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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Flood Again in Hollow Malacca

Malacca flooded again. Worst of the lot in the whole of Malacca is none other than in Durian Daun Dalam (an almost 100% Malay Kampung) in the constituency of Duyong, the place I ran and lost with a 806 majority to YB Gan Tian Loo of the MCA (BN). Meaning the constituency is under BN and YB is the current Exco for Public Works and Utilities. That place, the moment a heavy rain fall for about an hour this place will definitely flood. Not only that it flooded but water will just flow into the house. It was devastated, personal belonging, mud entering the house and not forgetting unwanted creatures like snakes and what-have-you.

I was there with my wife and son. Our hearts went with them. It was my son first community work at the age of 3 plus.

I called up YB Sim Tong Him (MP Kota Melaka) and we agreed to make contribution in kind for the people in Kampung Durian Daun Dalam bought from Tong Hup.

Went we were back in the kampung, the waters have yet to subside. It was still drizzled. My prayer is that my Lord will just stop the rain in that place.

Now what is the problem? Heavy rain in an hour and flood? Whose fault? What are the faults? Is there an allegation of corruption?

YB Gan, with all the power he has under the state government and his position as "Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Negeri Kerja Raya dan Kemudahan Awam" he could easily directed Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran Negeri Melaka to immediately do what they are supposed to do as directed by the state government and that is to improve the drainage or the passageway so as to curb unnecessary flooding. The project was approved by the state before the 12th general election and why the project stops.

As a result of the sudden discontinuance, Malacca suffers every time when it rains. Worst when it rained when the water tide is up and it's level is the same as the land. Then that will spelt trouble for places like Kampung Durian Daun Dalam, Pengkalan Rama Tengah, the surroundings at Bukit Cina, at the back of City Bayview Hotel, and Kota Laksamana. Honestly I am a bit worried when the monsoon season hits end of the year.

So YB GAN, please do your job, NOT just a wakil rakyat BUT an EXCO. I APPEAL to YOU as a MALACCAN on behalf of the people in Malacca.


Anonymous said...

Kontrak sudah dalam poket, peduli siapa lagi??

KidzLove said...

Hey Damian,
your son is so cute!

joshua said...

If YB can't lift a finger to help, I'm sure he could at least be at the 'crime' scene...oh, but then again, maybe he's too busy lah...

TsuChong said...

The flood problem in Malacca isn't new. Not sure bout other areas, but town area started having that problem last 2 years or so?

Takkan in 2 years still can't solve the problem?

Masalah inflasi belum sempat sesuaikan diri barang dalam rumah rosak pula. Sigh.