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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What lah, Nazri?

Another show of stupidity by Mr. Minister. Language used confirmed that he is one. From the starting of the letter till the ending showing nothing but stupidity and nothing short of no common sense. I post below taken from the Star...

I think Mr Minister has misunderstood not once but many times in his expression from the letter. Either he misunderstood or that he just cannot understand simple English. Remember, the Bar march not to see the sacking of the CJ, but merely to ask for a Royal Commission of Inquiry to set up due to the recent scandal and a wash up in the judiciary so that the public will have greater confidence in it.

As such his explanation is nothing more than just denial after denial by people in high places.

Nazri explains statement on 'lawyer's protest'

Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz© The Star (Letters Section) (Used by permission)
by Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz
Minister in The Prime Minister's Department

WHAT I like about your paper is because it has been very fair to me. Once again, I seek your forbearance to allow me to explain my statement about "Lawyer's protest" which was quoted and commented upon by Wong Chun Wai in his recent article.

Fundamental to the concept of an independent judiciary is the non-interference of either the executive or the legislative in the judiciary.

I believe this was the reason the lawyers in Pakistan protested, because there was interference by the executive in the judiciary when President Gen Pervez Musharraf sacked the CJ of Pakistan.

However, in Malaysia, it is the other way around. Lawyers took to the streets to ask the executive to interfere in the judiciary. They were asking the Prime Minister to take action against the CJ.

Hence the term "unbecoming" used by me in describing the action of the lawyers.

As to the immediate dismissal of their proposal, it is only because I have dealt with this matter earlier with the members of the Bar, including attending a forum organised by them on the same issue and on both occasions I have said the stand of the government is No.

Also, as an insider, I do know the Government is comfortable with the present arrangement in appointing judges as accorded by the Constitution, coupled by the Prime Minister's stance of keeping at arm's length decisions made by judges.

The Deputy Prime Minister has also said there is no necessity at the moment to form a Royal Commission to appoint and promote judges.

I have always been direct, and see no point in giving hope when there is none.

I have been informed there are 13,000 registered members of the Bar, and 1,000 protesting lawyers is hardly a majority and compared with the 10,000,000 voters, it is a drop in the ocean.

I believe the opposition will make an election issue out of this. Let us wait for the people to decide in the coming general election.

I do not know whether I am right or wrong but if I do err, I am very sure it is on the right side.

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carboncopy said...

This person called Nazri, never fails to amuse me.