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Monday, July 14, 2008


It was a massive jam, created not by the police but under the instruction of the federal government. There were road blocks at almost every corner of Kuala Lumpur since Sunday. And I have read here that it will go on for the whole day UNTIL further notice. Reason for such drastic action, NATIONAL SECURITY in the interest public security.

Though Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar (Home Minister) issuing an apology to the Malaysian public but reiterating that the police operations were undertaken in the interest of public security, the whole situation should be handled properly and in an orderly fashion and not let Malaysians going to their offices cursing the police (though not their fault only acting under a superior command) for the discomfort caused.

What reasons are there to justify such arbitrary act by the powers that be. The reasoning blanketing national security is not something which the authorities can always claimed. There are many instances the authorities used such a reason, such as, the arrest of Hindraf leaders claiming that they have being supported by terrorist and as at to date NO EVIDENCE of such link brought by the authorities. The Opposition went one step by even asking the government what makes the authorities do what they have done in the today massive jam. Were there illegal gatherings at the first place? If there are, who are the organisers?

People want to see evidence of such as accusation and until such evidence is brought before the people, the authorities should not raise it and justify their action.

Everybody knows, a massive jam like what had happened in the city, would cause great distress to the economy and people of all walks.

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