatory to our client;

iii. Request all other bloggers to remove forthwith their comments, article or write-up arising from publication of your SD;

iv. Adequate damages in the sum of RM1,000,000-00 which our client shall donate to a charitable foundation; and

v. To indemnify our client in respect of the costs and expenses which have been incurred by her (sic) in connection with this matter.

8. Unless you comply with the above within the 7 days from the date hereof, we have firm and unequivocal instructions to institute legal proceedings for damages on the footing of aggravated and exemplary damages together with an injunction to restrain you by yourself or by your servants or agents or otherwise however from the publication of the said words or any of them or any similar words.

9. All our client's rights are expressly reserved.

Yours faithfully,
For an on behalf of
Gan Rao & Chuah

Sugandra Rao Naidu

cc. Client

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