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Sunday, January 11, 2009

I beg to differ Mr. Education Minister

I find this piece in The Malaysian Insider under the titled "Security tightened around US firms as Gaza war worsens" disturbing. Disturbed not because of Malaysian going on a rampage and demonstrate or boycott American products of firms but for the Education Minister to mobilise 5 million school children and 360,000 teachers to protest against the Gaza offensive.

We can boycott and demonstrate all we want but please Mr. Eduction Minister, leave out our children. Leave out the 5 million or so school children. Nothing short of exploitation of school children.

It is unbecoming and unministerial for the Minister to encourage school children to protest. Maybe they should just do composition or 'karangan' about the bad and ugly about war and oppression instead of protesting in the open.

There are many reasons in differing the views of the Education Minister namely, school children are to be taught positive upbringing like making peace and not war. Secondly, would they able to understand or comprehend the purpose of demonstrating and protesting, remember these are young minds. Thirdly, there are better ways to educate school children by the Ministry.

In fact the Ministry should safeguard the school children's interest rather than to politicise this. I think we cannot use children for the benefit of our own agenda. Personally I am against the used of children in such manner be it a political rally or any form of demonstration. Young minds should be left out in the wars by the adult.

Please, let them concentrate on school and school alone.

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