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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Introducing the Bankrupt Party....MCA

MCA is definitely bankrupt party. Bankrupt for the fact that they have no issues to raise except challenging DAP on Hudud. First it came from their President advising DAP to boycott the by-election and nowTerengganu State MCA Chair, Toh Chin Yaw is challenging DAP stand on the matter. Simply bankrupt. Maybe DAP should just advised MCA to sack their political bereau chief for all the wrong advise.

MCA in fact should be more constructive in correcting the wrong that is long pending such as major issues of corruption and integrity. Especially so when BN major shareholder is seen as the most corrupt with money politics all over until police reports were lodged against their leaders. Maybe MCA should also go back into history when they supported the former Prime Minister's declaration that Malaysia is an Islamic State or Malay Supremacy coined by UMNO. Or maybe what happen to Amanah, Bersih dan Cekap. So if MCA fails to explain themselves on the issues mentioned therein, don't challenge the DAP with Hudud.

MCA's challenge is only a ploy or a political game to get votes from the Chinese. As far as I am concern, PAS will not implement Hudud at the Federal level. Husam Musa have retracted it and it ends there. As such Hudud is a non issue for now. If PAS intends to introduce it, there must be discussion and debate within their Pakatan partners and not unilaterally act upon it. We all know that PAS, alone with only 23 Parliamentarians cannot at any point adopt Hudud as Malaysia Criminal law. PAS need 2/3 to amend the constitution or pass a law by majority. So as far as Malaysia as it is now is concerned, still follows largely the Penal Code. As such, MCA's challenge is just a dog barking liken to be empty vassel making the loudest noise.

So as far as I am concern, the DAP will support PAS in this by-election without any second thought. The DAP will make sure a victory in PAS election come January 17, and of course, the next seat, Pesiangan, Sabah, and the year after that the fall of Sarawak and hopefully would see the down fall of the Barisan Nasional federal government. That would be a dream come true.

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