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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Arrogant B******

ARROGANT..... too arrogant. Blogees may one to read an opinion from RPK's Even God Can't Sink UMNO. If he really make statements like what he actually uttered, then he has to be disciplined. SO what if he is the most popular Senior Vice President of UMNO? Now the batton is on PM to decide whether to allow his administration to have leaders like Ali Gostan in his would be cabinet in the next election or stay as CM for another term or kick him out from where he is now.

Probe into Ali Rustam's speech©The Sun (Used by permission)
by Terence Fernandez

PETALING JAYA: The prime minister has asked his officers to verify complaints that Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam made disparaging remarks against other mentri besar during the People‘s Progressive Party‘s (PPP) Malacca annual general assembly last week.

Sources said Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had asked the officers to investigate complaints made by PPP members that the Umno vice-president had, besides asking the PPP to leave the Barisan Nasional, also insulted other BN and Umno leaders.

Mohd Ali, who opened the PPP state convention on Oct 15, had, in his speech, told the PPP it could leave the coalition if it was not satisfied with the lack of seat allocation.

What did not make the news was his alleged use of disparaging remarks made about other leaders.

Following his speech, Mohd Ali told journalists covering the event that his remarks were meant for delegates and that they should not publish it.

”There is decorum to be practised among BN members. They don‘t go around talking bad about fellow members. So the PM is concerned about this,” said a source. “The PM has already asked his aides and officers to investigate.”

“We don‘t know how the PM is going to deal with it, but the findings will be discussed behind closed doors at the Umno Supreme Council meeting since the alleged remarks were directed at Umno members,” said another source, adding that the PM‘s aides are obtaining a recording of the day’s events to verify these accusations.

“If proven true, Ali Rustam will be asked to explain and may face censure,” the source added.

PPP president M. Kayveas declined to comment, merely saying he has informed Abdullah of Mohd Ali‘s remarks.

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