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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Postponed Again....

YB Lim Jack Wong ADUN Bachang), YB Goh Leong San (ADUN Kesidang) and YB Sim Tong Him (MP Kota Melaka) case on the unlawful assembly, so called rioting and 'curi besi' was postponed to another month. They have not being charged, still on police bail. I am now wondering how efficient our police force in their investigation and at the same time the capability on the Attorney General's office in framing the charge against our three local heroes.

Now since the matter happened three months ago without a charge preferred against them, looks like the legal team will now proceed to file a civil suit against the OCPD, government of Malaysia and Police DiRaja Malaysia for the allegation of police brutality and abuse of power against YB Lim who was bitten unnecessarily.

Below are some photographs of the press conference immediately after the release of YB Lim three months ago and also the forum organise by state DAP titled "Polis atau Samseng".

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Hasbullah Pit said...

Tunggu harga besi naik?