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Saturday, July 19, 2008

DSAI ceramah in Sleepy Hollow Melaka

I attended DSAI’s ceramah in Melaka with my partner (not wife, not homo partner, my partner in a law firm). We reached about 5 minutes before DSAI. Personally, I want to hear for myself from what he has to say on the recent sodomy allegation against him. For the record the event started at 9.00pm sharp and finished about 9.45pm and thereafter another ceramah in Kesang Tua, Jasin, going down south to Muar.

It was his first trip outside Klang Valley just after his arrest and interrogation. For sleepy hollow Malacca, and the confusion as to who the remaining speakers and the place holding the ceramah is still very uncertain until the very last hour, the crowd turn out was quite expected with I believe about 5000 people in the surroundings of the house belonging to one Mr. Lim in Cheng.

Two folds in the ceramah. First is on the recent debate on the petrol price and the Other is OF COURSE, the sodomy allegation. Well, here I think I will be more interested to know what had happened to DSAI in the sodomy allegation and how the police treated him.

As everybody knows that there is an on going investigation on the sodomy case, DSAI questioned the police investigation by asking the police to first prove four main facts before allowing his DNA or blood samples be given to the police.

First, “siapa rogol siapa” as the accuser Mohd Saiful is a much taller and stronger person compare to DSAI. It was stated that DSAI allegedly sodomised him a number of times. I personally find it very strange the allegation by Saiful how DSAI a 61 years old man actually does it or capable of doing it. With a back ache since 10 years ago, it’s definitely difficult. More so why didn’t the accuser ran after the first 'act'. It doesn’t make any sense at all.

Secondly, where were the allegation took place. The last time it was in a condominium that was never in existence as it was only build later. So now WHERE?

Thirdly, which place? Mattress….that was the last time. DSAI joked probably this time the Prosecution would bring the whole bed. He also state on record his fear that his blood be fabricated like what had happen before.

And fourthly, who are the witnesses? Are there any witnesses in this present case.

AND ONLY then “I will give my blood” says DSAI with loud applause and agreement.

There are another area I am wondering, as DSAI’s DNA was taken before, I am sure there must be previous records on it. Why can’t the police look at those previous records and made comparison? DNA is just one of the corroborative evidence and is not something that finalized the guilt of the accused. DNA is permanent, the records are permanent.


joshua said...

hmmm...i think DSAI should've had only females aide, then he wouldn't fall so easily and made prey

fairplay said...

Najib was the last person with Saiful. How about taking DNA from Najib and confirm if he was not the one who sodomised Saiful. I am suspicious about the whole issue was thinking maybe the DPM was the big culprit. I also believe Anwar's old DNA might have been tainted in 1998 and it would prove Anwar's innocence by using it. What a big joke????