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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ban Supporters of Isrealis Product

As Israelis tanks roll into Gaza, Tun demand a boycott of US products. Why? Because United States is supporting Israel’s atrocities, says our former Prime Minister. Maybe we should also boycott UK product as well as they have similar supporting role in the conflict. So by and large, the only good thing that Malaysian can do is to support the boycott.

Meaning, no Coke and Pepsi until further notice.

No Kellogg's Cornflakes. No Cadbury Daily Milk. No Mars. No Kraft. No Colgate.

No McDonald's. No Kentucky Fried Chicken. No Pizza Hut. No TGIF. No Starbucks. No Coffee Bean. No 7-11.

No TESCO. No Citibank. No Hilton.

No AIA. No. AIG. No Prudential. No Aviva. No HSBC.

No Nike. No Polo Ralph Lauren. No Santa Barbara.

No Johnson & Johonson. No Procter & Gamble. No most of their Pharmaceutical products like Pfizer.

No. Apple. No Dell. No HP.

No Shell. No Mobil.

No Time Warner. No HASBRO. No Steven Spielberg. No Hollywood.

No Wikipedia, No blogspot and blogsphere. No. Facebook. No Microsoft. No Norton.

I am so SAD. Life must be so boring.


joshua said...

Might as well sever diplomatic tie with US.

d'Lion said...

Better stop using Microsoft Windows, Office, IE...

Lets write letters and send it via snail mail.