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Monday, January 26, 2009

Blessed Moo Moo Year

A blessed and happy Mooo Mooo year to all.

I read the Star article (which I'll cut and paste below) with an open mind. "The Do's and Don't for the Ox". That was the title of the news article. Knowing that my sister was born in the year of the Ox in 1973-4 (Jan 10), I must agree that she is "SLOW, sure progress" (Haha. She reading this will probably smack me later on). Anyway, I will say that it will be a slow star but a sure progress for me.

As a Christian, I will always put my faith and trust on the one that saved me, Jesus.

Many will feel the pinch economically this year. Some may be retrenched, sack or otherwise receiving and maintaining low-pay jobs. Some probably engage in other part time activities for the need to survive. Many will be doing cost cutting and be economized. Well I am NO economics, but I know the value of "what's hitting me economically". SO my advised to everyone and anyone out there to save money and stay in your job. My prayer is that we all survive slowly but with sure progress.


Do’s and don’ts for the Ox

SLOW, sure progress is the rule for the Year of the Ox, predicts Ruth Q. Sun, author of the Asian Animal Zodiac.

Generally, the Year of the Ox will be good year. Difficulties can be overcome with patience, steady efforts and strength, she adds.

“People born in the Year of the Ox appear indecisive, deliberate and slow-moving. But they are patient and perservering. When they’ve set their minds on something, they won’t give up until they’ve attained their goals. Their steady, consistent effort ultimately brings them success.

“Ox Year people are alert. Although they are not given to talking much, they can inspire confidence in others. They are very dextrous and can do almost anything with their hands. They’re stubborn and hate to fail in anything they’ve undertaken,” she says.

“When opposed, they can be quite unpleasant. They are reserved in their emotions.”

In her book, Sun says that Ox people should avoid marriage with those born under the Chinese zodiac signs of Ram, Horse and Dog.

“They will find their best mates among those born under the zodiac signs of Snake, Rooster and Rat. Their second best choice of life partners are those born in the Year of the Ox, Dragon, Rabbit, Monkey and Boar,” Sun adds.

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