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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Let Us Welcome Baby Priscilla

All in the Family

Waiting patiently for her since Christmas 2008. In fact all of us had a false alarm yesterday (2.1.2009) due to Peggy's contraction. Her doc (Dr. Vishnu from Pantai Medical, Malacca) checked and asked us to go back.

monkeying around

I did not really sleep that night as my gut says Baby Pris will be arriving anytime the next day. And yes she did arrived. We rushed to Pantai Medical Centre at about 7am and upon examination, dilation was 5cm and by 8.45am, it went to 8-9cm. By 9am sharp and after three hard push, Baby Pris was born to this world.

the action

I tabik Staff Nurse Sister Santa (she is not Mrs Clause, and she is Chinese) for her experience hand and encouragement and of course the forever calm, Dr. Vishnu for a good job.

It was love at first sight for me seeing Baby Pris.

Immediately Sister Santa carried her to a room and I followed her. Her height and weight was measured. The details are:-

weight : 3.13kg
height : 53cm
Head diameter : 33cm
Hmmmm, there is something about the '3' and the '9' as she was born on the 3rd of January 2009 at 9am. (superstitious... Peggy birthday 9/3, Me - 31/3, Paul 23/1, so was it coincidence??)

Peggy was also doing fine. Though there were some pain due to the stitches but doc gave us the green light that she can be discharged from the hospital by 5.00pm.

with the grand moms

with her aunts

Thank God for the safe delivery for mother and daughter.

Priscilla Anna Yeo Xuan Ai

So why the name Priscilla Anna Yeo Xuan Ai? Well certainly not challenging Paul Elijah Yeo Shean Yeaw. Both have 22 alphabets. Surely will be angry with their parents when writing their names in the exam sheet.

(For Christians Only)

Priscilla - was also known as Prisca. Her meaning is literally ancient. According to Acts 18, Aquila (Husband) and Priscilla were tentmakers. Historically, Priscilla and Aquila had been among the Jews expelled from Rome by the Roman Emperor Claudius in the year 49. Priscilla and Aquila ended up in Corinth (Greece). It is known that the Apostle Paul lived with Priscilla and Aquila for approximately 18 months and later the couple started out to accompany Paul when he next went to Syria but stopped at Ephesus (in modern Turkey).

In Acts 18 : 24-28 both Priscilla and husband are one of the earliest known teachers of Christian theology. Interestingly during the time of persecutions of the Christians in the early century, in the readings of Romans 16 : 3-4, thought to have been written in AD 56 or 57, the Apostle Paul sends his greetings to Priscilla and Aquila and notes that both of them "risked their necks" to save Paul's life.

So in short, Priscilla was not only a teacher of the Word but at the same time, an Apostle

Anna - her name was mentioned in Luke 2 :36-38. She was described as elderly and that she prophesied about Jesus and offered prayers and praise to God for Jesus, and spoke to everyone there about Jesus and his role in the redemption of Israel. She was mentioned in the Bible as a devout woman who regularly prays and fast.

Xuan Ai - literally would mean, to declare the LOVE. Basically I'm praying that she will one day declare the Love of God to whosoever she meets.


Hasbullah Pit said...


Jikalau tiada cerita tentang asal usul nama itu, pasti orang akan mengaitkan dengan Priscilla Presley

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Baba, and Little Priscilla, welcome to our beautiful world.

si lembik's said...

tahniah damian coz dapat baby cute.....moga kehidupan keluarga u makin bahagia..

silembiks (from Malacca)

d'Lion said...

Congratulations! Matthew and Peggy on the birth of baby Priscilla.

Daniel, Marilyn, Ashley & andrea

joshua said...

Congrats, proud father! 8D

cck said...

What a great news for great new start for 2009. Congrats bro! Send our love to Peggy & little Priscilla. From CK, Soo Pei, Ivan and Reanne.

ahmike said...

Praise The Lord !

richrach said...

bb priscilla sooooooo cute! hehehe... cant wait to carry her! :)

oh yah... i copy ur pix n paste in my blog. kakaka...

calebAARON said...

Congratulation on the safe arrival of baby Priscilla. We are happy and rejoice together with you and family. =)

Damian 'Baba' Yeo (楊 勝 利) said...

thanks to all for your well wishes.